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Anonymous 07/08/2023 (Sat) 01:00:42 No. 15430
Anyone have the ch@sity v@l vids (001-062) or av@gl@m sets (01-86) and would be willing to share?? They were included in this mega share of F.L model content a couple months ago: p@ste bin /KkzhtvDW but the ch@sity v@l vids and av@gl@m sets got deleted before I could get them. If anyone who was faster than me is willing to repost that would be amazing. Had never heard of av@ before so until I saw the vids I had no idea how much I wanted the sets too. :))
(37.69 KB 709x398 chva - Copy.JPG)
(40.40 KB 442x400 avg - Copy.JPG)
those 6 links were dead before I got there too. maybe somebody got quick?
CV has a hardcore vid out there, some from manyvid. anyone have?
(444.29 KB 1024x1536 Ava Glam Model Set 063 3866.jpg)
(491.87 KB 1024x1536 Ava Glam Model Set 056 3364.jpg)
(520.29 KB 1536x1024 Ava Glam Model Set 066 4029.jpg)
(1.26 MB 1824x2736 Ava Glam Model Set 081 5173.jpg)
(676.75 KB 1024x1536 Ava Glam Model Set 030 1860.jpg)
(667.17 KB 1024x1536 Ava Glam Model Set 044 2703.jpg)
All Ava Sets af /4ehcMc2fzb/AGM_zip
>>15989 My man! TY for the excellent share. Is she Seminole?
>>16005 No idea, unfortunately I've never found any info about her or other appearances.
Thanks - could never figure out the story behind ava, danielle, etc
(150.74 KB 1024x771 IMG_20110609_184703.jpg)
(1.85 MB 2640x1980 DSC05009_-_Copy.jpg)
bump for chAsity vAlentine
for those who don't know chasity became QueenCV she has a manyvids and is/was on ALL the popular cam sites
bump for missing OP cha val vids >>16497 I only see a few short clips at mv and not free - do you have any of that later stuff to share?
Did she ever do any b/g fuck videos or pics?
>>17010 yea its out there somewhere :07-09 in this video pornonod /queencv-20200115-073321_2749940