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Shamokin/Mt.Carmel surrounding area Anonymous 11/06/2022 (Sun) 05:24:39 No. 33255
Megan L Shamokin
Ti@ B Shamokin
Alyss@ S Mt Carmel
Looking for Mackenzie L wins Mt. Carmel anyone have anything?
Anyone have Nicole K and her sister Mary wins? Mt.Carmel
Chelsea Went to selinsgrove
Huge bump, have B Dunk1e if we get this going
Bump for Tia B
Anyone have any line mountain?
>>34339 I got some. Who do you have?
Indigo z Line mount
Bump for Brandi H Line mountain
Taylor D line mountain
Kelsey h line mount
Bump for Danielle c line mount
>>34362 anymore indigo?
>>34498 That’s all I could find will post more wins if I find any
Bridget D
(38.82 KB 461x1024 1631170216449m.jpg)
Summer P
Anymore Summer? She's hot af!
(1.10 MB 548x970 tab3.PNG)
(1.20 MB 531x970 tab2.PNG)
t@b d
Hell ya bump!
(97.36 KB 713x1267 1467643.jpg)
(684.21 KB 416x748 clarissa2.png)
(187.75 KB 719x1280 clarissa.jpg)
Anyone know or have anything on Clarissa F from Milton?
anymore Emi1y emburğ she goes by Emi1y 1erch since she got married once a hoe tho always a hoe who has fuked her since she got married too lol
>>35190 This is somebody from the UK...I think somebody played you
Ive been looking for Skyler F for a while, anything out there?
Caitlyn ((r))eedy from Milton, I think she goes by caitybugxx online
Anyone have her friend Christina p or Marissa L
Bump marissa, that’d be killer
Gotta be something on these sisters went to selinsgrove
Why does there gotta be? You fucking cucks always crack me up.
God gotta be some out their
(35.61 KB 514x960 FB_IMG_1671768749260.jpg)
Anyone got chelsea ro$$mann from Mt carmel?
>>37360 Damn she's fire
(84.57 KB 1186x2208 IMG_20221016_122224_661.jpg)
I got quite a few girls from Shamokin Mt. Carmel area if anyone else has to share. Girl in pNot alloweds B3kky H@ncock
>>37438 Got alexia w?
>>37438 That’s all I could find if I find more will post
(38.55 KB 1186x636 IMG_20221016_122443_218.jpg)
(75.86 KB 914x1704 IMG_20221016_122421_878.jpg)
(117.34 KB 1114x2090 IMG_20221016_122414_610.jpg)
(83.96 KB 1186x2208 IMG_20221016_122342_868.jpg)
A few more of big booty Becky from Shamokin. She has the fattest ass and perfect tits.
>>34471 You got more of the OF?
>>37714 She got a onlyfans
Big titty Shamokin bitch. Cmon guys we need more bitches. I got tons of diff girls to post, But i need you guys to pick it up too
>>39443 Just post up what u got like I did
If someone gets me Chel se@ mOrOskie I’ll dump all I have. Which is like 6 different people. But if not I’ll probably settle for more of 2011-2013 classes.
Bump for Chel se@
(612.50 KB 516x966 k3.PNG)
(707.51 KB 515x981 k.PNG)
krist!na s
Hell ya bump
>>35054 I got more of her and others. Let’s see what everyone else has of ole shimtown and the surrounding areas.
(38.47 KB 720x1280 received_783048412138675.jpeg)
(123.95 KB 720x1280 received_560116914777892.jpeg)
(62.53 KB 1536x2048 received_173285886826528.jpeg)
(43.08 KB 1280x720 received_1340749139431642.jpeg)
(37.80 KB 720x1280 received_2629710003814425.jpeg)
I got more Shamokin girls. The more everyone shares the more i share
Any E Buss
Any Marissa katinsky floating around?
Bump Katinsky
Would love to see what’s out there. I know for SURE there’s some.
>>39893 Got these from her Insta but she doesn’t have a spam or anything. She always sent some out so they’re out there. Forgatch7 is an ex, good chance he might send.
if Ch3ls3@ gets dropped ill drop some goods
>>35054 This is what I found so far. Have another much better one though. spam is u185022969 would love to see what’s on, it’s only $5
Used to be her last name now goes by 0bri3n. Slept with a bunch of Dudes. Guys dated her and would have random dudes send them pics of her. Heard one she’s covered in cum with a big smile on her face. First and last pNot alloweds what she used to look like. Middle pNot alloweds her now…no clue what she was thinking there.
N!na N!gl!o? Heard she got around?
Ki3sha folds for sure. Someone please post. Got morg@n H@rmon from sunbury.
Heard n!na n!glio used to get around Shamokin???
Any Bri O?
>>40946 From her socials. Body’s amazing and the pics are definitely out there. Had them years ago and they were solid!>>40946
>>41023 That’s K3ish@, not Ci@n@ but that’s obvious.
>>41024 Meat to upload this with last one. Would love to see some wins of others though. I got more but ain’t seeing much anymore.
Anyone still getting nudes from ay1a. She did have an OF but I lost it
(1.54 MB 1080x2280 2020-11-24 09-11-29.png)
>>40359 Bump
Br00ke M!nn!g?
Kiesh@ F0ulds would be a dream. Someones got them.
Someones gotta have some nudes.....
Let’s get this going
Someone posted some nice wins of erik@ pi@ggi0 in the 570 pike thread, she’s from Shamokin. There’s some good videos out there from her only fans floating around too!
Any T@y Marie D!etr!ch
>>43559 That would be awesome shes smokin hot
Kiesh@ F0ulds nudes I would pay for.
>>43559 Bump
Any N1k0l3 3vel4nd? Brunette with a fat ass.
Any emm@ miller
>>43559 Bump
(805.40 KB 767x412 abbyk.PNG)
will post more if somebody else posts some bangers.
We need some K kn@r Definitely some out there Have lots to -
(281.40 KB 760x950 abbyk2.jpg)
Samantha Powell?
Brianna P. Rhymes with (P)ancher
Anyone got Tara wasilewski
Erika p from her of
Tara w would be amazing, she’s a smoke show
More from Erik@s of
What’s Erika’s OF name?
It used to be @biancadesert. It pops up but when you click on it it says removed. Not sure why
Any Katrina Pic@rella out there? Knew there was a bunch
She looks dam good with a dick in her mouth
Anyone have any Megan R@th0sky? I know they're around
Who is that pictured above with the spider webs?
Abbies got a nice lookin pussy
P@ige @rtman wins?
Any celsey l ong
Abbie’s of name??
Kir@ G*ld*n
any kaely jade or kaely klonowski?
Bump. Let’s see some more sluts. Post em all
Any Mt Carmel milfs
>>48761 Bump
>>47267 Is there more?
>>34362 Zerby?
>>34362 Whats the handle?
>>48301 Anyone?
Any Alexia W? Big hoe
Let’s go
>>48002 dont think she has one
Any wins on @lysi@ H3ndr!cks
>>48301 Bump
@ri@ne d@y@?
Any ktina? Milf
Any michelle w0lfe?
Bump. This towns full of sloots. Where they at
(1.81 MB 1170x2532 IMG_0759.png)
Sarah B@inbr!dge recently single anyone have the goods?
Anyone from LM?
Where the girls from MCA at?
Bump for Sarah b. Would love to see those big melons
This site died off wtf
cmon guys let’s get some more wins ik there’s definitely more sluts. even drop some 0F names
Emily M?
(277.75 KB 1080x2316 IMG_0809.jpeg)
Abrian@ Conr@d selinsgrove who’s got more of these big dumpers?
>>57292 Who you got?
Anyone have Danielle C1ous3r?
Anyone got wins of shana f1t3(sounds light fight)
Let’s see something!!
Any picts of the girls of great dane? I know they circulate in the plant
anybody have zo3y romp@ll0 OF name?
Zoey has an OF? I need that link
(9.45 MB 1170x2532 IMG_4303.png)
(9.80 MB 1170x2532 IMG_4301.png)
Bump ri13y! More please
(6.99 MB 1170x2532 IMG_4137.png)
(7.89 MB 1170x2532 IMG_4140.png)
Bro I got so much more of her. But I am lookin for some shamokin girls. Like t@r@ w or a33y c0113r. Maybe some s@r@1@ h@nk0.
I’d live to see t@r@ too, unfortunately I’ve already posted everything I have hopefully somebody chimes in
Unfortunately posted all I have hopefully someone chimes in
I thought this page was dead tbh I didn’t think anyone was gonna see what I posted as I hadn’t seen anyone new post in a week or more haha.
(7.54 MB 2532x1170 IMG_4389.png)
(8.56 MB 2532x1170 IMG_4391.png)
Here’s a few more for you bro I know how it be to be wantin more and no one postin shit haha.
Any Natalie s. Or Melinda b from shamokin?
Fuck nat@lie s let’s see nat@1i3 w01f3
Screw nat s let’s see nat wolf3
Let's see them both
Yeah bro for real!
>>34364 any more? Or her sis?
Anyone have courtney kl3mick
Any k@yla sp0tts?
Pa!ge Artman and Tay Mar!e wins?
Anybody have Sarah b… her sister Sammy… her mom tiff or her friend Kiera
Anyone have Bre Minnier?