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Carter Anonymous 01/17/2023 (Tue) 05:12:17 No. 18917
Anyone have any wins from carter?
Have a handful of wins. Anyone else willing to contribute
I have a handful of wins. Anyone else willing to contribute
Post up and I will bless the thread
Lena dav(enport)
Renee c r i d e r
kendahl my n a tt
Any more Renee?
Yeah a decent bit of her older stuff
Throw em up
You have anything to “throw up”
Any etown chicks with OF? I'll post up.
>>19525 Holy fuck more?
I’ve got a few more of kendahl m but they’re super old. I’ve also got a bit of from Lexi pr ofitts OF. And a good bit more of other randoms. Hoping more people post before I dump what I have
>>19649 >>19649 Post everything you got
Bump lexi
Someone else post some shit and I’ll dump. I have plenty of renee
>>19714 Fuck that just post em for the boys
Drop lexi
anyone got anything on the Sharp sisters I know one had an 0f
>>20076 Which one?
Let’s see more lexi
Kenz S
Ill post more lexi when more others get posted
Damn I wanna see the $harp sisters. Somebody be a hero and post if they have them.
Anyone from Class 12-15
Post some etown and hampton chicks OF and I'll buy and bless
Bump more Lexi
If more people posted maybe we’d be more inclined to share what we have. I know I have more Lexi and Morgan sh(arp)
I'd post the rest of my lexi and some others for that morgan
Anybody got K@tie Turp1n. I’d love to see that.
>>20348 Post Morgan
>>20444 You post something 😂. I’m not posting all my shit for nothing
>>20448 Bro I ain’t got shit. I’ve been out of high school for over 10 years. I deleted what I had years ago. Help the boys out. Fuck that - shit. If you got something post it.
Let’s see more Lexi
Bump for Morgan
>>21040 Damn that was suppose to say MOrg@n
Someone else post somebody so we can keep the train rolling
Bump morg@n
Does anybody have the video or screen shots from the teacher that got arrested a few years ago. Think her name was Sh@rp
Bump for Sharp sisters
Got wins of both sharp sisters if other people would post. Ks are when she had an OF for a short time and Ms is one she sent to me
>>23956 Shit we need those
>>23956 I’m begging for you to post those
Who you tryna see
>>20226 Look for britneyrennee
Bro he’s bullshitting about the sharp sisters otherwise he would have posted them already because you dropped a lot of nudes and he’s yet to send one.
Anyone got Raychel haynes
Start with just the kenz ones and I'll post everyone I have
Who all do you have? I’m not dropping the sharps for nothing.
Whitney a Lexi h sav h emery n destiny m Lexi p Taylor h Alyssa o plus a couple more on my pc
Drop the t@yl0r h wins!
If I see sharps I drop all of it
Guess he was lying
Any wins on Natasha S now married and in NC
Class of 2010?
Natasha s yes class of 2010 married and lives outside state now
Bumping for wins
Bump for Natasha S
Is that it for R3ne3 Cr1der? Nobody has anything else?
Seriously .. I need Raychel Haynes more than Moby Dick needs Goddamn water.
Miya kirby
Bump for Natasha class 2010
Need some kayli altom wins bad
Bump for either sharp
What about Uma pippenz or her sister they are both so fineeeee I'd kill to see em
Any 3mm@ C@nn0n?
Bump for 3mm@.
Anyone have A. thurmer or T-erry?
Bump for 3MM@
Bump if someone posts some 2014-2016 I'll drop mine
Who ya got?
$āráh $ćøtt ?
Post more Renee
Who has the M1randa sisters. Got to be some floating around.
Post someone who has got the biggest tits and you win a prize
Kayli Altom and Morgan sharp wins
Anyone got Natasha s class of 2010 there has to be some wins out there!
Bump Natasha s