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Kittanning Anonymous 10/01/2022 (Sat) 15:24:32 No. 29370
Any more Danielle or any Julie?
Am3li@ J?
Will post Carli F if I see any of Kaylee D
>>29554 K Di Stasio
>>29554 Let see the carli f
(525.40 KB 1206x2208 Snapchat-571755677~2.jpg)
Carli. Anymore Kaylee?
Sorry that was all the Kaylee i have, thanks for the Carli. Anymore?
I have some Destyni Dewitt. Who do you have?
I have a whole bunch of content, been around the threads awhile. Just start name dropping and I’ll post as long as it gets the thread active again, that goes for anyone who has content, post what you have and request and I’ll see if i have who y’all request. You can call me OG for future reference
Emily Dipietro? And not the 2 mirror selfies that's been posted before?
Have any new kjohns?
>>29631 I have 2 videos of her but idk how to post videos on here🥲
U have d i s??
D I s- whocaresmann00
What's 4 digit tag number??
Yessir i got it, as shown above. Anyone else have any content? Or wants to request content?
Bruh someone should post her and/or her sisters pussy and I'll post as much of what I have as I can, as I search for more
Not her pussy but…
eww. Why would you post that lol
>>29698 hey they asked i delivered🤣 might not be the prettiest shit but if it keeps the thread alive so be it lmao
There’s one girl I saw on here with a selfie and she has a green wall behind her. One tit bigger than the other. Real nice tits. Anyone have the photo?
>>29705 Mirror selfie or regular selfie? And could you see their face?
Do you have any Julie?
>>29715 Ha, i wish. Would be amazing to have but I’ve never ever seen a glimpse of her
Who do you have?
Anyone have more Danielle?
>>29717 mainly girls from class of ‘19, 18’ and 20’. And a few older ones here and there
Names from class of 19?
Hailey evans?
>>29721 Just about any you can think of, too many to name them all haha. And I’m not sure who Hailey Evans is no i don’t think i have her
Lauren bowser?
I have a decent bit of Lauren bowser
Any new gabby o
>>29714 You could see face, mirror selfie. I don’t remember name though!
Post the Lauren
Got anymore Lauren?
Do you have Cheyenne t or liv k
Lexie burford?
>>29782 Here’s more Lauren
>>29802 Don’t have very much of lex sadly
>>29794 Nah i don’t, i wish they’re both hot
Anyone from the class of 20
Keep dumping what you have!
Larassia k?
Let’s see more Lexie
I wanna see more Lauren
>>29814 I have lex Presley, em Flanders, a tetro, and more
>>29816 Gotcha!
Gonna need y’all to post some too, i can’t be supplying all the content
Do you have anyone from Lenape?
I’m tryna see Em Fland and Taylor mccul
Haley colgan?
Any m.long
I have em Flanders and M long, but I’ll wait to see some more activity to share yall
Any Kay t
Any of Taylor jack from fc
what do we have for wins tonight men?
>>29622 Kim Stubbs?
>>29826 I'd love to see more larassia. I've only seen the same three or so pics posted. Anyone have any more?
>>29979 I wish. I’ve only ever seen the 3 pics as well
Any p@ige c00k
(30.95 KB 720x1472 received_467699742030521.jpeg)
(26.78 KB 480x981 received_614388510000354.jpeg)
(28.51 KB 480x981 received_5324260760988180.jpeg)
(21.50 KB 480x981 received_747833283155532.jpeg)
Sorry about the time gap lol here's some Chelsea J. I'm looking for Kelly Meyers, Jillian Lundy, or Alaina bride if possible.
I second Kelly Myers
Paige S, if you’re smart you know where to add me ^
Paige S last name ?
>>30317 It’s like shwartphagger or something like that
Paige S bump
Any more destiny or angel?
Riss Bell
I'd like to see Nicole Gibson
So I have heard Kaytay has some leaks out there. Any truth?
Nobody has anything
Anybody got p@ig3 l@$h3r or her sister?
Novel idea. Let’s set our weight limit to 200 lbs. These girls are just plain gross.
Anyone have any Jasmine Neely or Alaina Thomas?
Any abby hamp or kyla cope?
>>29705 Still looking for blonde mirror selfie with green wall in background, 2 misshaped boobs but cute as hell. Can’t remember name
>>34538 I have one that matches your description exactly except for she went to apollo though not kittanning.
>>34774 Thanks bro I’ll start an Armstrong thread and you can share there. For some reason I thought it was kitanning
Who has more Lexie B she had an OF for a bit
Lexie b has an of again
Anyone have any Catie c?
What’s her OF Name now? Drop that shit
Def need the OF on Lexie B
You’re welcome now where’s the rest
Lilbabyyemerson or Emerson.rose
(552.84 KB 1080x1920 KayTay1.jpg)
(191.39 KB 750x1334 KayTay3.jpg)
(464.39 KB 1080x1920 KayTay2.jpg)
(684.62 KB 1284x2560 KayTay4.jpg)
>>30775 KayTay
Got Zoey Kutch
Someone post Nicole
Any more lex b?
Lexi B’s Onlyfans isn’t worth it. She posts maybe 3 times a month. And it’s $20 just to have access, but the decent stuff is all PPV. Also don’t know if it’s actually her, almost all of the photos are screenshots instead of the actual photo.
>>35621 Did she close her account or change names? Page is no longer available