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Uvm Anon 04/19/2022 (Tue) 02:56:10 No. 1310
Let’s get it going!
(13.16 KB 200x200 1516965438234.jpeg)
Anything from (C)onnie. She used to send stuff to my buddy and I was so jealous. Think she is serious with her bf now.
(1.61 MB 750x1334 Photo Jul 13, 10 38 21.png)
Anything for (I)sabella (W)illiams? Used to be some before the old board got nuked.
>>1322 She used to send to me too and it was very hot. I didn’t save anything but something must be out there.
Lmao that has to be fake.
karina garber?
Anyone know Phoebe
>>1602 Ive seen her around but dont know her well. Would legit PAY to get stuff from her
>>1604 I know her and her slutty little sister from Massachusetts
>>1559 i think she got prego
(46.66 KB 448x604 n539300882_3179269_1307970.jpg)
Anyone have (T)rish T?
(290.39 KB 1124x1759 Photo Dec 20, 15 36 16.jpg)
Lilly graduated this year. Has OFanz but cant find the name
If you have Lilly’s ig or fb I’ll ask her for the link
(28.16 KB 500x667 FB_IMG_1640023013521.jpg)
Bump for Trish
(5.34 MB 949x2050 IMG_0944.PNG)
(4.96 MB 977x1962 IMG_0935.PNG)
(379.33 KB 1242x1370 IMG_0948.jpg)
(9.29 MB 1242x2688 IMG_0947.PNG)
(9.25 MB 1242x2688 IMG_0945.PNG)
Any more Haley Wilson?
>>1805 _lilly.of.the.valley_ Good luck. I can’t even get accepted to follow her insta.
(460.17 KB 873x1920 clara8.jpg)
any wins or stories on her?
Anyone know Sabrina o
>>1805 It was fairygodmommy but she stopped posting months ago
Man I’ve searched high and low for fairygodmommy content but can’t find anything but 3 photos online and her page is closed
Bummer Haley went private, I have Bella williams stuff
>>2171 wanna share
Haley and the other pi phis are the hottest girls on campus
Ran track and xc a few years ago
Anyone got Molly s(c)aife? Had some huge tits
Emily N? Fucked a bunch of dudes and used to send nudes to them all
(1.55 MB 1079x1119 Screenshot_20221115-040655.png)
Ava, Emily, Sam berry?
>> 2002 Good luck, she's dating some loser from Montreal, and she's gained about 50 lbs and in ALL the wrong spots... not worth it imo
Anyone got Annalise Bartlett
Met her in literature course in 2016. Amazing fat ass.
>>3092 L@ney cheeks getting clapped on video here
>>3100 Where is that video?!?
Watch her be the one posting this ☝️ seen this mentioned a lot
Somebody be a legend and post Laney! She’s such a dime
Is there really a video out there of laney getting fucked out? The things I’d do to see that…
How and where do we see laneys cheeks getting clapped?
Let’s go for Laney!!!!
Any one remember sierra c
Bump Laney!
Laney used to strip in Plattsburgh, has to be something
Someone has moreee
There’s a bunch of Nina in the lamoille thread on this page
Whos got mary Leigh
Emma U-t-t-erback. Quite possibly the hottest girls ever does anyone have ANYTHING? A story? A bikini pic? A regular picture? ANYTHING!!!
Bump Laney
>>3092 BUMP LANEY holy shit she's so hot. Where is that video?
>>3100 Post vid
I will not rest until I see Laney getting nailed. Where's it at??
buuuuuuuump laney
m3gh@n l3e, freshman, know shell sell pics but dont have any
>>3552 sent
BUMP! let’s see more Laney
Any k33ley m@nzo??
I'm all aboard the Laney train fo sho
Emily Goldhill, Ava Saari, Sam Barry Bumps
(167.33 KB 1160x2134 Snapchat-157528291.jpg)
Edensoriginalsin has a great free page
That password doesn’t work
>>2681 I used to have her but lost them on an old phone
Would anyone be interested in jobuds for uvm chicks
>>4678 wow, more please!
Ke@na M? Also went to BHS
>>4707 That's Rachel Ri3nd3au, posed under the name Rachel D4rling
(109.82 KB 500x730 RR-10.JPG)
(354.91 KB 800x1208 RR-09.JPG)
(432.28 KB 800x1066 RR-07.JPG)
(220.12 KB 700x878 RR-25.JPG)
(1.09 MB 1248x1800 RR-03.JPG)
(270.97 KB 361x537 21.PNG)
(277.39 KB 365x537 22.PNG)
(259.51 KB 361x538 23.PNG)
(266.29 KB 355x544 25.PNG)
dude you delivered big time, she is a fucking hottie!
Ella K lien?
(99.68 KB 679x800 7.jpg)
any links to her videos?
Is he from Burlington?
>>4755 more please!
(307.93 KB 1000x667 1.jpg)
Don't think she went to UVM though
Bump for 3mily N
Does Rachel have videos?
Anyone know of any UVM o/f acc0unt$? past or present uvm folks?
bump for more of that Rachel chick
>>4919 Sunny420princess Class of 2013?
(328.38 KB 1170x2208 IMG_6432.jpg)
Gabby f is this girl ☝️ on only
Any of Molly s(c)aife?
bump for the brunette
please tell me she did porn
bump for more
Anyone got names? Caitlyn b
Anyone have NBR pics/vids?
bump for more of that Rachel chick
More of the shoot of Rachel in the handcuffs?
I know they’re out there Ella k
Ell@ Y?
(544.96 KB 2700x3375 xzx (6).jpg)
bump on uvm girls / uvm 0F!
Any Siobhan Eagan?
Libby J. Just transferred here
grad student. total hoe. literally fucked triple digits. last name snow
Need an Emm@ Utterb@ck leak or any basketball girls
bump uvm 2024 girls
Any of the swim team?
Grace H?
(421.49 KB 1037x1572 IMG_0253.jpeg)
(6.75 MB 1179x2556 IMG_0300.png)
(7.02 MB 1179x2556 IMG_0230.png)
(9.05 MB 1179x2556 IMG_0353.png)
(9.76 MB 1179x2556 IMG_0283.png)
(10.16 MB 1179x2556 IMG_0279.png)
Anyone know her 22savage on OF
Any $hea twins?
>>9100 im the same dude it wont let me upload more but i have 1 vid i can find online. i uploaded to the cb board for uvm please let there be more
Wheres the JS vid? Idk what cb is. What did you look up online to find it?
>>9103 cb is college bitches board. just checked there again, my post was deleted. i originally found the video by searching her old camming username luckystar68
Gr@ce Buzzell?
bump any class of 26 or 27
Anyone have Evan?
(4.41 MB 1179x2556 IMG_4016.png)
This from a vid if anyone comes through
(84.56 KB 367x795 20231208_172501_63.jpg)
Anyone have her? Still lives in Burlington
>>1310 name?