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Shaler Anonymous 01/31/2023 (Tue) 12:49:33 No. 40592
Need new shaler thread
Lexie Hen?
Jenn W. or Abby H.??
Anything class of 13 or more recent
I have Lexi Diu1us class of 10
Will buy shaler nudes
I call bullshit on Lexi
Drop that Lexi D!!!!
>>42787 Telling you man, i got it. Used to hook up with her a few years ago. lousy fuck but she has great tits.
(1.43 MB 1284x1721 IMG_4915.jpeg)
(1.69 MB 1284x1702 IMG_4914.jpeg)
(2.18 MB 1284x1724 IMG_4916.jpeg)
>>42788 Lexi D
>>42764 who are you looking for?
Gotta be honest I didn’t think they existed! Holy shit! More if you have them!
(1.77 MB 1284x1700 IMG_4944.jpeg)
Last one i have, as of now ;) total slut, cheats on all her BFs
any one have anyone else? J@c@lyn Bright? T0r1 Bl@tz T@ylor 3lrick? @lex@ndr@ source?
>>42796 God Damn she is hot. Anymore pictures of her? even regular pics?
>>42809 I’m sure she has some on her IG, I don’t have any regular pictures of her man, sorry
Anymore 07-11
>>42830 We need Je55 5ullivan she’s class 10, I know she got Eiffel towered in high school so I’m hoping there’s some nudes floating around
Any Allison B? Big tits?
I have sorce. Allison B and Jess S
>>43015 Post them man! I dropped Lex D share the wealth
Any L3@h bru$h?
>>43015 Post sorce if you even have her
I hate posting here. I also have maggie ter@k and brand new Dekleva. We gotta figure out a way to talk elsewhere
>>43128 Ashley Dekleva?
>>43128 Where?
>>43138 T3l3 gr@m. Mikeb412
And the thread dies just like that, just like always.
(135.11 KB 902x1792 Photo Feb 10, 5 05 58 PM.jpg)
>>43525 Who is this? Bump
Someone share Allison B’s boobs. Big since forever
Holy fuck I haven’t saw those before! Soccer? I’ll swap what I have
>>43823 Dayum
>>43823 Moarrrr
Sammy Hartman? I know they are out there
Ambrazia p
Any one have K/m h. ?? From around there and hampton?
someone share Kirsty Lewis big tits!
Melind@ m!ller????
Hannah Goetz?
anybody have m0lly m@l@ ch0w? class of 19/20 i think
>>44046 Name?
>>44572 Jess suliv@n
anybody have @ngelic@ Pokora?
Any susie ob3r? Had an of
>>45335 Bump!
K!rstie Lew!s or C0lucci would be appreciated
>>46056 Who is this?
Ashley V plz
(144.19 KB 750x1334 IMG_0167.jpg)
Here is some eliz@ o. ... Don't let this die boys dig deep .. I know kat d had an o.f.
Who’s got the wins of these melons… we all know they’re out there
Anyone have Phoebe S. Someone said they had awhile back
Let’s see some Caitlyn t
>>46821 had her and @ngelic@ Pokora till my hdd died
Looking for Miranda Brace. I used to work with her. She was known for fucking dudes if they had weed or a bottle
T@ryn N?
Liz b bumping for more shaler sluts
>>49322 socials or last name rhymes with?
Any haylee (h)elch
Bump for some new @ngelica P
Whos got the pfund vids?
Anyone have (m)El (b)arricell@?
Bump for 2016-2020
>>53464 Bump for melanie......
any Abby G?
Abby h?
Le@h st@ck?
Le@h deeeetillo?
Holy shit more of Lexi d?
Fauna g? Miranda b(race) abbs humms? Anyone?
Someone post Sus1e ober wins
>>40592 Maddie Larkin?
H0lly H!ghl@nd?
>>65847 Damn shes hot. Reminds me of someone from here in Jersey.
Bump for more Eliza O