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Fayette County PA-Kidd 12/30/2022 (Fri) 11:57:46 No. 37783
Looking for some Fayette sluts. I’ll start with Susan archbold
Been looking for this slut I just wanna see her ass
Any more of her?
>>37865 Yeah I have some but would like someone else to post lol
I understand if u feel the christmas spirt than post atleast one good one. If not not big deal ill see if i can find my other phone which has some.
>>37870 I’ve posted 5 more than anyone else in this sub dude 😂😂
Let’s see some more Susan
Her tits are fake right? Also i had heard that there was some videos of her and her twin sister making out
looking for dani higinbotham
Anybody know her sister # get at pa iupwinss
Morgan G?
(83.34 KB 652x652 shan11.jpg)
Any Sh@nn0n C ...huge crush on her in high school
Let’s get this thread moving
Please tell me there’s more Susan or Sarah a
Any Monic@ L1n1ng3r
Any of c3lina w!lson or G!anna V@let!ne
Any b!lli3 $utt0n?
Here’s $h@non c anyone have b!ll!3 $utt0n
J@ym3 fr3y?
Sidney cun ningham
(60.36 KB 1080x1080 hotsc.jpg)
>>43442 Is that this $h@nnon c
Sure is. Have tons of her. Will post more if someone posts j@ym3 or b!ll!3
>>43484 Post up then dude. Don't be stingy
>>43484 Yes please bro post more. I too had had a crush on her for like ever
>>43442 Thank you I wish I need what you were looking for. Do you any of her face in those pics. Again really appreciate the $h@nnon C pics
Any Morgan Gib$on? Who’s in the pics?
Any samm1e mcgu1er, ashl3y c4mpb3ll , pa1g3 sm0sny?
>>43476 Anymore of her. I just lost my job today and feeling super down could you post more of her. It would make this day a little better THANKS DUDE
Any @lyss@ O’Neill?
Erica frantz?
>>43843 Find me on app with a K HarryPeter412 for Erica
Anymore of $h@nnon C they has to be more Thanks brothers
>>43799 bumpppp i graduated w her
>>43799 Bump for this
Any kaylee Frank's or the Thomas sisters Breonna or bandi
Ch3y br00ks?
@$hl3y te$lovich
Gotta be wins
Anyone have H.Nicklow or M.Hunyady?
Savannah baker?
>>43484 Please post more. Does anybody have the girls that they are asking for please post more $hannon C sharing is caring
>>44198 Anybody have any luck about the two girls they were asking for. We need to see those $h@nnon C pics
Also looking for J@yme Frey and B!llie $utton
I have G!anna Rud@ and @bbe¥ Wolf£
Bump for @bb¥
Bump for G!anna
Bump for more $hannon c
Anyone have Ell@ $epe$¥?
Any Sarah A?
I have girls from Brownsville, Uniontown, and LH. I have a couple girls from Cal U. add me on Not allowed @richyjones23 and we can exchange lists of girls to see if we would want any specific girl.
>>43442 OMG I know her friend of a friend please please tell me you have more Thanks
will you share?
>>44830 Total honesty I have nothing. I just appreciate who share said items. I really wish I could but I'm far from smooth to acquire such pics. Just know we all would be thankful Thanks
id love to see any uniontown lh or brownsville
>>44674 Tried to find you on everything but can’t. What’s it start with?
>>44674 >>44674 What cal u girls do u got??
>>44830 I had nothing but thanks for atleast giving me a chance. Good luck with your wins I hope you find what you're looking for
K@t3lyn S@l3tr!k
C0urtn3y V@l3nt!n3
>>43476 Anymore of her WOW!!!
C0urtn3y have a onlyfans?
Yes courtney has an OF
Where do I find the link
HarryPeter412 on K app for Fayette wins. Dudes legit
Anyone have N!col3 S3m@ns?
Ann3 Ulm3r anyone?
(123.49 KB 1242x2208 shannon1.jpg)
Looking for Sh@nnon C
>>44884 My @ is in my post, it’s only for Not allowed you won’t find me elsewhere.
Bump for Shannon C
>>45414 Tried to find you on the K app. But not there. Where do find you?
Anyone from LH?
>>45268 >>45268 >>45268 What is k app I have a lot of fayette
>>45414 >>45414 >>45762 What do i do with these? d/Z37gx0
>>45300 Bumping for $hannon C
Any more Sarah or Susie A pics or sex stories?
>>45587 sn apch at
>>37783 Does any1 got Mandy whitacre huge BBC slut
>>43442 Anymore of Shannon C...You said you had more could you please post a few more.I just recently saw her...holy cow..Guys anyone of what he's looking for Bi11ie S.
Have plenty more sh@non c. 8 pics and 5 vids. But when they get out there she’s going to know exactly where they came from. So not going to post until I get something I want for them in j@yme or b!ll!e
Any wins of 3m!ly L!bert!n0 out there?
>>46162 I get it bro. Thanks for what you gave. Just wish it was more.I will bump just in case you might add anything this.
Any shelb1e break1ron
>>46239 No but can be.
Any @mber wh!pkey??
Any M@kenn@ Mcmillen?
>>46283 Get it
>>46311 Yea got it finally
Come on guys I know j@yme is out there
Bump for $h@nnon See..
HarryPeter412 on K-App for Fayette wins. Lots of AG girls
>>46441 Any Fraizer HS
What is k-app?
>>46324 What it be
J3nna s@ckett?
>>46476 phylersphan88 Thanks
Gotta bump this
M!Kayla ku$hner from frazier
Bump for $hannon C
>>46622 Thanks for posting these, man! I saw some of her a cpl yrs ago, she is total fire. I don't believe in being a beggar, so I don't ask for stuff, but I've kinda been hoping someone would post her eventually.
>>46622 Anyone have socials for her?
She doesn't have any socials unfortunately. She moved to South Carolina and erased them all
Here's more
>>46717 Any $hannon C from Frazier.. Thanks
>>46520 Check it
>>46856 pr0t0n dot me same name as the k @pp Thanks
>>46771 I can't see anything. Is it possible to send to pr0t0n dot me. Same user name as K @pp. If not I understand
Any 3lla $epsey?
>>46860 Get me winnerboobdinner on k
>>4616 Hey bro could you drop at least one video of Sh@nnon C or one more pic for use Frazier pervs
>>46162 Hey bro could you drop at least one video of Sh@nnon C or one more pic for use Frazier pervs
HarryPeter412 on K. App. For Fayette wins 👊🏻
anyone have brownsville girls?
New Cal U thread
This is a stretch but anyone have @$hl3y K0l3s@r? Heard there are some on Reddit but no luck finding
>>48020 The teacher that got arrested?
$hannon C saw her a few days ago...fuck so hot..Whoever has something lets see more
>>48020 Searched everywhere, saw some random comments on other forums stating they were shared in a sub, but no hints to which one.
Same result for me.. appreciate the effort!
>>48262 Have a feeling they aren't actually on there but never know.
>>48379 They're on there
What do we search to find them?
>>43476 What r her s0ci@ls or l@st name
>>48486 Socials have been deleted since she got charged with 3 felonies.
>>48481 can you post them or Atleast tell us how to find them?
He have some Fayette uSHVkYht
>>48650 who you got
Who can give or show us how to find the @shley k0les@r pics?
>>48659 you guys need to relax, you’ve talked about this k0l3s@r woman for days. either find it or wait for someone to say something
any C@leigh E@gle?
Bump for @shley k0les@r
Anyone have any e4ica yau5er Her onlyfans is cookiesssandmilf
>>43442 Brother please drop more please or let us know where you can drop them if not here.Be a hero and post more of her.
>>37783 Any1 remember Faith G she was a huge BBC slut back in the day she also fucked a Mexican behind her bfs back while working at a local farm one summer
Anyone got k@itlyn D0ds0n? I’ve got a few. Lookin to see what’s out there!
Katr!na snyd3r?
still no Alyssa O, i know they’re out there
>>49355 anyone know C@leigh's onlyfans?
Who wants to see K@itlyn D0ds0n’s tits?
(1.58 MB 2991x3446 IMG_2850.jpeg)
(2.15 MB 3024x4032 IMG_2843.jpeg)
K@it D0ds0n who got more of her? I got vids of her takin two dudes at once if someone can share some more of her.
>>49567 She’s selling a private story on her Not allowed for 15
(58.49 KB 828x828 shannonomg2 (1).jpg)
Please post more of Shannon C...those tits can't be hers
>>50004 bump C@leigh E@gle
(443.51 KB 2680x1516 1642461402776-0.jpg)
(256.66 KB 1892x1080 1642561933843-0.jpg)
(363.09 KB 1080x2177 1642561933843-3.jpg)
(277.01 KB 1895x1080 1642561933843-1.jpg)
(616.54 KB 2248x4000 1642971234335-1.jpg)
(867.84 KB 2880x3668 1642461402776-1.jpg)
C eagle
Ger!anne we$olwski or alexandr!a s!ba?
They are sh@nnons I have more. Some post j@yme or b!llie and I’ll share them.
>>50572 Fuck yeah! Any of her friend Br3 Vick3rs?
Al@ura R@sel?
Any Connellsville girls?
>>50603 Sir do you have any of mc to post.
Eagle has landed! Anymore?
I'll post more eagle if someone posts Mck3nzie pr0vince, Krist@ Angel0, or K@cey furl0ng
(7.08 MB 1170x2532 IMG_3287.png)
>>50798 Have more Krista Angelo. Find me on K app. HarryPeter412
>>50872 What’s the K app?
>>50872 stick to here. More eagle?
Just post what you got. Why you trying to - with everyone on k app?
This ^^
(355.31 KB 1080x2005 1642561933843-4.jpg)
(349.86 KB 1080x2016 1642561933843-2.jpg)
I have some video of eagle too but it won't let me post it.
>>50948 try linking it to a file share or anon-v. Or try uploading again. Sometimes it takes a couple of tries.
Any b!lli3 $utt0n or Jayne Fr3y Please
bump more eagle
(146.33 KB 1007x1559 IMG_3205.jpeg)
(158.03 KB 1007x1485 IMG_3206.jpeg)
Anyone got any wins of V@ness@ M@ison
I’d cum all over Kait Dodson’s tits! Do you have anymore wins on her? Love to see the video of dp
>>51371 Add my Not allowed fjameson2024 I have tons of pics
>>51371 Ghost app fjameson2024
Anyone have Kallie Stipanovich from Connellsville
Sky Sp3c13 anyone have more wins on her or anyone else from ag class of 16-18
Who’s got H@ylee @rnold. AG class of 16 had an OF
Do you know Mike Hunt?
>>52229 I think we are looking for ladies not men bro 😂
Who’s got K@tie @llison?
Bump for Billie S....we need Billie in order to get Shannon C vids and pics...
Looking for anything Uniontown
Would love to see Billie $ or J@yme Fr3y
I got sum but I’m not posting shit until someone post some of that c eagle chick tho
>>53025 Bro who you got...is it Billi3 and j@yme
Who’s got j@mie fr3y?
H@nn@h Fri3nd or s@v@nn@h j0hns??
I just want more Sh@nnon C...so please someone post Billie or Jaym3
c eagle vids?
>>44277 Bump for g1anna would love to see her
Let’s see all them AG sluts
Bump for AG sluts!
Anyone have m@rissa w@ll@ce?
>>53375 Find me K app HarryPeter412 for Ag sluts
>>53808 What’s the k app??
>>53375 K i K
Any K@yl@ G1bs0n
Harrypeter412 sent
K app BarryMacockinner6969 AG sluts
>>53867 Bump for k@yl@ g
SC has movies with her coworker under his 0f@nz, which is mount@!nm@nxx. He still has all of them and a bunch of pics.
Someone has to have more of this slut
s@r@h w
To the dude who posted Shannon C...If you could please post one more pic. That would be awesome!!!!
That Harrypeter guy is a joke. He won't send anything. Unless you have exactly why he wants.
Bump for Sh@nnon C and Billy S
(301.77 KB 1008x1792 IMG_4478.jpeg)
Anyone have any wins of k@te @d@ms
(164.26 KB 910x1700 IMG_4705.jpeg)
(79.98 KB 482x960 IMG_4706.jpeg)
Any britney conaway wins
>>50948 bump eagle vids
Anyone got any chicks from Cville?
Any LH wins?
3ric@ fr@ntz??? Or 5h@yl@ R3yn0ld5
Any B-ville girlz???
Someone give that dude what he wants so we can get some more sh@nnon cl
Morgan Gr33n from cville??
>>56033 Fuck yes...thank you bro!!!
>>55830 i have b-ville girls, Not allowed on $n@p richyjones23
Any cville or LH?
Instead of withholding maybe the thread would do better if everyone just posted what they have
>>56238 what have you contributed to this thread
Guys we all want certain wins. Im thankful for that Sh@nnon C pic. I would love more and I wish I had Billy or Jamie for that poster. Unfortunately I don't.
anyone got $teph Mc1auc1in? insanely hot milf that lives in brownsville
Anyone got those C E@gle vids?
Bumping for Sh@nnon C.She has fans please let them fly or hell send them a DlSC0rd anything
>>56770 Just pay the $10 if you want her fans so bad lmfao stop being a broke boy
Any P€yton P?
Give me her name and HELL yes I will
>>56770 No I think what they meant to say is that she has fans of her body and want to see more of SC not that has as an OF account that's what I get out of it.
Anyone got Jasmine Y3aley from Connellsville
I keep trying to post the eagle vid and it said the file is too large. I even cropped the video to just make it a couple seconds and it still won't let me post
>>57329 try linking to it w me.ga or go.file
(125.08 KB 960x665 IMG_3874.jpeg)
(73.09 KB 720x960 IMG_3875.jpeg)
(24.85 KB 442x960 IMG_3876.jpeg)
More of sh@nnon. Including 6 min vid. Post j@yme or b!lie and I’ll post.
>>57568 Holy shit someone get this guy what he wants lol
>>57568 Could you post any with her face.That would be nice
(901.29 KB 1284x1260 IMG_4719.jpeg)
B3cc4 G315e1
>>57568 Anyone got j@yme or b!lie for that guy? That 6 minute video needs to be seen lol
Anyone have J3nnif3r Nich0ls0n
Anyone have @vary @arn0ld?
(61.41 KB 720x960 IMG_4729.jpeg)
Whos got wins
>>59326 Share some
Yeah idk why everyone is being so stingy. Just post what you have. Clearly nobody here has the girls you want to - for
Who got mck3nna n1c3ly from mt-leasant
Who’s got some of Linds Renee slut from Uniontown?
Please release the Shannon C stuff. I would die a happy man..-lease bro release them.
>>57329 got any screenshots of eagle vids?
i have e@gle vids, k app @guylaffy
Sh@nnon c got vids of herself blowing her brother
You know damn well there is no video of that stop it lol
Whitney P??
You’re telling me no one has the h@ller twins? Or Aly$$a O? From Frazier
Ashley Moger???
Bumping for Shannon C.Bro please drop some of her!!!
I got lindss she use to have 0 F
Bet bro post them up I heard she used to have one
Anyone have C@ssie W@lton?
(2.48 MB 1290x1267 IMG_3274.png)
Any Mir@nda T?
Looks like no more $hannon C for us...unless someone drops something worthy of it.
(63.98 KB 486x960 IMG_4258.jpeg)
(77.67 KB 720x960 IMG_4257.jpeg)
(134.91 KB 960x665 IMG_4256.jpeg)
Shannon C uncensored lmao
>>62364 THANK YOU! Damn she’s sexy lol. Do you happen to have that 6 minute video the guy mentioned?
>>62364 Dude these are 100% not Shannon or even pics of the same person. Shannon’s BB has been pierced since hs and there’s no signs of it here she also has a couple moles that aren’t in these pics. Get this fake crap outta here
>>62420 I noticed that 2 no bb hole as well.It sucks just don't post anything.
Any1 have K@yl@ Luk@esko?
>>62420 I guess that was talk about that video was just that
anybody have stuff of the detw1ler twins, the d@lly sisters, c@llie cunn1ngham, or m@ry k@te lape?
>>50572 Shameless C@leigh E@gle bump. Pics vids anything.
can we get more of the first girl. That ass is top notch
>>64145 Got a couple full face blowjob vids
>>64388 Pleasse drop some! Screenshots/gifs even if they don't upload or something.
Anyone have any of the S3lig@ girls or Cryst@l Bung@urd.. The girl use to get around and the other had an MFC
>>46717 Anyone with more m!khayla?
Bump for Lindzz R3N33
I'll ask again looking for legit... Shannon C
>>64572 I have some crystal. Do you? I'd like to see more of her, especially any vids.
(906.03 KB 3040x2288 HPIM5071.JPG)
(474.41 KB 1310x1079 SNAG-0129.jpg)
(532.32 KB 1282x1079 SNAG-0133.jpg)
Crystal B
>>44277 Let's see @bb3y I got cville
Who from Cville
anybody have stuff of the detw1ler twins, the d@lly sisters, c@llie cunn1ngham, or m@ry k@te lape?
>>64388 bump
Let me find the @bbey pics. I’ll upload em. Would love to see more cville as well
Anyone have m1ki p0rt3rf1eld
>>63423 would love to see her
>>61551 She still have an of
>>65317 Bump Miki
>>65317 Miki
Courtney crouse from Connellsville?
Bump for @bb3y w0lf3
>>65494 Holy fuck anymore miki wins?
>>64388 Any Caileigh?
Bump Miki
Anyone have carlie lonigro from cville?
Anyone have any Brea Gunnoe from connellsville
Or Abbi3 H@nn@n
>>65528 There's deffinently more out there and afew of these are ones I haven't seen
(331.86 KB 1242x2208 IMG_7037.JPG)
(160.95 KB 720x1280 IMG_3694.JPG)
(490.63 KB 2576x1932 IMG_7054.JPG)
(373.34 KB 2576x1932 IMG_7038.JPG)
(283.09 KB 1242x2208 IMG_7031.JPG)
(7.11 MB 1242x2208 IMG_4801.PNG)
Bump for Brea Gunnoe
bump for carlie lonigro
any connellsville wins?
Any K@trin@ Snyd€r
bump Bre@ Gunn0e
Anyone got wins on Kimmy C@van@ugh?
There any Selig@s girls out there? Heard they where sluts.-pecially arou d Fair time
>66000 She has a Fat ass and big tits
They have to be out there she was whoring around for a while
We need some nancy hawthorne in here
Snyder pics are for sure out there boys, drop them lol
Looking for either kat olsky sister
Any OF links from around Uniontown area?
>>66008 Kimmy got OF. Kimmy_143
Hoping and praying for legit Shannon C pics
I 2nd the guy looking for K@trina
anybody have any frazier class of 23
>>66252 Taylor Tubbs used to have one Hayley crum has one Kayleigh Boyd has one Caleigh eagle has one Avery lacullo or whatever her last name has one
Any pics of Taylor tubbbs? Links for the others?
(944.88 KB 3040x2288 IMG_5785.jpeg)
(886.02 KB 3040x2288 IMG_5788.jpeg)
(810.52 KB 2721x2048 IMG_5791.jpeg)
(856.43 KB 3040x2288 IMG_5790.jpeg)
(934.83 KB 3040x2288 IMG_5787.jpeg)
(1020.79 KB 3040x2288 IMG_5784.jpeg)
Some Crystal B stuff
>>66323 Would love to see any Kayleigh Boyd if anyone has some.
Anymore m1k1 porterf1eld
>>66323 What's caleigh's OF name?
I will dump all the locals I have if someone has Holly D0bish goes as X0hollyyy on all social
Where’s the guy with K@trina Snyd€rs titty pics
Anyone have or know sh@yn@ Dor@zio or any good stories about her.
Anyone got s@v@nn@ voytek or any uhs girls graduated from 13 to 17
>>66472 Ditto. If these girls want money we need the OFs.
I just wanna see more Miki
(391.56 KB 2124x1125 IMG_4495.jpeg)
(281.48 KB 1098x2073 IMG_4496.jpeg)
(212.08 KB 1098x2073 IMG_4497.jpeg)
(593.17 KB 2124x1125 IMG_4494.jpeg)
(63.15 KB 487x960 IMG_4498.jpeg)
c@llie cunn1ngham
Any Ashley Sh0w
Dying to see L@uren Fields
bump L@uren Fi3lds
Bump for K@trin@ Synder, who said they have or had some
>>66323 >>66323 Boyd and eagle of link? Or user
any k@llie stipanovich wins?
Any laurel highlands classes 11-15 wins?
>>66673 any more c@llie? shes a dime
Any longer vids?
I have K@trin@ in the shower in her hoe phase, what you got
anybody have reag@n d@lly?
Is harrypeter214 legit?
>>67746 He is but He won't send anything. Unless you have exactly why he wants. He gave a free sample lmao. He wants AG sluts
Still trying for Krista Angelo
>>65494 Anymore miki
Is this thread over? And is there something better than this site?
k app m@rzzzz16 for cville wins
Any McK3nzie Pr0v@nce?
Any J@n3ll3 c00p3r went to LH
(8.24 MB 1170x2532 IMG_2396.png)
Anyone have this slut named Ashley from union town
Any KATrin@ Snyd€R
Anybody got any Rachel Frazier? She's a hottie. Would love to see her nude
>>66301 hit me on the k1k for Frazier trade it’s dawgugh
>>66301 I got 2023 hit me on the k1k for Frazier trade it’s dawgugh
what C0urtn3y onlyfan i want to see what she has...
>>66301 hit me on the k1k for Frazier wins it’s dawgugh
>>37783 What is Hayley crums of name??