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sera c Anonymous 10/12/2022 (Wed) 06:42:58 No. 30201
anyone have the sera c goods??
Big bump for Sera
Shes ben on here before, who got em?
Didnt last
Any thing?
Any other girls from etown? Sera has a pretty hot friend group. Any of them?
She lost her job for being such a bitch onlyfans should be up any day now
Bump for Sera's friends from etown. Lexi, Chelsea, Lindsey, Kayleena, etc
She was a bitch
Any other etown girls around sera age?
Any of her friends from etown?
Need these
Tikt0k is fire cept when she got her man in em
fuk she use to send stuff to anyone that shit was hot. Someone put stuff up even the nude modeling pics
Bump this. Also for her friend Tiffany A
Bump for her Sera nudes. And friends
She fucked this guy Adam at work and he told everyone her pussy stands like tuna
I’d still eat that tuna pussy
What about any of the girls she hangs out with?
I have some from years ago. Puss and all. Anyone have others to make it worth it? Any of her friends? Same town? I'll drop the Sera ones if others contribute
>>53752 If you leak them they will come
>>53752 yeah if you drop her I'll drop her friend from etown
>>56051 I'm down. What friend?
Just drop, shes been posted hundred times before wit no wins
(1.28 MB 1170x1439 IMG_4209.jpeg)
>>56636 The one from this pic
>>56718 Who is that? I'm down to see them regardless, but more interested in the older girl group she hangs with. Like her bfs sister and her friends. Either way, drop what you have and I'll share a pussy shot from Sera
>>57150 You said you'd drop first?
Drop some of yourself rn
>>57336 What do you mean?
>>57334 I need to know you actually have something since I have the actual Sera wins, and you just say some girl in a pic with her you pulled from FB lol dropthe friends get sera pussy pic
>>57452 I respect it. I'm not trying to start anything. The girl in the pNot alloweds tiffany and I have wins so that's why I pulled that pic specifically.
>>57815 All good bro. Drop the tiff and you have my word for sera in return. Bonus for any other friends
Just drop allready. She s been posted hundredof times but noone delivers
(202.30 KB 1260x2240 2 (1).jpg)
(134.04 KB 1260x2240 1 (1).jpg)
here you go...drop em already
Is that the Sera pussy pics or Tiffany?
Is that pussy sera or tiff??
Other etown girls?
I also want to know who’s pussy that is
Whos pussy is it?
>>63445 I have Marissa A. It's from her former of though.
>>64916 Drop em bro!
>>65091 I wanna see either pics of her, before she had her spawn, or of the other Aqu!n0 sister. Then I'll upload.
Just post
>>65387 The whole idea of YOU POST then I POST should get people banned.
Not wrong