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(331.64 KB 1290x1903 IMG_8192.jpeg)
Anonymous 05/14/2023 (Sun) 21:56:53 No. 49970
K3ndra M? From Huntingdon
Any R@chel Pr1ce?
>>49970 She screams 3 hole slut. I would marry her.
shed had an of like 2 years back
>>56304 Anybody save em?
Any other Huntingdon gals. Would love some Juniata Collge
>>56390 WOW! Any nudes?
>>56393 Can u post them here?
Got some good stuff if anybody posts up R@chel Pr1ce
Missed the Kendra tits. Post em here please!
>>56390 That’s an ass to eat dinner out of.
Let’s get this Huntingdon thread going! Would love to see R@chel Pr1ce and Kendra. Have some other stuff if they get posted
>>56558 Who all you got?
M cromley
Someone plz repost H3ath3r Gr4g3r
B for Kendra’s tits
Any Gr@ce McD0n0ugh?
Now if you got wins best drop em. This site seems to let them pile up. drop a file with h mc C and her wife O-Fans
>>57034 They deleted their OF over a year ago
Let’s get this going for July 4th! Here is Olivia K. Anybody have more JC girls
Jeez louise
Post who you got. Let’s get this goin!
What was Kendra’s OF? Any nudes?
(256.30 KB 1242x2208 IMG_8409.jpeg)
In exchange for Kendra wins I’ll post my ex, Alexis.
Let’s get this going!
>>57586 Name?
>>57597 Leanna. Post up!
>>57609 I just posted the m cromley. Seems like no one wants this to take off
(244.47 KB 1242x2208 IMG_8414.jpeg)
One of Alexis
A couple of Ariell C
(585.99 KB 1290x1274 IMG_8418.jpeg)
Kendra’s ass
(245.76 KB 1170x2103 hm-of1.jpg)
(172.94 KB 1170x1614 hm-of2.jpg)
keeping it rolling since it was requested. feel free to add.
>>57710 Name?
(1.70 MB 1048x1242 Hm-of3.png)
(2.33 MB 1170x2106 Hm-of4.png)
no names necessary for this one. keep the collection going. would love to build a group g0 f1 L3
the name drop will come later >>57712
>>56735 There were Kendra Tits?
(99.12 KB 1242x786 IMG_8433.jpeg)
>>57645 Another one of Alexis
>>58023 Who?
>>58023 Did they glue this bitch’s ass together? hahahaha
Any M@dd13 Tr0h@?
Who is c.b.
>>58279 This would take a real hero. Doubt there’s any out there and if there is I bet whoever has them will gate keep them and never share. I’d be good with seeing her or any of her friends
>>58292 Probably true. All I know id drop all my stuff if Maddie gets posted
>>58297 Who all you got outta curiosity?
>>58298 Get some good stuff in here and you’ll find out
>>58475 Just asked for some names. But shoulda known better than to expect a straightforward answer. I’ve posted half the stuff here. The point is to share not barter but to each their own.
>>58477 I don’t want to be the only one contributing
>>58502 You realize I’ve posted at least half the wins in this thread? So just take your ball and go home. It’s reasons like you why Huntingdon threads always die and suck.
(423.11 KB 1303x2108 received_2318699885105842.jpeg)
Tight pussy for age. I'm sure some will criticize, but were all here for one thing lol
>>58567 A win is a win. If some don’t like it just don’t focus on it. Much appreciated for the contribution
manipulating all her friends to drive her to do more heroin, exactly where im at
>>58624 >>58600 Exactly how I feel bud. I'm here to see pushy, ass, tits and hook up lol. Like I said older, but her pushy is tight.
(610.49 KB 1944x2443 DSC01974.JPG)
same woman 58567
>>58475 Looks like this guy got called out on his bluff. Some guy asked for names and this dude bounces haha typical Huntingdon thread
>>58890 Still here my dude. Not gonna post a list…not a whole lot of good stuff being posted on here lately but here is some Carrolann E anyway Let’s get it going
And crickets
Shame. Plenty of good stuff out there
Who’s got R@chel Pr1ce. They gotta be out there
Whose got Aly (p)aige
Who got Makenzie Bennett
Any more of leanna
(1.05 MB 3539x3303 100_0076.JPG)
Bump holding
Fuck u assholes
Y’all have Kendra or no?
Jake Gunderson if I ever find you I will kill you
And it’s dead just like that. Typical Huntingdon thread with only gate keepers and white knights.
Anyone know what K3ndras 0F name was?
>>61923 I’ve been trying to find it as well. Hopefully someone shares the wealth
>>61936 Hopefully so. Been dying to see her wins.
People just post what you have. I posted what little bit I had. That's why these threads die.
>>62281 I’ve posted some of mine as well. Barely anyone contributing
>>62290 I have more to post but only three of us are contributing
>>62330 Who all you got to contribute? I’m one of the three actually posting so just curious.
>>56179 Rachel would be amazing
Any Marylauren D? Got a couple of others if anybody has her
Just post. Always holding pictures like they are ransom.
>>62499 One of Grace McD… to get it going. Got plenty more stuff. Looking mostly for girls from Juni@t@ C0llege
>>62346 I was posting Alexis.
Shame this doesn’t get going. Plenty of good stuff out there
Any S1dd S tevens? They have to be out there
>>62849 Because of people like you and everyone else that don’t contribute. That’s why it blows. I’ve posted every win I could and yet only 2 others have contributed. If you want it to be better, post. Simple.
Bumping for Kendra
Mega bump
Does R@chel Pr1ce do nude stuff?
Bump bump bump
Should I post more of Alexis?
>>62878 All bow down to anon jesus!
>>63945 please do cool anon
>>63962 Dude does have a point tho. Why should he contribute all his W’s when no one else is? Sad situation cuz Huntingdon always has hotties but the threads always blow.
>>63996 > Why should he contribute all his W’s when no one else is Why should your gf only give you head when other guys are working for it and you’re not?
Any new OFs besides the usual ones?
(35.66 KB 352x480 IMG_1886.jpeg)
(27.80 KB 352x480 IMG_1893.jpeg)
(1.44 MB 3024x4032 IMG_1874.jpeg)
(1.07 MB 3020x2371 IMG_1889.jpeg)
Just some of what I have any Jess sem or Britt k
Any of Hannah (S)cott
let’s keep dropping hai-ley mcC and get this thing back in motion
Who you got for mcC?
(11.52 MB 1170x2532 IMG_0971.png)
Any more Cat B or Carolann E?
(954.64 KB 1170x870 IMG_0991.jpeg)
Bump for Kendra
>>49970 drocsiD c vX3 F2 M2 Delete spaces
>>68928 Who is that. She's hot as fuck
(104.11 KB 996x2048 received_747593039812301.jpeg)
(89.93 KB 996x2048 received_1134884087194879.jpeg)
(191.95 KB 1536x2048 received_1174574976590397.jpeg)
(68.06 KB 1057x2048 received_589267959204958.jpeg)
Shay h.
(181.23 KB 1151x2048 received_540762637867496.jpeg)
(187.03 KB 1152x2048 received_1550909832089536.jpeg)
(256.52 KB 2048x1507 received_1700064180389191.jpeg)
Kassidy jones
>>68858 Butter.
>>70333 Another inv?