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Anonymous 12/26/2022 (Mon) 09:10:06 No. 9206
So it turns out that some of the girls that appeared in Bravo were exhibitionists. Who knew?!? This girl is Aniko, born October 1982, 18 when she appeared in Bravo in 2002. Her profile pic must have been taken before her 19th birthday in 2001, and it took until mid-2002 for it to get into the magazine. The pNot allowedn Bravo was clearly taken by Thomas Karsten, who also took pics of her for his book. But Aniko also had a nude modelling career after that with lots of pics in Karups and ATK. She went as far as dildos but no further hardcore. She also had a very interesting career with a particular set of sites.
(88.22 KB 800x600 1821098702.jpg)
(38.37 KB 450x600 243246909.jpg)
The sites were nude-in-public, flash-in-public, and euronudes. These were linked sites in the early 2000s that did "Not allowed nude in public" stuff. They had this thing of basically wanting to push the girls in the direction of embarrassment in their "castings", by for instance getting them to say their real name and have videos taken showing them spreading their legs and saying "I acknowledge that my pics will be forever on the Internet". Aniko was not just one of the girls on the sites, she was in some ways THE girl. This was because she did one of the most Not allowed nude-in-public stunts ever. She was filmed putting her clothes in a car in Germany, climbing into another car naked, and driving all the way to Prague, being filmed naked all the way, and then staying nude in publNot allowedn Prague for several days. The first day or so is in a video still available on various sites. True to form, when she gets to Prague she is taken naked into an apartment where she is photographed extensively, including holding her ID. When she leaves the room, the video camera zooms in on her passport, clearly showing her full name and date of birth.
All the NIP stuff seems to have been shot in early 2002, when she was 19. This would be after the Bravo pic was taken, but before it actually appeared in the magazine. In the NIP video, they refer to the "casting" video, but I can't seem to find the casting video. Does anyone have it? I think it would be listed as a Euronudes casting of Aniko K. I'm interested because Aniko has connections to Sarah M., who I am also interested in. I am wondering if the Euronudes casting video would give any interesting details about her. thanks
(152.19 KB 651x920 12839296581051686327.jpg)
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(347.44 KB 393x400 1763961117.png)
>>9206 Who is the girl with Aniko? All I know is she did a shoot for Bravo magazine in 2001 and they called her Ragna.
>>9241 Yeah Ragna but she probably didn't pose for anyone but Karsten.
>>9206 Some Bravo Bodycheck models have shot for GGG or other hardcore casting productions.
Bravo went to shit when they got rid of the 14-15yo girls
>>9206 Lena Meckel also did a shoot for Bodycheck
>>9306 Would be great to see the result of that shoot
>>9322 I used to have it. It's now truly rare. She was fully nude and on topic. It was definitely her and incredibly beautiful. But I could never be sure if the version I had was a fake because there was a much younger nude of her on the same page, talking about an 'erotic adventure' she had once had with another photographer. These are fairly famous pictures in certain communities, of her and another girl nude in a Forrest. The images are real but I can't believe even Bravo would publish them.
Whilst I'm here... I used to have a collection of Bravo girls who'd gone on to do porn or nude modelling from ImageF@p when that was a good site. I loved a movie of one girl that was on MovieF@p for years. I always remember how submissive she was. Good movie.
>>9306 lena is so hot
lets see lena?
(9.23 MB 2440x2052 victoria.png)
>>9206 Dr.Sommer and GGG
>>9206 >>14761 Wow, are there other models at GGG?
af [removethis] /23x2J0y2z4 /Lena_M_zip
>>14761 Whos huge dong is that?
>>14869 Thx for sharing. what file hoster did you use?
anon f i l e s dotcom
>>14869 is that real? Why would it be in English?
>>14905 >is that real? Why would it be in English? I don't know. The anon in << 14303 said they were never sure whether it was real. The more I look at it, the weirder it looks. And I somehow overlooked the fact that some of it was in English, LOL. In the 3 pics at the bottom, I recall having seen pics from that series before (they pop up all over from time to time), and don't think her face was in it. Her face looks shopped, actually. The movie name given is also exactly the same as a Hamilton movie from 1984. If it's fake, it's a pretty high-quality shop. If fake, is it based on a shoot she actually did? So many questions.
>>14909 I was of the same opinion, but it looks legit aside from being a german magazine in english.
>>9206 Does anyone know the other models at GGG?
>>14869 the three bottom pictures look like they came from n*mph*ts-club set masha and ira
>>14911 Are you blind? That looks like it was edited in MSPaint.