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(631.45 KB 1179x721 IMG_6460.jpeg)
Lehigh Valley 03/14/2023 (Tue) 20:19:07 No. 44669
Drop them!!
Do ittttt
>>44763 You would think that someone has something.
>>44763 I would if I did
Any H@il3y H?
(108.99 KB 960x1102 IMG_5575_Original.jpeg)
(165.20 KB 921x1258 IMG_5576_Original.jpeg)
(1.37 MB 2316x3088 IMG_2005_Original.jpeg)
(1.95 MB 3278x3024 IMG_1849_Original.jpeg)
K@ther1ne W
Keeps getting removed but any wins for m1chelle m4rtinez
Anybody have Summer (A)ich3r?
Girls with onlyfans?
who wants more brynne r0ck0v!ts in their life?
>>45049 If you got the vids, absolutely.
Diane - I know somebody gotta have em
(91.32 KB 732x812 IMG_4246_Original.jpeg)
>>44847 Her?
>>44942 Bump her up
>>45214 >>45214 Need more of her ASAP. i heard from 2 people who no her that she sells pics. neither are holding and they didnt no where she was posting. i coudnt find her on OF
Huge tits
Ina D?
Anyone have Daytona mee-zak or Terri N@poli?
Who got Tianna Willi@ms tho
(118.64 KB 800x601 IMG_4014_Original.jpeg)
C@s5y M
Anyone have Siobhan m ?
Tianna W.
(99.46 KB 1280x720 Snapchat-1222053526.jpg)
(135.81 KB 720x1280 Snapchat-975690020.jpg)
(48.20 KB 720x1280 Snapchat-457653868.jpg)
(63.16 KB 720x1280 Snapchat-1502603105.jpg)
(133.81 KB 720x1280 IMG_1552.JPG)
(34.57 KB 540x960 Snapchat-1918164167.jpg)
Felicia N.
(89.22 KB 960x1280 Snapchat-1132496427.jpg)
Dana J0hns0n
Vicki m?
>>45818 Damn. She put on weight
looking for victoria fernand3z, works at hobby lobby
Tonilynn H ??
(199.98 KB 1179x871 IMG_6138_Original.jpeg)
(124.01 KB 960x669 IMG_5977_Original.jpeg)
(1.43 MB 3134x2210 IMG_2679_Original.jpeg)
Another one
>>45624 Wow anything more?
>>46109 That’s all I’ve got
>>45981 second this
Br!dg€t Hur-€¥
Anyone have Shannon m@nn from Whitehall now lives in Florida
(167.33 KB 1160x2134 Snapchat-157528291.jpg)
Edensoriginalsin on only?
>>44942 Got anymore of her?
Janie M0nd@y
As the creator of this board, they have take my power away from my cold dead hands… so bump away!!
Trista p3ck ??
>>45049 who knows Brynne/wants more
(2.35 MB 1080x1701 Screenshot_20210703-151004_2.png)
does anyone have des!r33?
>>46394 Last name and town?
>>46375 Yea more Byrnne.
Bump for trista p
Name some girls with onlyfans
>>46095 name?
(215.73 KB 960x1255 IMG_5954_Original.jpeg)
>>46454 K@therine W@rg - H3ll3rtown
Bump for the titties
I need some Cl@ire stoll. Someone has to have something
This lv thread is becoming trash
>>44669 I'll show you my Se@nn@ S if you show me yours.
Parkland? Janette valazquez ? Brandy? Crystal a?
Really nothing?!
Any Kareena out there than can be re upped? Was a few good pics out there
Bump, let’s get some Northampton wins
Anyone have an OF Pages they follow from LV? Maybe Vanilla cherry?
(115.39 KB 729x1297 IMG_0001.JPG)
britt R0th
(208.28 KB 730x1297 IMG_1252.JPG)
J3nny Sw0l3nsky
>>46228 Did she take down her OF or just changed her name?
Anyone have that Lauren S@ss pic? Saw it on a thread a while back
>>47805 bump
(468.23 KB 750x996 a.jpg)
(606.98 KB 750x1118 j.jpg)
Any wilson wins? Has to be some out there.
Does she sell or is she just easy like that? Seen her on here a few times and I might try to fuck
Any Ina D?
Anyone have more of her
any Tianna Williams out there?
Sarah mongilutz?
Morgan emig wins?
There is no janette v pictures and no videos at all trust me bud
Mirella rodriguez
Hailee C.
(1016.17 KB 1170x2061 IMG_0467.jpeg)
(1.27 MB 1170x1830 IMG_0468.jpeg)
Any of these 2? Brianna G. And Maddie KNot allowedom Wilson. I know Brianna has a OF, just don’t know the name.
>>48816 who's this?
That’s brandy now who got janette v
Jord@n G. Went to Freedom
>>49198 Any wins?
Laura L1pp3y
Wish I didn't lose hannah myrb3rg the sex goat
>>49314 Had em on an old phone I lost. I know they’re out there and if I find it I’ll share them
Kristina Celeste?
Alex@ndra G@rin?
Kyl33 H1ll?
(73.94 KB 720x960 20210226_015256.jpg)
J@m33 WHS
gottta keep this going!
>>48816 Does she have an of?
(57.22 KB 720x960 20210226_015030.jpg)
Class of '12 LHS anyone?
Any have anything from Rachael Cu7ie WHS?
>>44942 Post more of her
Drop the Rachael C wins!
Any (Anni)e Purte(ll)? Went to Emmaus HS I think and now goes to Lehigh.
Any Britt on Ashley kn@uss
Caitlin l ?
Any Macy Hoffman from catty?
(5.85 MB 1284x2778 IMG_1124.png)
Any hailie McCoy
Any teachers?
Drop Whitehall wins
drop Lafayette wins
>>50234 Definitely some out there
(377.57 KB 1328x2584 macy (4).jpg)
(617.65 KB 1440x2654 macy (3).jpg)
(313.17 KB 1080x2119 macy (1).jpg)
>>50234 >>50320 bump this dumb slut
>>50323 When I asked where the cum goes
Miranda gun-kleeeeee
Ashley or Keishla Cruz both absolute smoke shows
Drop Miranda G!!
Drop Northampton wins
Macy Hoffmann or Britt Knauss wins would be fire!!!
Drop some catty dubs
Yes. This. The forgotten hotties.
Any kacie (b)ult out there?
(100.87 KB 960x710 IMG_5351_Original.jpeg)
(186.70 KB 960x1253 IMG_5350_Original.jpeg)
>>50727 name?
>>50773 Kather1ne W
Any Sar@ M0ngilutz
Janette v parkland
Any Cl@ire Stoll????
>>46228 Her of is still up. Idk if it’s active though
Anyone got that slut Emma H0ffm@n? Bitch scammed me for nudes
>>51197 That's what you get for trusting a crackhead
Bump for cl@ire. I’ve heard a rumor that she has an of??
>>51113 If these are still the only pics up im gonna say she isnt too active. Used to ask for too high a price for stuff. Would have charged less she would have made more sales.
>>47803 More of her or her or M@ck or M@rissa?
what about jami3 stull or laur3n huff, both have huge tits, both in allentown/easton
Any more of Ina D?
Anymore of Miranda Gun-k-lee?
Any lidnsey or Sydney De Pano from Easton
Br4nd1 Gr311o from Bethlehem?
(414.16 KB 1080x1350 download (10).jpeg)
Hannah myrb3rg
Bump Whitehall wins
Any summer (e)verret wins out there?
Morgan emig?
Catty / northampton?
Women don’t go on here faggot
Fucking undercover faggot
>>49198 Bump went to hs with
J1ll Ć Emmaus’18 Huge snow bunny slut on the dl
Anymore Tianna W. Out there??
Any M1chelle M@rt1nez from parkland
Morgan emig?
Sierra Z?
>>52996 Last name?
>>53136 Zechman
>>53211 If she’s got wins out there I’d love to see them
Any m4rgaret sift4r out there?
>>45293 Off her IG years ago
Local Stripper used to sell anyone have anything?
Bump for strippers
She has some big tits they out there somewhere
Any Vanessa S from Catty?
Who’s got my cheating bm?
>>54301 Best head in my life came from her, and her ass is FAT
Don’t exist
>>53796 got dam that ass is phat. her gram worth it? does she do of?
Bump for some actual wins asked for
(809.10 KB 1536x2048 IMG_5734.jpeg)
Any S@m V from catty?
(5.69 MB 1170x2532 IMG_1558.png)
(6.77 MB 1170x2532 IMG_1557.png)
>>54964 todays a good day
>>54978 Now that the Macy train is rolling, let's put down more tracks
(59.88 KB 667x667 sam.jpeg)
>>54951 bump
>>54301 Any socials for her? Ill try to get some stuff. She looks amazing.
Anyone have anyone from honest travs site
>>55118 What even is that
(1.45 MB 1170x877 IMG_5752.jpeg)
(1.58 MB 1170x1460 IMG_5748.jpeg)
(1.22 MB 1170x822 IMG_5755.jpeg)
(1.51 MB 1170x1457 IMG_5749.jpeg)
(1.53 MB 1170x1463 IMG_5750.jpeg)
(1.55 MB 1170x1468 IMG_5751.jpeg)
Bump s@am V
Who’s that!!!!!???
Any @marys M0ten from catty
(99.76 KB 1156x2048 received_576406927342156.jpeg)
M@rissa S?
(642.17 KB 649x1153 IMG_2087.jpeg)
(857.72 KB 1026x1450 IMG_2091.jpeg)
Does anyone have more of her? G S
>>54964 Wonder if she still sends out nudes or fools around since she’s married?
Siri S@nti@g0?
Northampton graduates 09-11?
>>55316 She'll divorce her husband and find another baby daddy soon enough. There's likely tons of her out there
I'm down
Miranda g? Or any of that circle?
Any Camille she use to be a dog trainer
Wins still exist??! Emilia
>>55496 looks like a wet fart just slipped out
Just breathe dude, I wish you could understand how important that is.....
It can't finish a sentance most of the time....
>>55745 Sorry, what?
(2.60 MB 1440x2609 Screenshot_20221022-125735.png)
(3.80 MB 1440x2611 Screenshot_20221016-145157.png)
(2.57 MB 1080x2052 Screenshot_20221209-044126.png)
Xtina Lewis Catty
>>55880 any more?
biggest regret was not stopping her and you'll feel the same
Who’s janette v???
Anyone have the Dest1ny F0rte sex tapes?
>>56414 Heard they were passed around. Her nudes are everywhere. Would love to see the tapes
>>54978 What, no more Macy? There's definitely more.
Who’s that
(2.72 MB 1080x2340 Screenshot_20230318-112301.png)
>>56681 More Macy please
Yes more Macy
>>56680 damn! got more?
>>56697 No you fucking faggot. Either contribute or stfu
>>56680 What’s her OF??
Gotta be more Miranda Gunkleeee out there she’s a tease
>>56749 brokenbby I think
(107.82 KB 720x1280 IMG_1530.jpeg)
(154.09 KB 720x1280 IMG_1527.jpeg)
(96.35 KB 720x1280 IMG_1524.jpeg)
More Jenny swol. We have anymore of Christina or Miranda??
>>56793 bump
(147.74 KB 1536x2048 received_5278545268834874.jpeg)
(219.51 KB 1536x2048 received_1466994343717516.jpeg)
(198.55 KB 1536x2048 received_556140509108440.jpeg)
(34.73 KB 600x600 received_545122226958289.jpeg)
(216.07 KB 1536x2048 received_399019128405249.jpeg)
(191.69 KB 1536x2048 received_351054883655670.jpeg)
Sabra B@rth0l WHS Praying for more Miranda
(68.59 KB 720x1280 IMG_1549.jpeg)
(62.47 KB 720x1280 IMG_1547.jpeg)
(90.16 KB 720x1280 IMG_1545.jpeg)
(73.00 KB 720x1280 IMG_1543.jpeg)
(79.18 KB 720x1280 IMG_1538.jpeg)
(72.43 KB 720x1280 IMG_1535.jpeg)
More Jenny Swol
>>56823 straight fire
Lol sabra she was fun back in the day
(66.73 KB 720x1280 2.jpeg)
(727.72 KB 1080x1920 1.jpg)
>>56833 Hell yeah she was
Who’s got K@tie T0ne from Easton. Know they’re out there!
>>56906 What a hot slut. Who’s got em. Know she sent
(1.51 MB 792x868 IMG_1382.png)
El1se V anyone got more wins?
Nicole Boracious?
Any Whitehall wins
It’s dead
Any K3ls3y E@g@n?
>>58084 Bad attitude
Any Nazareth class of 13-14? Been looking for wins for awhile
Any local strippers bartenders or waitresses
Any of this hidden gem
She's a cutie ;)
(58.29 KB 960x960 FB_IMG_1688854333448.jpg)
>>56962 >>56962 Do you got any of her?
>>58221 I’ve tried so many times for her, got close to get her to sell but she never would.
Damn.. she fine
Rachel (L)indsay from catty?
(1.72 MB 1437x2551 r.jpg)
>>58605 I'm dying to see those tits
(102.93 KB 1080x1440 FB_IMG_1689073493033.jpg)
Any Ashley Krem$ner out there?
>>56680 Do we have any more of her?
Sabra videos still exist??
Drop ashley and ill find the sabra vid I have
>>58839 who was this?
>>58839 Spam fag kys
Sabra videos?…
Where the heather whoredisco pics
Sabra vid, more coming Any more ashley k?
Or any janette v? I Have more Northampton
Sabra vid 2
>>59127 How old are these?
>>59131 From 2020 i think
Any Alyssa? Deleted of
Who from Northampton?
Bumping for more Ashley K.
>>59309 Have more but haven't seen anyone in interested in posted yet
(23.26 KB 812x442 received_149090750410019.jpg)
(17.02 KB 427x785 received_297079328452568.jpg)
(1.12 MB 1080x2460 Screenshot_20230714-213027.png)
(1.00 MB 640x1136 IMG_2218.png)
(142.67 KB 1920x990 IMG_2205.jpg)
Good ol whoredisco
Now where janette v or Brandi parkland????
>>52317 There's wins of her and a bj vid. Seen em on here before
(113.63 KB 640x1136 IMG_2531.jpg)
(94.08 KB 640x1136 IMG_2530.jpg)
(93.99 KB 640x1136 IMG_2532.jpg)
(91.56 KB 640x1136 IMG_2533.jpg)
Taylor Fr3y3r WHS
(280.75 KB 720x1280 Snapchat-478077290.jpg)
(97.59 KB 720x1280 Snapchat-1388282422.jpg)
(1.10 MB 640x1136 IMG_1588.png)
(59.10 KB 1280x720 Snapchat-894882266.jpg)
(1.30 MB 640x1136 IMG_1587.png)
Amanda M@r3rr0 from Allentown
(55.10 KB 960x1280 Snapchat-1316297378.jpg)
(86.32 KB 720x1280 Snapchat-1008426357.jpg)
(96.80 KB 720x1280 Snapchat-1217897613.jpg)
(35.47 KB 692x1280 Snapchat-2066434708.jpg)
(105.66 KB 720x1280 Snapchat-1195107722.jpg)
More Dana J0hn$0n
(993.84 KB 720x1600 2022-08-25 15-10-32.png)
(138.23 KB 1536x2048 received_375127807867574.jpeg)
(1.20 MB 720x1600 2022-08-25 15-10-26.png)
(119.98 KB 2048x1536 received_402607071422626.jpeg)
More Sabra
Sabra vid 3
Wonder if you can access all sabra sextapes
(2.19 MB 960x2079 IMG_8556.png)
Dying to see that Ashley K
(50.86 KB 1283x1269 IMG_2462.jpg)
(58.45 KB 812x808 IMG_0851.JPG)
(89.57 KB 1283x1209 IMG_2350.jpg)
Whos got this bbw Slut? Please drop em im begging ya.
>>59606 There's more than that don't be stingy
(196.53 KB 2048x2048 IMG_8711.jpeg)
(875.54 KB 1170x1458 IMG_6432.jpeg)
Bump Brandi
Drop kaylee carter from whitehall
Who’s got them anymore? Stripper from Fox
(138.67 KB 960x959 IMG_5955.jpeg)
(818.08 KB 1290x1535 IMG_5953.jpeg)
Any Kaela?
Anyone have Sarah (F)rumkin or Natalie (Q)ammaz? Huge sluts from the valley and went to LBH.
>>59738 Name of girl?
Looking for Northampton 2011-13 girls.
Julieannsweetie onlyfans
>>59974 Real name?
(831.69 KB 1170x1299 IMG_6553.jpeg)
Any of Ariel ? From catty class of 19’
>>56681 No more Macy? I call bullshit.
Bri S , wanna fuck her so bad lol
>>60427 Nice to see some new stuff from her! Any more?
Any Kara hagely
That’s janette v lol parkland whore
(7.48 MB 1179x2556 IMG_5520.png)
(8.73 MB 1179x2556 IMG_5519.png)
(100.71 KB 947x947 IMG_1431.jpeg)
Any Brynn McGonigle
>>59996 Iykyk
Who has old Northampton wins? I’ll share some I got if someone else contributes… sample Caitlin
(7.21 MB 1179x2556 IMG_5522.png)
>>60753 Only one if seen of Cassidy
>>59972 Got a bunch of this whore
>>60782 >>60753 Drop em!
>>60782 Drop what you got
Make Northampton great again. Bum for more Caitlyn lynch
Whoever got that Catl!n win is a God. It's ashame I heard she fucks like a fish and doesn't suck dick m.
Also looking for janette v from the fox
>>55316 She does saw it in person tonight
>>60957 what she do?
>>60958 She was at the bar with her parents walked out with them and like 2 mins later came back in and was with a guy not her husband the rest of the night
>>60787 He’s one until you drop something >>60787
(6.52 MB 1179x2556 IMG_5525.png)
>>61037 Jess C
Anyone have actual nudes of Macy?
Any neash dale
>>61043 >>61075 Town and last name?
>>60723 Name?
(5.55 MB 1179x2556 IMG_5527.png)
>>61075 Kaitlyn S
>>61083 LeAnn
Can we get last names and towns?
There was janette v from fox pictures and a vid. Repost it
Anyone have the jage wins??
>>61087 nice
Who has any from Ehs'16-Ehs'17 ?
>>61159 I have. Who do you have to get them though?
(591.84 KB 1952x1952 IMG_1459.jpeg)
Any Ashley monberger
>>61075 Damn, you got any more?
>>61236 Yea who you got to share?
>>61239 Depends are they old ones or you got new ones
>>61239 Mostly from 14-15
>>61234 She's all over the place if you know where to look. Someone should take all of her stuff and submit it to one of the leak sites like NLT
>>61234 Plenty. She's been posted for years.
Sara c? I’ll drop more Northampton
Any Natalia Medina use to be a stripper from Whitehall gots to be some out there
>>61075 Damn man, never seen hers before, got anymore?
Any autumn shierer had an of during Covid
>>53796 Anymore of her? Ass is phatt
(2.30 MB 1179x2556 IMG_5538.png)
(4.84 MB 1179x2556 IMG_5537.png)
>>61497 Here’s a couple
Any jasmine cavallo from Northampton
>>61543 She still got an of?
Breinigsville, J@yl33 b@rth01
open again vhrSFRZ6
Anyone familiar with J£$$ W£tz£l or Nich0le Bla£$$?
>>61797 >>61798 who is that?
(141.85 KB 1244x2208 IMG_2148.jpeg)
(150.53 KB 1244x2208 IMG_2149.jpeg)
Lexi rice
Expired link
Any shann kirchhofer from Northampton
Janette v nude no longer exist she married now
Any tiff ray from whitehall
Emmaus sluts?
Bump >>45121
>>62019 Drop em??
>>60427 Seen she has an OF… brebabe15 if you subscribe send some love this way
Morg@n @ltemose @pril Morg@n Looking for wins.. know your fools got them! Keep this alive!
(214.27 KB 828x996 IMG_4201.jpeg)
(373.27 KB 815x1035 IMG_4202.jpeg)
(93.09 KB 462x816 IMG_4183.jpeg)
Brenna Sullivan
(187.49 KB 1284x1023 IMG_1547.jpeg)
(234.37 KB 1284x1030 IMG_1548.jpeg)
Any j@da Brit land
Kell13 c0ss Drop em
(278.08 KB 1170x1456 IMG_7109.jpeg)
(341.43 KB 1170x1464 IMG_7110.jpeg)
(307.19 KB 1170x1459 IMG_7111.jpeg)
(271.99 KB 1170x1459 IMG_7112.jpeg)
Definitely bump Jada B
Morg@n M@lozzi? I know her ex had a bunch.
>>62129 Post emmaus win and i'll post her
Repost jaylynn nudes
>>56680 >>54964 Any more out there?
Any S4r4h Frumk1n or N4t4lie Q4mm4z? From Bethlehem/Northampton and both went to liberty.
So many more out there
Any Cora Miller from Northampton
Any emmaus class of ‘14 or ‘15?
>>62129 I just bought it and it’s TRASH… Only her in undies n bra or lingerie.
>>63242 Damn that sucks
>>63242 The private messages MUCH better
Jenny swol anyone I know she has many pics
>>63253 Let’s see some!
>>63332 Bro nobody has them shits give up and move on
(669.31 KB 1080x1920 1.jpg)
(466.96 KB 1080x1920 2.jpg)
>>63881 Y 0 u n g m i 1 f 2 4 (no spaces)
Bri S preview, post some emmaus wins have videos too
>>63937 cmon..need those vids
>>63937 Sample vids?
Any A99y l3g@th
>>45049 There’s definitely more out there the ones with here showing her boobs aren’t posted
new link?
>>44942 Atown girl herd she sells vids
looking for h@l3y M E@5ton
Anyone have br!tt c@rlisle from Northampton? She has an OF
>>64615 bump!
>>64615 >>64615 What’s her of??
>>64626 I wish I knew it, can't find it.
>>64625 Wish I had Ina D, she's so hot. Anybody have Mel!ssa Lukas? Or Brianna Jordan? Brinis a total sloot
(2.37 MB 1080x1902 Screenshot_20230825-211631.png)
>>64751 Does she still have it??
Preview of Bri S. Post some emmaus
>>64771 Mhmmm
>>64778 I feel like someone just needs to unload this whole collection
>>64794 What’s the link?
Name some onlyfans
Ally Ahner?
>>64949 brebabe15
>>64949 Redpolecat
>>64637 >>45624 Wow is that s!obhan's puss?! Any more? Always wanted to see it should of hit it back in the day
Any $hy@nn r3dn3r? Has of
>>65097 Those are the only ones I’ve ever seen of her unfortunately
>>64804 BUMP
>>64751 Drop some
Post some more vids
Man I love them strippers.. Bump
>>65684 Damn, need more of this!
Syd S?
Got Alexa Murray wins if more post of Whitehall wins 2013-present
$ydn3y $t3lz emmaus?
I know someone’s got kearea wins
(129.34 KB 901x1600 IMG_4449.jpeg)
>>67252 Who?
>>65684 Wow! So hot
>>53796 Anymore of her?
(2.04 MB 828x1792 IMG_0782.png)
Anymore Danielle?
Don’t let the thread die
(141.29 KB 549x990 IMG_4645.jpeg)
Steph@ny Thom@s
ne1 has alyssa w1sser? tinder slut, gets around
Any jenelle r from bethlehem?
(1.83 MB 3024x4032 IMG_5628.jpeg)
Karley Rogers Nazareth, looking for more
brebabe15 anyone have the spicy messages?
>>69070 That is a great win - never knew she had any out there. Her breasts look amazing!
(2.75 MB 3024x4032 IMG_3191.jpeg)
Lehigh valley onlyfans??? Strippers? Bump!!!
Anyone have a Lehigh valley d1$c going
>>46164 Who has more Bridget Hurley?
Anyone got redpolecat on of? She's some Goth cougar from Stroudsburg
you’re a goat for posting Karley. got any more? she’s a squirter and loves cock
>>69483 I don’t, was hoping someone else did. She stopped sending me stuff when she was engaged and now she moved away
>>69497 I was told that her and her ex set up an of under a different name but I wan never able to find it
Anyone see or have any Christina Pietrobon? From Central and was on teen mom
Any H0lly St0rck from tobyhanna??
>>69596 This is Lehigh Valley. Toby's got its own.
(304.68 KB 750x1334 IMG_0940.jpeg)
Found some more Karley, last one I’m posting until someone else posts more cause I know it’s out there a lot
Kr1st@ F1lchn3r? I know they’re out there.
Felicia h@wn?
(276.28 KB 852x1136 IMG_0055.jpeg)
(226.07 KB 828x1048 IMG_4734.jpeg)
(206.37 KB 815x1043 IMG_4735.jpeg)
(152.83 KB 824x1398 IMG_4736.jpeg)
(155.08 KB 828x1370 IMG_4733.jpeg)
(97.34 KB 507x967 IMG_4738.jpeg)
>>69846 Sara from pints? Her OF still active?
Any Luckey pics? From slate belt area
Pen Argyl wins?
whose got shelby from pints?
Anyone have Victoria F3icht3l?
>>69948 Shelby from points would be god tier win. No way anyone drops that here hahaha
ive heard it was out there...someone's gotta have it