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Naomi Marie 10/31/2023 (Tue) 03:22:52 No. 18479
Under archive models there is a post of a model named naomi marie. I am looking for her works. I cannot figure out how to post a reply to that post and have uploaded a few images but they get removed for some reason. Can anyone help?
(58.90 KB 680x452 9098516-md.jpg)
She had shoots in Hawaii with rex ames photography
I have attempted to post some examples of images found in the public domain of the web only to have them removed. I know there are many images of this model other than her famous ny shoot. If anyone has them please post
(19.64 KB 204x300 Naomi-06-037.jpg)
(16.94 KB 211x300 MN 49.jpg)
(12.27 KB 204x306 Naomi_80s_0740_LR.jpg)
(13.50 KB 204x300 MN 24.jpg)
Google "john peri naomi" Go to his portfolio.
>>18561 Thanks,yes her work with john is easy to find but I am looking for her works in Hawaii with rex ames and others. Then I have seen post that mentioned eric delaforce, mark weems,and a Texas tour and have also seen some by southbound. If you google her there are some thumbs that show up for viper girls but the images seem to be gone. And does anyone know is there were private or custom shoots? What about her early years with Richard murrian?
anonibarchive. com/ mod/res/954.html
>>18597 Most of the ones on that thread are scans from this book
>>18479 Some of her works with southbound
There was some early stuff that floated around in zip file that had about 10 photos that I never saw before or since. I remember one in particular that was her in a tub topless. Holding the photographer's hand. This had to have been more than 10 years ago... She faded from popularity. Maybe someone keeps a meticulous collection. I don't.
>>18619 I am sure there are many I published and it would be nice to find the collections for sure
(89.44 KB 350x528 01.jpg)
>>18479 A rex ames
Big bump. Let's get more
(49.82 KB 600x800 06[1].jpg)
>>18619 I have lots but they are mostly over 20 years old so very small images. Also most of them are NN. The earliest dates recorded on them are 2001. I don't know who the photographers were.
(444.84 KB 1280x1893 MN123a.jpeg)
The biggest one I have
>>18650 Nice, I have not seen the one in the tub. The NN seem to still be around.
>>18662 BIG...BUMP!
(30.04 KB 343x510 2023-10-19-19-35-55-521.jpg)
>>18650 That's it. I've never seen anything else that went with this photo. Probably pre dad's arrest. So who ever shot it went dark. I'd love to be wrong.
>>18668 What got deleted?!!!!!
>>18691 Why was dad arrested? Can’t find the story.
Wow, are we going to rehash this again. This story is decades old and it was a legal witch hunt back in the day. Wherever she is today I hope she and her father have moved on. Enjoy what she left us as she was a beautiful and talented model and leave the past dead.
>>18707 Wow. That's a long post just to not answer a simple question. Maybe we aren't all as old as you to know the story?
Dad was the photographer. He got arrested. Found guilty of cp and between the arrest and being jailed he faked his death and lived for years in his mom's attic. He got caught and went to jail. He got railroaded with the first trial. Probably could have appealed and won. But did something stupid like run and fake his death.
>>18733 Now that's a good story! :) TY. Odd because she doesn't look all that Carl Jung to me in the posted pics, so seems like a ridiculous waste of time & money going after him.
(239.90 KB 680x446 IMG_1741.jpeg)
(31.24 KB 346x482 IMG_1742.jpeg)
Imx to 9ya4
(75.02 KB 800x600 1v9chp.jpg)
Anybody have full old sets?
(75.25 KB 800x600 1v9cha.jpg)
>>18733 Found guilty of that? She looks like she was 20 back then lol, tf
>>18479 Bump