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Anonymous 05/31/2022 (Tue) 20:40:01 No. 9577
Jordan B. Who has this little slut?
Damn anymore?
I know I’ve seen an ass pic. And I’ve heard she has a pic sucking bbc.
>>10633 God damn that thang thick. Any more?
Doesn’t she have an of now?
Damnnnnn more or stories
There were lots.
>>10938 Where did you hear she had an of
>>11765 Posted something about it in her story really late one night then deleted it.
Let’s see her pussy
Any more from this shoot??
throat goat
Last bump before I let it die
Jk it will never die
Bump till pussy
Who else keeps bumping this? I’m surprised there’s not more.
I wanna see that wet t shirt pic
She popped her titties out at work the other day. Was pretty hot.
She loves showing them
How do u know Any stories??
Bump for more
Her sister jami
More from that set. Got more if others do.
>>18479 Any pussy?
>>18671 Maybe. Gotta see new nudes.
I could cum to this pic everyday. Would love to know the context.
>>19597 The context is her perfect ass
>>19855 Yes very observant are we? Anymore pics?
Just checked an old phone and found a few…
>>20807 Please post
I need others to post or stories first. I’ve posted almost everything.
>>21446 Damn I wanna see those pierced nips. Here’s ass.
>>21449 Fuck that’s hot
>>21494 I got a lot more you wouldn’t believe
(455.94 KB 512x832 lj.png)
Any interest in AI?
>>22076 U got more?
>>22085 Drop a pic that would be a good candidate and I’ll make it
(288.10 KB 512x544 jjjj.png)
>>22116 Can you do this one!?
(401.60 KB 480x896 wooo.png)
(114.02 KB 960x960 FB_IMG_1678635325071.jpg)
>>22128 Grat work anon! How about this one?
>>22174 Cmon dog this is not an AI thread, it’s for Jordan’s fat tits please. Make another thread for that. We want real titties.
>>22214 Bruh it's not that serious and you sound like an incel bitch
>>22116 Bump these!
Side boob
Someone fuck her and sneak a pic lol
Who has her sister j@mi
Does she really like BBC? I don’t really see her swinging that way.
Really wish that guy would drop her pics
>>24311 What pic?
(1.79 MB 2048x2240 IMG_0861.png)
I did another one of these for fun
(4.09 MB 828x1792 IMG_0944.png)
Bar mommy
>>22116 Can you do this one?
>>25657 Fuck I want her so bad
(278.87 KB 512x704 mehh.png)
Not the best but
(4.58 MB 828x1792 IMG-6204.PNG)
(176.00 KB 828x1792 View recent photos.PNG)
(6.37 MB 828x1792 IMG-7207.PNG)
(248.65 KB 827x1266 IMG-5070.JPG)
Once again, this is not an AI thread. Fuck off with the demands.
Shake em
>>27560 Why the actual fuck would you want to see that pig naked? 🤮
Yeah she’s such a pig
Marry me?
She looks like a bull dyke she’s 100% piggish looking. Ugly liberal trash white
>>28690 You’re just mad she fucks black guys and not you.
Um no 😂 I don’t fuck ugly bitches and certainly would never fuck a race traitor.
>>28616 Goddamn I love her ass
>>28896 Then post more
She used to let me fuck her in the ass while her bf was away
She is chubby
Any pussy?
(1.61 MB 828x1792 IMG_4896.png)
Someone has to have her sister
Let’s see some pussy
(2.38 MB 828x1792 IMG_5568.png)
Nips again
(122.97 KB 640x960 IMG_5746.jpeg)
Bump til pussy
>>40315 Bump
>>41592 Fucking a white dude right now
>>41744 Post pics then
Didn’t think so