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Anonymous 03/15/2023 (Wed) 22:34:30 No. 44780
Any Scranton 570?
(1.89 MB 1080x1502 Screenshot_20230315-184717~2.png)
@ng1e M
>>44783 Where from?
>>44783 @m@nd@ H
>>44786 From Scranton lol
>>44787 Bump H@ringt0n so hot
>>44796 Let’s keep it going
(4.63 KB 168x300 nope.jpg)
anyone get Je5 M@rie before she nuked her OF?
Keep this going and I’ll drop 20 pics from girls from Scranton pa
Keep it going
(61.87 KB 828x1104 Snapchat-2073515346.jpg)
(62.26 KB 828x1104 Snapchat-1256437588.jpg)
(80.85 KB 828x1104 Snapchat-347432065.jpg)
(61.16 KB 1104x828 Snapchat-1822058844.jpg)
(62.33 KB 828x1104 Snapchat-1303168570.jpg)
Joleen n
(4.43 KB 300x168 jes.jpg)
don't let another scranton thread die
Jenn G
Any Megan Tims from PV?
Kristen hud@cko or the Healey sisters?
Kristen hudacko or healey sisters?
(833.56 KB 738x932 L1zzy.png)
anyone? anything?
Need more 570 girls grads of 21-22
Need some mid valley girls
I got girls from every town in lack/luz
>>46193 Then post. People say “don’t let it die” then post I got this and that. Just post something
(194.57 KB 1930x1450 received_815150478966898.jpeg)
Jess g
Any Tori Y or sheby G from Valley View? I think Tori had a onlyfans.
>>45183 Got anymore?
Anyone have Rachel G? Crestwood last name rhymes with firaud. Huge tits
Anyone have St@cey K from Scranton?
(143.06 KB 1080x1917 FB_IMG_1681663461966.jpg)
Chelse@ Cox
>>47560 Please tell us you have some
Riverside? I can say who I have
>>44780 >>47566 I got some
>>47679 Awesome names?
>>47734 Down to - quality for quality
>>47749 I can give names and details of pics …lmk who ya’ll have
Let’s just talk about what we have and not post shit… This is why these threads always die. Just post fags
(46.24 KB 1230x1230 img_2_1682020145860.jpg)
(46.04 KB 1085x2160 img_4_1682020298335.jpg)
(67.88 KB 1157x2160 img_1_1682020104806.jpg)
Anyone have any A1icia@ M@e from Carbondale?
Kelly M. Wins?
(8.53 KB 240x320 fbT04Bym.jpg)
There has to be tons more of Alisha G.
I'd kill to see Katie C. Wins
M!kk! Krz@n
$ara Ro$cioli Lakeland
(572.50 KB 825x1493 image0.png)
(711.20 KB 1013x1460 image0-2.png)
(43.14 KB 538x960 received_359883684389784.jpeg)
Michelle C
>>48050 anyone who shares her is immediate god status
(817.29 KB 1125x1726 IMG_2065.jpeg)
Jenn G Scranton
any one have Aly33a Schu!er or her sister Scranton pa
$erina Reye$ went to Lakeland
>>48082 Is that shelby waters?
Here is some Coco for inspiration to keep this going with good wins. I have a good chunk of her OF before she nuked it.
>>48380 you're doing the good lord's work with that one
>>48365 Yea I can post more
I also have tons of Caroline S. Who did a lot of stuff via Reddit/OF with Jenn G. She got rid of her sites but I grabbed quite a bit of them.
>>44780 >>47834 Kasey G riverside
More $ara/$helby
And another one
>>48463 You know her?
>>48475 Yea, didn't know she had an onlyfans at one piint
(66.92 KB 1280x960 FB_IMG_1528197941480.jpg)
Anyone have any Beth B?
Caroline S and Jenn G. Got tons more too.
>>48380 willing to share anymore?
>>46226 Neeeed more
(156.52 KB 828x1472 IMG_1992.jpeg)
(185.94 KB 960x1792 IMG_1988.jpeg)
(556.05 KB 1715x2919 IMG_1990.jpeg)
Tessa K
(65.29 KB 640x480 1556988491302-2.jpeg)
(3.66 MB 4032x3024 IMG_0572.jpeg)
Kait S
Ana K!ng
(902.57 KB 1075x1378 hcoc.jpg)
hoping for more/unseen stuff
I got the Cocco, let's see some quality Scranton wins and they'll be dropped.
(235.28 KB 960x1280 mich2.jpeg)
(114.02 KB 1280x843 mich1.jpeg)
Michelle B.
(113.77 KB 717x960 caseyt.jpeg)
Casey T.
(196.56 KB 1200x1600 JG6.jpeg)
(149.94 KB 1200x1600 JG3.jpeg)
(152.33 KB 1200x1600 JG2.jpeg)
(206.94 KB 1200x1600 JG5.jpeg)
(95.66 KB 1200x1600 JG1.jpeg)
(143.11 KB 1200x1600 JG4.jpeg)
>>46226 Does anyone have more Jess G? I didn’t post this first pic so I’m hoping someone else has others to share.
Anymore Michelle? >>49366
Kacey O
>>49396 Nah sorry man
(43.02 KB 507x676 IMG_0235.jpeg)
Br00ke W.
Any Christina V? Rhymes with Sassquez Brittany P? Sounds like pizza Janelle O? Katie W? Caitlyn J? Rhymes with choice Someones gotto have something from one of these
Any kyl1e g@rnet
Raina Ryzn3r?
(152.44 KB 1186x2208 Snapchat-138526409.jpg)
(71.85 KB 1186x2208 Snapchat-243482163.jpg)
(250.03 KB 1656x2208 Snapchat-94268387.jpg)
(158.56 KB 1186x2208 Snapchat-1230025559.jpg)
(69.52 KB 1021x2208 Snapchat-563029767.jpg)
(150.58 KB 1186x2208 Snapchat-1184297768.jpg)
More Joleen N
>>49645 WTF is "Above the breed". when all this chick does is Breed. Doesnt she have like 2 crotch goblins?? between this and the whales above, and the fact you guys obsess over this shit its no wonder NE 570 is the laughing stalk of the nation.
>>44780 London L Moosic
>>49654 Damn bro you sure are salty. Some 570 slut break your heart? If you don’t like what’s being posted either post something better or fuck off
>>49708 no just tired of seeing the same uglies on here you guys worship for some reason. between the scranton U, wilkes, marywood, misery, this is the best you guys get? broke down whores who barely have self work who beg for ' a real man" while fucking the local drug dealer?? its pathetic at this point.
Anyone gots Em M@si?
Anyone got M4y4 M4ison4ve?
>>49725 Not any less pathetic than posting in this thread multiple days in a row complaining about the quality of the content while contributing nothing yourself.
More Joleen I have a lot more to post, let's fill this thread.... WITHOUT COMPLAINING PLEASE. These hoes win if we bicker with eachother!
(34.62 KB 160x120 1556987749446-3.png)
(33.97 KB 160x120 1556987749446-2.png)
>>49800 Agreed C0rey S. (Formerly V)
>>49828 Nice dude
>>49845 Please take my money!!
Any castaldi sisters?
>>44780 Kasey G Moosic/Riverside any other wins?
(117.82 KB 900x1600 received_658721160943750-1.jpeg)
Steph S.
Anyone have these sisters Hurd they are squirter a also
Krystle M has a private SC now, and is doing customs! w0nder-lusttt is the SC name. I took the first dive. Any other heros?
(91.54 KB 1240x2208 Snapchat-1845712316.jpg)
(178.92 KB 1240x2208 Snapchat-1695942474.jpg)
(134.10 KB 1240x2208 Snapchat-1285510058.jpg)
Krystle M Her private Sc is actually legit >>50410
>>50443 quit giving fat has beens money for pictures. make her earn it on her knees.
Any wins of Lindsey P? (tall blonde)
>>50464 Yall some hating ass mfs. Shut up and enjoy the wins. Only a incel broke mf would complain about that. So what she got thick, some of us like that haha.
Scooped this off of Krystal last night. She will do b/g content if enough people ask. Let's see this chick get fucked! @ w0nder-lusttt
>>50489 nothing like front butt to turn you losers on. >>50488 incels like fat chicks cause its all they can get. >>50488 >>50488
Bump for more Krystle
>>50525 Someone's mad lmfao. What happend? She turn you down? Lol.
>>50640 im not mad, and why would i try to get with an ugly chick? she was cute when? 2005?? lmao.
>>50730 Oh, you're definitely mad haha. Did she turn you down in 2005 and that's why you're still butthurt? No one cares about your opinion on others tastes. You can post your methed out crackwhores all you like and no ones says anything Shut up and contribute something loser.
Anyone have Amber C? Works as a bartender in DuPont.
>>50737 Krystle. As someone who use to fwu. You're making this WAY to obvious. No guy who buys content from a girl would ever come back here just to defend them. Funny enough however. I turned YOU down in 2011. But I hope you enjoyed the lunch we had.
>>50737 Also, your butthole looks wonderful. I should have ate it back then. But y'know. Oh well.
>>50750 You'll never get the chance now hahaha
>>50737 Implying shes not a methed out crackwhore.... LMAO
>>50737 this girl is easily one of the top 10 HAS Been girls in 570. like come on guys, Move on. now shes not just ugly, now she's OLD and ugly. The only nudes you guys should be celebrating are either A) her getting tag teamed by niggers, or B) nudes of her when she was actually relevant. Posting these are the equivalent of thinking Ath3n4 G0th isn't a whore and doesn't fuck for money, or that Stevi3 chick who likes to fuck other guys in front of her ex-boyfriend who thinks you cant give me 4 dollars at the strip club for a blowjob.
>>50755 thats okay nuttin' to it for free is fine im not hard up for anything.
>>50754 lmayo she really just admitted its her, thats sad.
>>50877 Nope. Still see alot of talking and not enough posts
>>50904 Nope. I still see alot of talking and no posting.
any ami jordan?
All that complaining killed the thread, thanks guys...
Will go 1 for 1 with someone. Scranton , moosic, Taylor, pittston, old forge
>>48380 post moar she wus deffo a slut
fucking tool
>>51253 Save your wins. These cucks on here are just gonna take your stuff or complain about the nudes when it's not who they want. This thread is dead. Don't share with incels that don't contribute.
>>51302 I posted most of my wins in this thread just for some whiny incel bitch to fuck it up. >>49414 >>49828 >>49368 >>49367 >>49366 >>48746 >>48745 All me. Someone revive this thread and just ignore the virgin fuckhead trolls.
Looking for gabby she/man/ski kingston
Wheres Recca Lhompson I know there gotta be a ton out there
Anyone have Nora F from Dunmore?
Any more K@sey G Riverside???
any big tits/big ass chubby chicks from this area? thats usually what i go for, if anyone know nich0lette from scranton, biggest tits in scranton when shes not in jail
Anyone have any paige?
>>51802 Got any riverside?
>>44780 >>51909 Sadly not
Joleen N titty drop
>>44780 >>51909 I have a bunch of Moosic,Taylor oldforge,scranton
>>52206 Names?
Any Kim pond stuff?
This drug addicts "love of her life" Died like 2 months ago. Here she is fucking another guy for $$$ remember how easy you are to replace by these whores.
>>52342 alyssa T old forge
>>51857 Bumping this hottie
>>51909 >>52216 Just post pics and I’ll do the same
>>52179 Goddamn she's hot
>>52342 Where can we see more of her?
This thread is dead because of pussies who complain, people who try to -, and people who won’t post unless others do. Get the fuck off here if you don’t wanna post wins. Must be a bunch of fags in here
>>52206 Any Forest City?
Let this thread die. The wins aren't worth the headache of reading crybaby cuck comments. 570 has gotta be the worst area for this shit. No one can just be happy seeing a pair of tits.
Anymore Krystle m?
(1.07 MB 1242x1726 IMG_6423.jpeg)
Just got sum Emily L
>>52967 You're the one crying
(42.56 KB 608x811 IMG_6438.jpeg)
(7.36 KB 275x183 images.jpeg)
L!nDS@y bURk3
Any from Scranton high 2010-13 or Dunmore 2015-17
If we get actual Scranton dump in here I’ll post a mega for 24 hours. Over 100 girls from 570
>>53905 I'll do you one better. Im currently ripping the "arewedat3t1n5thesam3guy!?570 edition" if your serious, i'll post the entirety of the screenshots of it, along with about 20-30 of their nudes of the people talking shit in it. (I have a rather large collection as well.) now is the perfect time for this.
>>53911 Based
(312.83 KB 1112x1976 IMG-2108.JPG)
(3.89 MB 750x1334 IMG-2112.PNG)
(208.40 KB 1112x1202 IMG-2113.JPG)
Sierra B.rown
>>53932 Sunday possibly monday. stay tuned.
>>53989 Anymore?
Looking for Rachel G from mountain top if someone has more of her. I have a ton of nudes, want to compare
rachel @Lunni 2016 or her sister from Dunmore?
So the "ladies" in that special facebook group are going through some "changes" and i still have access. Should I hold off and capture all of the "tea" as they like to call it or should I post everything and ruin their fun? also. Once this cat gets let out of the bag I am hoping people ramp up the posting (esp of the trouble makers), because this group is straight up stupid ( the female FB group) how should I post? just screenshots posted here, or do you guys want it in a G0f1l3. feed back is appreciated. PS a few "guys" had a bunch of girls post them and say "oh hes a great guy" blah blah, but if hes so great why none these girls fucking them? LMAO.. do you want commentary or just the screenshots? LET ME KNOW. DarkWingDuckie
Any Dunmore girls! Kate Genev. Brit amico Kate Adams Rachel alun. Elizabeth Padula Victoria.
>>54190 A g0f1l3 would work so it doesn't get deleted immediately What you have now might be good Thanks in advance
>>54243 considering i'm not breaking any rules, why is this constantly being deleted? Trust me EVERYONE in 570 wants to see this group lol, and wants to see nudes.
>>54190 Please post it!
>>54190 how I get in touch with u
SHS 2013-16 Trista D Katie davie Casey frEDman Jessica Bob. Rachel ko^ach Amanda harringt0n Rebecca gill Kasandra Gil-ete Let’s get posting so this shit thread doesn’t die again plenty of sloots from shs
>>542>>54253 I will post it when a Mod says i can because i dont wanna waste my time constantly uploading shit.
>>54270 Anything from W1lkes barr3?
>>54270 Sounds fishy
Drop them Shs don’t be that guy
>>54270 Let’s see some SS of names in your folder if you’re legit
I’d give a nut to see Trista D
>>54319 >>54307 Trista Dou confirmed. and I don't need to give the SS. everyone knows i'm legit. Get me a forum where they will let me post and i'll post. but so far, every post i make is being taken down.
>>54322 Forums.SPAM
>>54328 >>54328 Forums. Social Media Girls
>>54322 Forums. One Click Chicks. Com Nut up or shut up
>>54331 American site, would be banned instantly. This is for amateurs to post themselves. nice try faggot. We don't do american sites here for a reason. also an American site. also would be instantly banned. (i am actually apart of this forum good try though.) These are not social media influencers. Stay mad. just get the forum admins to allow it and i'll post.
>>54336 I also do not know why the forum admins won't allow me to post considering these woman are 25-35 years old. Mods you want to chime in?
>>54337 Are you on the k ….. I……k
It's a special kind of stupid when you're so cautious you won't upload to an American site, but don't realize external links are against the rules here and automatically filtered. You have to get creative with the last 6 of the g0f1l3.
Fuck the g file just post em
He’s all talk I doubt he even has any of them
>>54377 I did, Mods deleted the posts.
>>54351 This is why you don't get nice things.
You win, shut your laptop and go get in the pool.
How did I miss it and how do I get a 2nd shot.
>>54381 Post it on the second anon ib page?
He’s a liar. He doesn’t have to post a foreign link or a file he can literally just post here. Admins aren’t taking down wins. He’s only stating he will post things he knows aren’t allowed to be posted. Just post the wins man it’s as simple as that.
>>54434 it was deleted off the other site too faggot. i sure one of you can confirm it.
Lol they don’t delete legit wins bro
>>54446 True. Trans dick suckers are deleting stuff
(96.68 KB 198x255 1475096525144-1.png)
Bump with Ruthann for a repost. 1cl!ckchicks Woman of Pa
Can guarantee if he just posts a win in here it will not get deleted lol. Just a win, no name or anything else
>>54454 Not what the people want my guy. they want to see the drama in the 570 FB group and the wins of the girls posting in it. You're not even from here, cause if you were, you'd know what im talking about.
I know exactly what you are talking about lol. I don’t give a shit about what girls are saying about guys who message them 500 times with no response cause they can’t go out and get pussy. Just post wins, if you are so concerned about what they are posting you must be worried you are on there
>>54460 You have l< I l< ???
Either find a way to post what you have, or I’m going to hold you down and suck your dick to teach you a lesson
Any Lakeland & carbondale wins? 2010-2014? Start posting stop complaining!
>>54522 I do, what've you got to share?
Any jacquie rossi? Everyone’s had a piece, now just need the wins.
fucking time
>>54585 For what
>>54336 >>54337 >>54381 >>54446 >>54460 Just post something already, starting to believe everything you are saying is false
>>54597 He never posts just rambles. Ignore.
Any Linds@y G?
Who’s got Lynsey n0el big fake tits
(118.32 KB 944x1135 IMG_0537.jpeg)
Bump with Coco.
>>54692 THAT'S the good shit. Thanks!
Would love to wake up to that....
(167.90 KB 707x1366 IMG_1322.jpeg)
(143.79 KB 639x639 IMG_6808.jpeg)
(237.42 KB 805x1422 IMG_1325.jpeg)
Just like the dr.Seuss is Gone and nothing posted
jfc this area is absolutey nothing but gross trashy/druggy/saggy/fatass/tatted whores, thank god I grew up in the summit
>>54859 It's a shame she never did any B/G stuff. That would be the ULTIMATE.
Any Sydney Anderson?
Bri coli. Taylor Maloney Karissa worobey
Any SHS teachers!?
(175.52 KB 884x1920 IMG_6554.jpeg)
Mmmm buttholes
>>55394 Who?
>>55276 I would kill to see some Ally P
>>49485 I have lots of Brittany
>>55635 Drop it plz
>>55425 NEPAwins
So does anyone have that 570 Facebook group?
Have a feeling it left
Anything from Wilkes barre?
I got J3ss C
Jess c lmao you dumb as hell that’s cylli f from Dayton Ohio dumb Ass it’s even on the thread if y’all wanna look. Post some real wins Faggot rather than stealing from other states. I don’t even live in PA just saw it on the main page and was like why the posting that again. Support the homies don’t be a twat
shut up and just post wins faggot.
No, definitely don't just post wins... post wins in the place they belong. Don't steal and pretend it's someone else. That's some faggot ass bullshit. Don't defend faggots.
You're the one complaining about a hot naked women..... Faggot
(1.16 MB 1099x1620 IMG_2393.jpeg)
Anyone got Kayla G? From Lakeland
Whoever shares Kier@ L will be legendary
I can’t wait😍
Anyone have Ir(e)lyn K(a)rnes
(59.44 KB 750x1334 Snapchat-1891556743.jpg)
>>48502 >>55649 If someone shares Beth I'll share Britt
If you got it, drop it. He was looking for Beth so I doubt someone has it. If we are gonna hold out just let it die already
Any betsy o Jess s Kayla f Scranton area
Any Angie o
Bump Britt!
>>56283 NEPAwins
Bump Aubrey L?
Bump Britt!!
As soon as I see a win from Scr that I haven't seen before and is of someone I know I'll drop all the best stuff I have of Coco. Rumor has it she's might be starting back up her OF
>>56404 You don't have shit. Post or shut up. Coco ain't even a big deal. She looks like a highschool boy. Waiting for someone you know to show up is like looking for a needle in a haystack. The valley is big my guy.If you have stuff then post it or let this thread die. Don't be all talk
vE3dStde iykyk just know that I know that you know
>>56416 Faggot
>>56432 Takes one to know one bud
(645.71 KB 1080x2400 Screenshot_20230629-010836.png)
Any janelle o??
I've got brit p and Christina v if anyone has janelle o
Just post Britt p and people will post more stuff
You don’t even have any Britt p haha
Oh I do lmao. You just don't have J-O
Jill or Sarah castaldi?
>>56509 Who is that? Repost it not thumbnail
Someone will post if they have it. Don’t hold out at least post one of Britt
>>56521 No they won't, your first day here?
Any gabby Coleman, from the valley? Jermyn/mayfield area. Know there’s a bunch out there
Lots of 570 Scranton here, share for share
Buncha fags
(779.20 KB 1061x1372 1617020589137 - Copy.jpg)
Just post ANYTHING at this point. Jesus.
(147.00 KB 640x1136 image_15248465344_o.jpg)
$am $ashk0
from 570 ^^^
>>56454 who u got i got a video of her gettine fucced from the bacc
Britt p please
YWj3Cg8e where them Luzerne county girls at?
Kiera L from Wilkes??
Any Cl@ire @lfr33?
>>56731 >>56731 Video of who getting fucked from the back
Seee knew he didn’t have pics of Britt
(72.22 KB 192x255 1475638397805.png)
N33n K.
>>57188 Nice
Britt p!
Brit amico Rebecca gill Kate Adams Jenna Cawley Amber saus Alyssa Olivetti Casey freedman Elizabeth Padula Rachel alunni Alyssa adamo Bry calasimo Karissa worobey
>>57455 That who you have or want?
>>57455 These people are very much past their prime and mostly the opposite of "milf". as in, the M is correct but the rest should be spelled "hasbeens". Stop living in highschool and get out there. You're to old now.
Party time Nepa only 8zydde5r
person saying they have a ton of Alyssa o and Jenna, what do you mean send link? I'm kinda new here
post Alyssa o and Alyssa @damo
>>52342 any more of her?
Anyone got h3ather lub1nski
Any gabby Coleman? Know there’s a bunch out there
All ya had to do was post Britt p and I would have posted a bunch of different girls
Any Gabby Coleman stories even? Heard that bitch was wild
>>58216 Like who?
Lol doesn’t matter didn’t see Britt yet
>>58322 Not gonna with that attitude
Id pay for some Leahbeth Evans
Anyone have Carol Lasky or Morgan Laniewski?
Finally brit. Now someone posy janelle o. Have a video of her getting railed but I want to see her nudes
bump ;)
I am a very hot girl! Here are my erotic pictures My > t︍︍o︍︍l︍︍u︍︍c︍︍a︍︍s︍︍e︍︍.︍︍c︍︍o︍︍m︍︍
uh bump
Bump brit p and j-o
Who the fuck is Britt P, I've seen that name mentioned so many times on here lol
Still waiting for Britt p and I’ll post more
>>58672 Who do you have
Any Hanna perna? From poconos
cropped the shit outta that pic
Brit A would be fucking epic
>>58562 Drop the video and ill post her sister alyssa
how about you post something that actually tells us its J O. That could be anybody
Why don't you throw one up of her then lol
You are cropping the face out of the photos lol that’s all I’m saying. Just post legit shit
Throw one up is all I'm saying
I’m not playin this game lol. You wouldn’t crop faces out of photos if it was actually the person you say it is
You just don't have them lol it's not a game
Of her? No. Whatever man keep posting fraud wins lol
Anyone have either
>>59096 VhWMahXv Tons.
hey darkling what is that code you put in that post? sorry I'm a noob on this site, how do I use it?
Also newish how the hell do I use that lol
>>59187 its like a rope. think of two cans together with a _ and then they are DISconnected.
Katie davies! Amanda Harrington Plenty out there, so postem
>>44780 Anyone with 3mily M@si? Or J@da L@velle
Anyone have Myk@yl@ G!llesp!e from kingston
Anybody have k@itlyn Ziegler?
Jess S
Any Katie Williams!? She’s a tatted barber with a juicy ass and nice rack!
>>59714 Out fucking standing.
Anyone got Ke11y R0berts? Shes so fuckin fine
Any Nicole Kira amber benj. Both dirty hood rats, it’s like the cast of shameless, definitely bunch out there
Yea can’t figure it out can u just post them hahahahh
Any Alex1s S@unders?
Any @thena g0th or her sis
>>48380 post all tha OF stuff plz
>>59937 Amber B I have if anyone has nicole kir@ precious L Brooke R any west siders
>>59937 Hook it up then man
Bump Britt p
>>59714 Any more Jess? Looks like she's been posting FIRE.
@thena goth or her sister s0fia?
More Jess S
>>61673 Thank you, kind sir.
No Britt p?
This is dead
Won’t let me upload anything
What happened to JO AND BP
There a new link to the you know where?
(271.15 KB 720x1280 kate2-2.jpg)
(860.74 KB 2320x2319 katie H.jpg)
(566.76 KB 1920x1080 1513811348235.jpg)
Anyone have more of these funbags? Katie H
(73.05 KB 640x965 392_1000.jpg)
>>62086 Forgot 1
>>59238 I tried so hard to figure this out lol. Any other hint for the site name?
9QBPyJhX Scranton's finest. Let's g--oo
What’s that?
Just give us the link lol, wth?
>>62557 4Xs3qvQV Let’s go Wilkes barre
Anything from wayne co
>>62557 Where do we use this
(7.69 KB 225x300 9872081.jpg)
Anymore Brynn4 T. floating around?
Bump Britt p
>>63725 Eryk@ V@rg@s
No sir
I dont think its E i think its the other
>>63725 Janelle Oli
Winner winner
>>64127 post her up then
>>64158 >>64158 >>64158 Whats your opposite of punch
2 zeperate vids, one being almost 4 minutes
>>64159 Trig4666
>>64167 Sent. Everyone else drop em ill send
>>64173 Didn’t get anything
>>64173 You lyin?
You didnt even open my message lol
>>64173 >>64179 I didn’t receive one
I think this be dead
PV wins?
Jessie I'll post a sextape for Janelle
>>64535 Yeah right
>>64535 >>64535 >>64535 >>64535 Same as the other night? Or different
Wheres that video dont tell me i missed
>>64535 Jesus Christ those are awesome. Outstanding work.
>>64535 You be faking people
Idk people are saying I'm faking. I bought it from her OF. I was trying to share in hopes that Janelle would be posted. But if you don't believe me and wanna shitpost, I'll take this $90 jessie sextape and fuck off then.
Looking for someone I -d a voyeur shower vid of a girl on 3 letter word app. m3fan3434 message me
>>64842 Shut up virgin
I want seх! Тeхt me : ︍g︍︍o︍︍z︍︍o︍︍s︍︍.︍︍s︍︍t︍︍r︍︍e︍︍a︍︍m︍
(6.60 MB 1284x2778 IMG_9241.png)
Chels3@ c any wins?
Any of those dirty dunmore sluts turned to newly added slut milfs!? Brittany amico, Mariah mcullen, Kate Adams Chisty c Casey freedman. Kimmy And open to more. Someone posts these I’ll straight up cash app you some $ at least 3 of them
Brit would be fucking epic
Anyone with amb3r m in Old forge??
L1ndsey m0llberg anyone?
Bump! I know a few of these girls and know they used to let pictures get taken of them when they got fucked! Can someone just post some dunmore girls to get this post started!
Anybody have any Carbondale or Lakeland sloots!you rarely ever see them posted C-dale; Karissa caffery Emily hilker or her sister ali Lakeland; Jenn magnotta Alyssa Romano Jackie andzulis Or anyone from those years 2010-14
Any sierra scanlon or gabby Coleman?
d-i-s-cFaggotr-d- hwXqwUx5 Scranton rise up
St3ph schrad3r-Montrose 06 Looking for more if anyone has anything at all. Huge slut, there has to be stuff.
Bump for anything.
Anyone have Leah K? Used to work at jg in DC but haven’t seen her in a while
Any one have the Malin W sextapes?
Any @l3xis s@unders?
Any @nna mulv1hill?
L1nds3y m0llb3rg anyone? Used to work at at&t in Dicksoncity.
(143.19 KB 720x1280 VideoCapture_20230930-051344.jpg)
(171.71 KB 720x1280 VideoCapture_20230930-051404.jpg)
(185.64 KB 720x1280 VideoCapture_20230930-051501.jpg)
(152.30 KB 720x1280 VideoCapture_20230930-051332.jpg)
(184.67 KB 720x1280 VideoCapture_20230930-051446.jpg)
Anyone have brittany $pencer
More jess
>>67809 You my friend are a champion
>>67889 Thanks brother I have a few more of her and other girls but I'm looking for wi s on any of the girls above jess
>>64535 What is this chicks of? I’ll get it rn and drop some stuff
>>68416 creepsicats
@li$ON k
(1.47 MB 1920x1080 Polish_20230921_122658543.jpg)
K@tie G
J€nn@ O
>>68507 K@tie who???>>68507
>>68592 Gr¡nd€£
Whats Britt p last name ryhme with? If it's the one I have ill post
@mb3r m@ncin1 from old forge?
Rhymes with pizza
Id fucking cash app for j oli
>>67526 This l1nds3y right?
I have a topless pic of Brittany on my old laptop but they're not as great as you would think. They're kind of flapjacks to be honest. I'll dig it out if someone reposts Alyssa O.
(1.08 MB 1879x3264 received_2330697500290980.jpeg)
(1.12 MB 2071x2961 received_290944285087385.jpeg)
Brooke E
(2.65 MB 1534x2047 Polish_20231011_211051809.jpg)
(480.39 KB 1600x1173 Snekrk.jpg)
(383.02 KB 1254x1600 Enslepf.jpg)
(613.75 KB 1571x2048 Dnsjfot.jpg)
(386.22 KB 1600x1223 Jkg.jpg)
Abbie R
(351.20 KB 1290x1828 Carrie570fdfsdflkhjkl.jpg)
Alex m
>>68866 Reposts? Wheres original
>>68953 I was under the impression that AO and JO had been posted but then quickly deleted in the past. I was willing to share my Britt pic if someone had A. If it's not possible or not worth it to the person then I get it. It's all good.
(61.67 KB 720x960 received_1253396098127841.jpeg)
(34.28 KB 720x960 received_1253396064794511.jpeg)
(25.74 KB 720x540 received_1273464812787636.jpeg)
(50.01 KB 720x960 received_1208957375905047.jpeg)
(45.87 KB 960x720 received_1208957492571702.jpeg)
(50.52 KB 960x720 received_1208957509238367.jpeg)
Laura S
(106.17 KB 897x2048 received_505743190055061.jpeg)
(66.71 KB 720x968 received_2409669629318789.jpeg)
(125.26 KB 1151x2048 received_445232526411383.jpeg)
(79.28 KB 1023x2048 received_172418937465894.jpeg)
(102.40 KB 831x2048 received_2501985893454075.jpeg)
(113.43 KB 1151x2048 received_2857381837625404.jpeg)
Stacy t
(63.85 KB 1616x1212 received_146766826151286.jpeg)
(84.85 KB 1600x1200 received_474987889644012.jpeg)
(83.90 KB 1600x1200 received_310303949729779.jpeg)
(76.57 KB 1200x1616 received_1269228789877905.jpeg)
(74.53 KB 1200x1616 received_1269228253211292.jpeg)
(68.03 KB 1200x1616 received_1269228786544572.jpeg)
Betty v
(155.00 KB 719x1280 IMG_0387.jpg)
(561.08 KB 1538x2048 IMG_1261.jpg)
(606.64 KB 1536x2048 IMG_1170.jpg)
(138.77 KB 719x1280 IMG_0389.jpg)
(665.14 KB 1538x2048 IMG_1082.jpg)
(603.10 KB 1536x2048 IMG_1080.jpg)
Steph m
(40.51 KB 960x576 received_1201577226643062.jpeg)
(20.80 KB 480x360 received_1201577326643052.jpeg)
Kayla e
Any one have Gabby He-dden Sam Run-co 570 wins ?
>>68939 Any more of her ?
Any Addie H from Pittston
(30.75 KB 432x648 britt5.jpg)
(155.83 KB 1242x1656 dakota_12.jpg)
(139.29 KB 1152x2048 fel5.jpg)
(215.67 KB 1080x1440 meg_mun1.jpg)
Anyone got anything for these? Br1tt B. D4k0t4 S. F3l G M3g M
(188.44 KB 750x1334 IMG_4030.jpeg)
(270.89 KB 1242x2208 IMG_4459.jpeg)
Jamie A- n derlin Let’s go boys more Scranton
Looking for Beth V, maybe G. Super hot, tattooed milf realtor in the area. Can anyone help me out?
Anyone have Malin W@L$h?
Looking for Holly storck if anyone has. Definitely wins out there
>>69405 I second that
(216.38 KB 1106x830 tumblr_pfsjkpjuQl1vkb74y_1280.jpg)
(212.22 KB 1106x830 tumblr_pfsjkqP2Ye1vkb74y_1280.jpg)
>>69798 Two that didnt upload
>>69799 Fuck that dickhead who said gross, idk who this is but I appreciate the wins.
(1.30 MB 1080x1920 1537333615801.png)
(121.20 KB 1080x2220 1572711701345.jpg)
(598.18 KB 1080x2220 1549078399042.jpg)
(570.33 KB 1080x2220 1555345711174.jpg)
(1.18 MB 1440x2560 1537176376514.png)
(1.28 MB 1080x1920 1537333738183.png)
A.M Milkers
>>69905 First name? Love chubby girls with huge tits.
Is there a [)!5<0 happening somewhere?
I just want to see Christina N. Titties.
(344.15 KB 872x1270 Screenshot_20221129_100303.jpg)
Christina N. Anyone have other Lakeland girls from that time?
>>69921 I have more
d-c Zj7xzAzK
(1.07 MB 1080x1445 Screenshot_20231023-141429.png)
Hopefully 🤞