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GM/Boro Thread Anonymous 01/19/2023 (Thu) 05:20:42 No. 39387
GM/Boro Thread, as requested. Let's see what we can get
(919.16 KB 643x826 lZ8mIjJ.png)
(42.91 KB 851x1200 lOmGRYR.jpg)
(68.31 KB 960x1280 ZxAfvet.jpg)
(55.22 KB 960x720 2B17963.jpg)
(41.05 KB 720x960 F9D24B0.jpg)
Prefer 08'-13' grads but take whatever people got.
Who's got more M@ddy S@anner? Boro slut
(190.73 KB 720x1280 IMG_1032.JPG)
(111.27 KB 500x666 C4BAFEC-1.jpg)
(146.15 KB 800x600 1445870624571 (1).jpg)
New and higher res Sh@ylee. Used to fuck with her when bf was away. Fun slut
I have verified Kh@rly St@uber win if any of you fags post some new content from GM
Need C@rly Dunkl3 from 2010. Know the win exists
We don't want pictures of transgender cavemen in their bras. Post actual win
(182.95 KB 720x1280 IMG_0057.JPG)
Ren€€ K. have more somewhere
(157.09 KB 640x1136 1476362525490.jpg)
Helps if people just post and not complain.
(33.76 KB 600x450 1484646926301.jpg)
(59.04 KB 600x800 1484710302074.jpg)
(271.12 KB 800x878 1484862303482-1.jpg)
Anybody remember this chicks name with the big tits? Went to boro.
(118.30 KB 514x665 KStauber.jpg)
>>39453 This one?
Any 06-09 out there?
Michaela is fire, fuck that hater lol
(180.56 KB 720x1280 Mmy0jER.jpg)
(859.76 KB 720x1280 K8nEDfk.jpg)
(768.82 KB 720x1280 TLJX70v.jpg)
Anyone happen to have K@ila C@rolus or @lexa Gurl3y?
Anyone have her? She was a huge slut at Edinboro 12-14
Anyone got suzi3 m0untain? I've got some buf!l!n0
>>39572 Bump for K@ila
(1.43 MB 2160x2160 1667254307692384.jpg)
>>39542 Pretty sure she's either 08 or 09. Also in >>39389 Still hoping people just share what they have - old or new.
Cassie f?
(288.19 KB 2592x1456 1564647595207-0.jpg)
(219.11 KB 720x1280 renee_k_(1).jpg)
(222.67 KB 720x1280 renee_k_(2).jpg)
(1009.36 KB 1080x1920 Screenshot_20210119-142044.png)
More RK. Bonus cumshot Pic. Was posted before in a set but lost the pic with her orgasm face. Anybody have it?
(1.07 MB 1080x1920 Screenshot_20210109-174556.png)
(67.02 KB 480x640 20210109_145131.jpg)
(63.93 KB 480x640 20210109_145146.jpg)
(65.36 KB 480x640 20210109_145046.jpg)
(60.30 KB 480x640 20210109_145102.jpg)
J@mie Henders0n. There's got to be more win of her
>>39686 Nice. Got anymore from her grade? Also, anybody got @lly Gr@h@m? Feel like I saw them at one point.
(16.61 KB 360x480 AG.jpg)
>>39692 Saved this one from a previous thread
Somebody's gotta have the win of J@mie H with a flute in her pussy lol used to send win to everybody
(14.58 KB 480x360 1466833064141.jpg)
>>39700 Thanks. Did you save any others of her? Thought there were a few. Maybe even a vid? Bri E attached.
>>39706 I didn't but would love to see more reupped. Keep 'em coming. Still digging to see what else I can find from my old HD
Selana moore or any girls from 2015 grads
(268.13 KB 800x878 ms1.jpg)
(23.24 KB 600x450 ms3.jpg)
(25.57 KB 600x450 ms4.jpg)
>>39506 maria st.
(1.88 MB 1968x2624 leak2-1.jpg)
(303.18 KB 1600x1200 leak5-1.jpg)
(295.73 KB 1200x1600 leak9.jpg)
(362.74 KB 1200x1600 leak8.jpg)
(284.83 KB 1600x1200 leak7.jpg)
(10.57 KB 240x320 IMG_0812.jpg)
Think her name is Nic0le. Graduated around 2005, probably the sexiest body to ever pass thru GM
(1.82 MB 1968x2624 leak4-1.jpg)
(1.90 MB 1968x2624 leak3-1.jpg)
(1.91 MB 1968x2624 136683047825.jpg)
(100.15 KB 597x796 leak1-1.jpg)
(17.65 KB 320x240 leak10.jpg)
Who's got B@iley Levet0? There's got to be so much win
(356.58 KB 780x643 leak2.jpg)
(685.41 KB 1280x960 leak1.jpg)
(50.17 KB 522x478 leak6.jpg)
(115.72 KB 720x960 leak3.jpg)
(127.18 KB 960x720 leak5.jpg)
(115.30 KB 960x720 leak4.jpg)
Emi1y Siver1ing skinny little redhead slut. I'd like to see win of Tess@ her sister
>>39721 Anymore of her? She used to strip at Kandys with name of Rayne
Anyone have M@3ve St3w@rt? Heard there's some of her floating around
Time for Lexi!!!!
Anyone got wins of them?
>>39701 Damn, someone has to track down that vid. Would love to see more of her
(192.77 KB 899x1600 136656055238.jpg)
Maybe somebody got Lex Buff@lino that's better quality. All I have
Any wins from 2015 onwards?
(40.66 KB 777x796 MB1.jpg)
(101.39 KB 1280x766 MB2.jpg)
(70.69 KB 771x790 MB3.jpg)
M1ch3ll3 B34tty Keep them coming boys
(42.00 KB 675x900 501209109.jpg)
(37.93 KB 675x900 510438236.jpg)
(44.07 KB 675x900 284244936.jpg)
>>39786 Posting the few that I got. Keep it up. More $ynd@l attached
(32.59 KB 480x640 1779238457.jpg)
Forgot about this one. N!c0l3 S.
Anyone have Brittany S3lf?
T@yl0r Th0m@s?
(100.45 KB 1280x1024 KatieB.jpg)
K Buck0. Post new win from GM to see more
(23.45 KB 480x640 138067896479.jpg)
J@ne B
(41.88 KB 480x640 KN1.jpg)
(34.01 KB 640x480 KN2.jpg)
(29.61 KB 240x320 KN3.jpg)
K@yl@ N
(52.46 KB 675x900 1986166290.jpg)
(47.95 KB 675x900 698254910.jpg)
(60.41 KB 675x900 1777326634.jpg)
(41.50 KB 675x900 1918751878.jpg)
(32.70 KB 314x900 1731679852.jpg)
(27.03 KB 303x900 1308243475.jpg)
Supposedly J3$$!c@ Dyl3wsk!. Don't quote me on that, it's just what I was told.
Yep that's Jess. There's probably another 20 pics from that set if anybody wants them
>>39970 Not gonna lie, in general I'll take whatever you feel like sharing, old or new
(100.39 KB 800x618 ms5.jpg)
(1.06 MB 750x1334 ms5.png)
(144.63 KB 747x958 ms8.jpg)
(863.54 KB 1920x1080 ms9.png)
(836.24 KB 1920x1080 ms7.png)
(864.83 KB 1920x1080 ms6.png)
>>39741 here's everything from her
(36.12 KB 383x486 l1.jpg)
(32.15 KB 334x472 l3.jpg)
(31.42 KB 320x428 l2.jpg)
(28.60 KB 320x428 4.jpg)
K3llie B3hr
(99.43 KB 1280x960 BS.jpg)
Br3 S@u3rs
Bump. Gotta be some more out there
>>39572 Bump for
(112.52 KB 599x800 9C61F7B.jpg)
>>39472 More of K3ls3y
(70.50 KB 720x960 leak1-1.jpg)
(507.31 KB 1200x1600 Photo0110(21).jpg)
(53.66 KB 747x996 10-30-08_2305.jpg)
(57.64 KB 640x480 leak3.jpg)
(25.56 KB 360x480 138111407367.jpg)
(35.11 KB 640x480 leak2-2.jpg)
Mel@nie M1lls
(61.49 KB 361x495 juliaw.jpg)
(30.06 KB 1061x796 leak1-2.jpg)
(47.22 KB 857x643 1415766274193.jpg)
Juli@ Willi@ms
(50.95 KB 480x640 138068612920.jpg)
(59.06 KB 640x480 138068167521.jpg)
(106.52 KB 640x480 1414533487592.jpg)
(95.65 KB 768x1024 138068373291.jpg)
(685.12 KB 852x1136 138076387792.jpg)
(41.56 KB 640x480 138076972211.jpg)
Ashl3y Cumming$
(64.38 KB 453x604 avery.jpg)
(58.27 KB 720x960 136704829435.jpg)
(51.28 KB 960x720 2.jpg)
(39.10 KB 720x960 136705010485.jpg)
(49.57 KB 720x960 1.jpg)
(27.55 KB 720x960 IMG_0409.JPG)
Av3ry cum face
>>40214 Last name?
(14.33 KB 345x384 IMG_0405.JPG)
(16.22 KB 362x388 IMG_0404.JPG)
(41.78 KB 360x582 IMG_0284.JPG)
(50.90 KB 356x558 IMG_0285.JPG)
(14.10 KB 319x504 IMG_0407.JPG)
(13.73 KB 312x535 IMG_0406.JPG)
More Av3ry N
(46.86 KB 362x436 1112091425950001.jpg)
(83.17 KB 960x720 136705010457-1.jpg)
(46.24 KB 480x640 Thayer1.jpg)
C@ssie Th@yer
>>40209 You don't have to post them all, but who all do you have from 09 like this?
(41.24 KB 640x853 bellap.jpg)
Bell@ P
Post new win and find out
Still looking for M@ddy S@nner
>>40221 Honestly dude, I've posted most of what I had since the beginning of the thread. Don't have much to offer. I'll dig through my old HD to see if I have any non-repeats, but I don't got any OC. Thanks for all you posted though.
(37.36 KB 857x643 JulieWilliams5.jpg)
>>40209 Another Jul1e
Kayla Smlth Best GM thread ever, don’t stop now
(215.05 KB 1024x768 1.jpg)
(821.10 KB 3456x4608 2.jpg)
(42.99 KB 320x427 3.jpg)
C0di W@l@ch Lets get some more new in here
(89.67 KB 783x1306 l1.jpg)
(36.93 KB 360x640 l5.jpg)
(25.47 KB 360x640 l4.jpg)
(64.30 KB 640x360 l3 (2).jpg)
(22.49 KB 239x426 l6.jpg)
Need more M@ddy S@nner
(265.43 KB 1529x2048 138068167594.jpg)
Wish I would have saved more @ttie V. There has to be win
(1.61 MB 1071x1384 boro.png)
(986.94 KB 1080x1920 e.png)
(56.11 KB 1334x750 1515125410497.jpg)
Emi1y We@ver
Keep 'er going boys
Anyone have any 1vy M@rch3s3? Saw some back in the day but never saved any
(134.12 KB 768x1024 1.jpg)
(6.43 KB 192x256 2.jpg)
(128.37 KB 640x960 3.jpg)
(13.38 KB 192x256 4.jpg)
(94.69 KB 451x800 5.jpg)
(13.95 KB 261x348 6.jpg)
B Sm@!l
Any wins of H@iley Sc0p3l, went to boro
Bump. Don't let it die
Who ever requested m Stewart go to hell
Anyone know any ex-GMer OF?
Gonna have to dig out the old HD but I know I have some somewhere
>>41227 Would be greatly appreciated bro.
Who ever requested m Stewart kill yourself
Class of 2015 jamie Wozniak Selina moore jacky burkett e.t.c there was a big leak back in the day
>>41388 Whos that?
>>41401 >>41419 Your mom
Any cassie fry with an e
Looks like J@mie’s tits have gotten huge since those last pics. Anyone have more?
>>40688 >>41385 Anybody else really want to see M St3w@rd now
>>41701 somebody please hit up that black dude she was banging. He's got mad win lol
(101.52 KB 820x924 1008933-exploitedcollegegirls.jpg)
(70.13 KB 900x600 008.jpg)
(98.34 KB 460x690 70720878_010_cea9.jpg)
(84.59 KB 900x600 016.jpg)
We almost forget about T@ylor C0e AKA Cali Westbrook. Huge slut, did like 5 porn videos for $1000 lol
>>42024 She's in a video on pornhub where it's like a college party setting with a bunch of people. I can never find it. But she isn't tagged or anything in it so it's hard to find. Does anyone know that one?
College dorm room
Any jessica (h)ardy?? Pretty sure she's a stripper
(27.94 KB 597x796 1.jpg)
K3lly VZ
Class of 2015 bump wish i had some to share
(187.24 KB 768x1200 1399409715834.jpg)
(307.39 KB 1600x1200 1484696496324-2.jpg)
(1.37 MB 1968x2624 1407375120570.jpg)
(5.96 KB 180x240 1404887701498.jpg)
>>39728 Couple more, does anyone have the full set? There was a screenshot of an album up on Mless years ago but I missed it.
Any hoes at the college now?
(170.73 KB 1280x960 s.jpg)
(546.57 KB 960x1280 sd1.jpg)
(64.92 KB 673x1119 sd2.jpg)
(37.47 KB 297x335 sd.jpg)
(122.61 KB 540x960 NBqoGHF.jpg)
Brit Sm@il. Who's got her sisters?
(364.03 KB 1000x750 494_1000.jpg)
(386.39 KB 1000x750 493_1000.jpg)
(130.14 KB 750x1000 498_1000.jpg)
Don't know her name
Anyone got any Steele P@rker$0n from UPenn or any other girls from Penn?
Heard she started an of. Anyone got the name
Most of the content in here is from me rofl... Pretty sure I know who shared it all... Whatever lol was gonna post the caps to the vids but meh
>>39685 I do lol.
(96.34 KB 845x1536 7.jpg)
(125.55 KB 650x1536 11.jpg)
(124.69 KB 768x1536 12.jpg)
(176.85 KB 672x912 5.jpg)
(61.65 KB 672x912 4.jpg)
Share it then. Here's the rest of J3ss D
(134.99 KB 709x1536 6.jpg)
(96.73 KB 1145x1536 9.jpg)
(558.04 KB 1200x1600 2.jpg)
(821.58 KB 1200x1600 3.jpg)
Let's get that R3nee vid lol
(157.75 KB 1080x1920 Screenshot_20201027-144704.png)
From Kh@rly's tinder
You have a good link or just some screenshots?
Post longer than 30 seconds. Nobody on this board. Got unseen Buck0 for your work lol
(131.47 KB 804x1005 xx.jpg)
K@tie B. There's more
>>44310 If true, thanks bro
>>44335 not the person you're talking too, but you got vids of any other people
@very je$s mel@nie maybe emi-y I gotta find those ones though I think I saved em on mega maybe? Or a USB I dunno I was just creeping last night and found this thread and was like oh interesting lol lol
>>44340 weird. Thanks for any/all that's yours though. Gladly take any other people if ya feel like it.
What happened to the kati3 b post?
Nvm I see it wasn't showing at first
We found the golden God lol please grace us with some new win. Us fags have been - nothing but old shit. Let's get some new HC @very
>>44316 These were originally mine...new stuff whoever posted k@tie deleted someone else readded
(515.95 KB 1080x1920 .VideoCapture_20220608-133646.jpg)
I deleted.. someone can repost if they want. If you got new stuff so do I.
>>44361 Who ya got from 08-10
>>44328 Bump
Did anyone post Al3x g? I think she was 08-10
(59.37 KB 640x480 1.jpg)
>>44510 Her?
>>44548 Any wins? I'd appreciate it.
>>44551 Everyone would appreciate it... People post and then delete... No rewards for posting anymore everyone is tapped it seems
>>44558 It happens bro. Still welcoming to those who are nice enough to share.
(758.09 KB 768x1280 kcvqoX1w.png)
Ashley L from GM
@bbey L@Ng from Boro has an 0n!y F. Anyone got anything from her
(95.46 KB 1152x1536 .received_10203830975202445.jpeg)
Al3x g I have more does anyone have anything else?
Don't hold out, post what @lex you got. More K@tie Buck0 coming
(708.57 KB 1080x2400 Amb.jpg)
Amb3r Kli3. Let's get new shit going boys
>>39506 She has an 0f irisr@yne4 mostly nudes doesn't post consistently
(772.77 KB 768x1280 Screenshot_20180414-012235.png)
(83.15 KB 1152x1536 .received_10203830975122443.jpeg)
>>44704 Don't hold out, post what k@tie you got, more Al3x coming!
(46.12 KB 480x640 kb.jpg)
(21.17 KB 640x480 kb2.jpg)
New K@tie B. Let's get Alex for the rest of the set
(39.67 KB 480x640 138067819623.jpg)
(17.01 KB 640x480 138067819655.jpg)
(15.10 KB 408x244 138067819641.jpg)
(26.43 KB 640x480 138067819631.jpg)
(12.38 KB 244x408 138067819674.jpg)
@lexis C0te 2010
Jfc everyone needs to stop begging and bartering. If people just post the win they have, everyone wins. That shit just ruins things.
(94.25 KB 1152x1536 .received_10203830975242446.jpeg)
(77.31 KB 1152x1536 .received_10203830975162444.jpeg)
I'm not even from the area. Just clicked on this one bc a hottie was on the main page. This thread is solid though.
>>44935 Holy fuck bro, thanks. Hopefully the other guy gives you what you want. Got any others from that class?
Anyone have s@m v@n z@ndt?
(24.01 KB 640x480 2.jpg)
(68.88 KB 640x480 1.jpg)
(42.47 KB 480x640 3.jpg)
K@yl@ N
>>45013 You're my hero. Got any M@dy E, St3ph F, K@rl! S, or 3l!s@ G?
>>45222 First name?
>>45255 H3@th3r S
Any more Sh@ylee from Edinboro?
(36.74 KB 300x400 2.jpg)
(151.49 KB 960x1280 3.jpg)
(196.37 KB 1280x960 1.jpg)
>>45285 Any more @lly G?
(91.50 KB 480x640 1.jpg)
K@t3 F3ndy@
(68.87 KB 1280x960 .received_10203830974802435.jpeg)
(83.15 KB 1152x1536 .received_10203830975122443.jpeg)
(77.31 KB 1152x1536 .received_10203830975162444.jpeg)
(75.64 KB 1152x1536 .received_10203830975042441.jpeg)
A g
>>45285 God damn please let there be more of her!!
>>39454 She sells videos and pictures lol pretty easy to find
(416.86 KB 1079x686 Screenshot_20230323_140053.jpg)
(154.38 KB 1080x472 Screenshot_20230323_140236.jpg)
Any K@r@ H?
Sarah kotz anyone??
>>45793 @shl3y D?
>>45857 Accidental mentioned or u know her?
Any am@nda k@npp? She's got a nice ass and tits
(18.73 KB 640x480 1.jpg)
H0lly H
>>46054 Nice ty
Bumping for more K@tie Bucko
(19.84 KB 640x480 1.jpg)
Kr!st!n Ok3l
(96.95 KB 1152x1536 .received_10203830975002440.jpeg)
(92.95 KB 1152x1536 .received_10203830974922438.jpeg)
(169.28 KB 2048x1536 .received_10203830975442451.jpeg)
A g
>>46342 Thanks. Got any more? Vids maybe?
>>46342 Fuck yeah. Got any of her friends?
(100.45 KB 1280x1024 KatieB.jpg)
(174.18 KB 1024x1280 kb (2).jpg)
(137.58 KB 804x1005 kb2 (2).jpg)
K@tie Buck0
(10.51 KB 320x240 1.jpg)
K@yl@ N
Keep it rolling!
R3nee K
(22.24 KB 325x577 1.jpg)
Br!t Sm@!l
Gotta be more out there
>>46833 Anymore of her?
>>46833 moar pls
(426.33 KB 1200x1600 1.jpg)
R0byn R
Nice R0byn. Who has S@manea K win? There was video of banana in pussy lol
Any Shelby (h)umes or Amanda (s)chwartz?
>>47711 share vid pls
(150.89 KB 1170x2142 Snapchat-66539604.jpg)
(254.01 KB 1600x1200 1.jpg)
Another R0byn R
(295.06 KB 1080x1920 .VideoCapture_20230311-091436.jpg)
(388.85 KB 1080x1920 .VideoCapture_20220608-133940.jpg)
(413.96 KB 1080x1920 .VideoCapture_20220608-133914.jpg)
I don't really feel like editing everything down to tiny clips...
>>48466 Nice win. Any new Em1ly, @very, or J3ss would be nice to see. Unfortunately I've posted everything I could dig up
>>48465 holy shit please more vids!
Eyyy tittays bump
(46.87 KB 750x1334 Snapchat-1718866845.jpg)
Ashley L0ng
>>39700 Bump for more @lly
Any wins of J@nelle S@mmons or Vict0ria S@yenga?
Gotta be more. Maybe C0ll33n M?
Bump for M Stew@rt
>>50552 Nice man. Let's get the money shot clip next, no homo lol
>>50552 Yesss more vids pls
(31.59 KB 480x640 1.jpg)
L@ci H
>>51150 love em
Any more 09-11? Make my day.
>>50552 Anymore vids?
(455.72 KB 1242x2688 Photo Jun 27, 6 31 56 AM (1).jpg)
Any Taylor? twxoxo42
bumpty bump
>>40210 Who is this? She looks familiar
>>53812 Her name is in the post.
>>53865 I see that now. Lol.
Guess the thread is dead. Shame.
Any wins after 2012?
>>55584 Ashley long
Any Kelsey (C)ordera from BORO
(72.61 KB 920x690 136720013995.jpg)
(672.29 KB 1080x2400 Ash.jpg)
Ashleigh 2012
>>39700 I know there's one of @lly Gr@h@m with her face, and a video. Anybody got? This may even be a cropped one.
Anyone have m@ckenzi3 Sch@ff
Bump for more
(228.68 KB 1170x2142 download (13).jpeg)
Sexy milf
Any T@ylor/Ivy Twxoxo42 ?
>>58631 Anyone get her page?
Any Boro from 2016-2020?
(658.96 KB 615x1091 20180108_131845.png)
(103.56 KB 640x1136 IMG_1835.jpeg)
(97.07 KB 640x1136 IMG_1831.jpeg)
(216.29 KB 540x960 IMG_1799.jpeg)
(157.97 KB 540x960 IMG_1797.jpeg)
Boro 2018
Ashley tits look perky
One of my last bumps before giving up
>>60228 For what
>>60236 More class '09-11. Or more of already posted - I know there's more.
>>60337 Oh i see
We can't be finished. Bump for more R3nee or Av3ry vids
(45.66 KB 640x428 received_1252461831449530.jpeg)
(776.11 KB 1079x1440 Screenshot_20230801_071047_Drive.jpg)
(82.55 KB 722x1280 download (14).jpeg)
>>61558 Haha. You like her nudes that much huh
>>61539 More like this pls, more ass… tysm
>>61597 did you go to school with her
>>61603 My comments keep getting deleted. No I’m not even from america I just love her looks
>>61634 That odd that they getting deleted
Anyone here know @bigail h@mmer? She just graduated
>>62077 no but I wanna see her if you got her
Anymore Lexi buf@lino?
(221.02 KB 300x495 Fyke.png)
(88.57 KB 171x310 Fyke 3.png)
>>62235 Damn nice!
Bump for any of handles
>>62077 I know her, never got her stuff. I know its out there tho
>>62077 Ik her sister had videos around for sure too.
>>63947 Those tits look perfect I'd love to see some wins
>>50552 bump
(180.88 KB 1244x2208 IMG_5981.JPG)
>>65763 More of this goddess pls
Anyone have dani3lle ki3hlmeiers link?
>>65865 Umm what? Appreciate the addition but not a goddess she's like a 4 stop telling 4s there 10s. They aren't.
>>66341 Turns me on more than a “10” lol
(713.82 KB 1079x1439 Screenshot_20230906_140423_Drive.jpg)
>>66418 Omg yes that is 1 of the nicest pics of her tits I’ve ever seen, more pls
>>66418 Thread has gone downhill
(869.64 KB 1079x1434 Screenshot_20230910_111730_Drive.jpg)
>>66976 Thank you, you are a hero. More pls of this goddess pls
>>40209 Any uncropped?
(73.81 KB 1024x575 .2011-09-139514-49-5795964.jpg)
(59.49 KB 1024x575 .2011-09-079501-10-3195416.jpg)
(268.43 KB 2592x1456 .2011-12-029500-29-549533.jpg)
(69.91 KB 1024x575 .2011-09-129509-59-2695754.jpg)
(73.07 KB 1024x575 .2011-09-149514-04-5995768.jpg)
(1.72 MB 3264x2448 .ren.jpg)
>>66923 Right lol here to help...
>>67451 Damn bro, thanks. Can you give a list of who all you got?
>>66976 Need all everyone have of this ash L thanks
>>67898 I'm surprised you know that was here
>>67943 Why are you surprised :)
Why does it feel like these are all the same person talking to themselves (likely the girl posting it). Can we stop posting her? I'd rather this thread die completely TBH
Yes stop with this ugly bitch. Honestly I'm maxed out with OC but would love to see more R3nee post or Je$$ D facial pics
>>68184 >>68182 It's funny how people complain. Like their taste and everything is absolute. Lol.
>>68191 That is a bridge troll literally the ugliest one on the page
>>68184 There are Je$$ D facial pics? Also, any more Al3x G?
>>68203 Literally would pay money to stop seeing her
>>68108 Thank you!! And honestly I think she has a cute face with a nice curvy body and absolutely perfect nips on perfect round tits. I’ll take anymore and all pics ty so much!
>>68283 Glasses are pretty cheap. Get some. >>68299 Make your own thread if you gotta keep posting. I'm tired of seeing this ugly ass whore
>>68301 He says tired of seeing her yet this the first pic of her lmfao what a fucking moron
>>68306 I mean they kinda look the same kills this post those things are ugly as fuck you should just make a beat chicks and whales board
>>47940 Everything you got please of her
>>68588 Please make your own thread. You're killing this one.
>>68612 It been dead bro lol
stopped posting here moved elsewhere yeaaa whoever keeps saying post those ugly people over and over stop turned me off from posting honestly... Some of us have standards... I'm a 7... I'm not interested in 2s.
>>68630 Look at the thread. It died when these ugly ass whores started getting posted. I was having a great time with seeing people like Al3x G and the it got ruined. Pisses me off.
H@nn@h Sw@nson wins or stories
>>68679 Looks like the thread is dead, uggos posted or not
Gotta be some more wins out there boys