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@mber L@nham Bardstown/ Nelson County Yessir_yessir 09/20/2022 (Tue) 18:23:01 No. 20141 [Reply]
Know there’s some wins out there.
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more Nelson?
Keep it going
Been with half the county I know there’s some wins
any regan t? she was cute then started popping out FORBIDDENs

Louisville wins 09/24/2022 (Sat) 15:01:51 No. 20417 [Reply]
Any wins from louisville since the last one got deleted
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Le@h M00dy??
S@mantha R@m3y??
T3ss M3tt??
Ter@ Edgingt0n??

Grayson Co 270 Sluts 09/01/2022 (Thu) 13:26:04 No. 19259 [Reply]
Need a Grayson Co thread! Let’s see those 270 sluts!
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Aint noone got shit stop the cap if you had youd post
>>21186 T1ff4ny H0rn T4m1 C4si110 C4ndyc3 Embr3y C0urtn3y 3lmor3 T4bby D3ck3r
I’ll give wins on all 5 for Dr4k3
Anyone got Meli554 Garr150n H4nn4h Rh0d3s P4yt0n 3Mm3rling or anyother girls from class of'12 to '15?
Tar@ Bl@ck??

Lexington Anonymous 10/06/2022 (Thu) 14:06:08 No. 21318 [Reply]
S@m@ntha Ad@ms??

Hardin County 270 SIMP270 10/01/2022 (Sat) 16:14:16 No. 20869 [Reply]
Anyone have anything from E-Town or Radcliff??
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Tasha restivo?
Any of them sobriety chicks that hangout at serenity club or the halfway houses? I know there's plenty to go around. Let's see em!!
H@nnah Jack$on??
A$hly Ch@ppell? Works at goodwill
L@ura B@tes?

Leslie County Leslie County 09/30/2022 (Fri) 23:11:55 No. 20830 [Reply]
Tell your friends it’s time for Leslie
Someone start this up again
Post some new stuff

Only fans?? Pike&surrounding counties. 10/06/2022 (Thu) 13:45:43 No. 21309 [Reply]
Who all in pike/Floyd and nearby got OF or selling content?

Mercer county Anonymous 09/17/2022 (Sat) 05:26:10 No. 19971 [Reply]
Aries Johnson?
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Michelle y
>>21264 Dude she has the best looking ass in person
She made tapes with her ex, and they posted them under his account together. His 0f@n$ was mount@inm@nxx. They split up, but he still has them.
Just bought some more content off of her, she sells videos and pictures.

Owensboro surrounding Daviess County 09/12/2022 (Mon) 07:36:57 No. 19733 [Reply]
You drop I drop Stop letting it die
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Journey ward? I know they’re out there I’ve seen em
Anyone have S@mantha B3atty?

Anonymous 07/18/2022 (Mon) 21:18:34 No. 17282 [Reply]
Where is the nky thread Post nky girls Pic related @lyssa @dkins
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>>21177 Already posted anymore??
>>21177 Post more please!
>>21133 name?
>>20964 pls post
>>21171 >>17408 Do I - on the K word app?

Casey Anon 09/30/2022 (Fri) 11:33:44 No. 20801 [Reply]
R Cochran
>>20812 Rachel
Bump for more

Where they at VALLEY HIGH ‘22 Girls 10/06/2022 (Thu) 11:59:21 No. 21303 [Reply]
Drop EM Esssskgetit

Lewis Carl 10/01/2022 (Sat) 11:56:14 No. 20863 [Reply]
Let’s get Lewis county going again
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Bri@π@ p@r$oπ please?
>>20863 >>21189 >>21189 >>21189 >>21189 This is -. You have been reported to the police. >>21189 >>21189
Br! M€€@n£
@ll!e lum@n

Hendo locals or surrounding counties Henderson county 09/30/2022 (Fri) 02:00:31 No. 20773 [Reply]
Let’s see some goods wins
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Shelby below Christina Amar Kayla Carner Aaliyah Glenn Haley Jones?
Does anyone know who this Busch-latte slut is?
Bump for danae

Suda E. Butler Traditional HS Anonymous 09/03/2022 (Sat) 06:03:52 No. 19338 [Reply]
I’m looking for any wins from Class of 19-22 girls like Nin@ Thomps0n, C@mi Byer5, M@kenzie B@rnes, Aliy@ Brownl0we, L@uren Mckis5ick, Mckayl@ Robert5, Diana Contreras, Caylee Whitfield, etc.
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>>21167 Yes but I think she transferred, but could be wrong lol
>>21178 Damn you have any full nude?
>>21216 I wish I still did
>>21225 Same

Mount Washington MILFS 10/06/2022 (Thu) 07:31:21 No. 21297 [Reply]
Class 05-12 maybe. Any wins??

Owen county????? Somebody has to have em 09/30/2022 (Fri) 02:48:43 No. 20785 [Reply]
Some one
I have a girl named Allie
I have a few and I’m from Owen, but I’ve never found anyone on here who had pics of girls from Owen
I have a girl named ally idk her last name
We’ll post em

London/Laurel Anon 08/06/2022 (Sat) 05:23:16 No. 18086 [Reply]
Anybody got any of mspam@n hûñt onlyfans content? It’s deleted now. Never saw any leaks though.
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Miesha is so hot.. I’d pay to fuck her one time
Post more
Send me something back and I will
3m1ly br3w3r?

Frankfort 10/06/2022 (Thu) 04:03:14 No. 21285 [Reply]
Let’s bring it back

Mccreary county wins Anonymous 08/28/2022 (Sun) 02:16:03 No. 19088 [Reply]
Post those Mccreary county wins
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Who is that
@ryn stphns

Shelbyville Anonymous 09/30/2022 (Fri) 01:59:41 No. 20772 [Reply]
Anywins I have probably about 100
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Yes finally something, where are all these guys saying post first now??
dr3@ b
Keep it going
I know this is Shelby co but does any of have anything from the ladies from Spencer co

Bell 08/22/2022 (Mon) 02:14:59 No. 18874 [Reply]
Can we please start the bell thread up again ??
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>>21193 I came to see tits. I couldn't fucking care less about your whining.
One of the sexiest bodies on this site...where can we see more??
Ok who has any wins of the girls from the lee stores 4 way gas ⛽ station 🚉, Bp across from hospital 🏥or the one in the hill across from the mall in the boro besides roast beef TP
A woman calls the police station comprised primarily of men reporting that her nudes have been posted online. Police gasp, ask for your name and say they'll "investigate" it. I bet lol. Hopefully, you don't think that you're the only person to report this site, and yet.... Here we are. Also, don't hurt your arm patting yourself on the back. Out of all the women posted on here only two of them look worse naked than you do lol

Martin county Anonymous 10/03/2022 (Mon) 11:13:26 No. 20987 [Reply]
Looking for 2018 class
at least someone post some onlyfans links?

Bullitt county/shep/hillview 10/02/2022 (Sun) 19:06:31 No. 20932 [Reply]
Last one got deleted idk why it was a good one unless the administration and becoming big brother
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Trust me that’s her
Post the one you’re talking about
Bullitt East girls from like 15-19 would be awesome
Any M3ad0w Bak3r wins?
I’ll post one more summer pNot allowedf y’all post the other

Let’s get this one going Danville/Boyle 10/02/2022 (Sun) 13:11:52 No. 20918 [Reply]
Just post what you got, don’t hold back. Used to be such a big thread
>>20918 Any guys want to meet for a BJ? I'm a married guy but have been wanting to.
>>20918 Any BC class of 2000-2001 wins floating around?
>>21096 Yeah like the anessa young Era lol
Who knows Megh@n H@rdin OF
Brook p

Lauren Rice Union, hendo, Webster 10/05/2022 (Wed) 22:54:36 No. 21256 [Reply]
Who got wins of this big titty slut

Pulaski Anon 10/01/2022 (Sat) 18:04:54 No. 20875 [Reply]
Guess I’ll get it started. Bobbilynn D

Richmond/Berea Anonymous 10/02/2022 (Sun) 12:54:07 No. 20916 [Reply]
Let’s see them wins looks like the last one got taken down
9 posts and 10 images omitted.
Damn I wanna fuck that Kaitlyn Kendrick girl
>>20972 Got any more of her?I got l1lly b and br00k J
>>21103 She’s a ho, hit her up, shouldn’t be too hard.
Come on guys let’s see this boom
Anyone got bre@llen ne$ter?

Anonymous 10/05/2022 (Wed) 14:19:12 No. 21204 [Reply]
Cowgirlches wins Chesney bethel?

Martin county 10/05/2022 (Wed) 19:33:56 No. 21235 [Reply]
Martin county girls let’s go

Green co. Taylor co. ... 09/04/2022 (Sun) 08:39:45 No. 19370 [Reply]
Any Chey young m. Bell ect. Or page cruse
57 posts and 25 images omitted.
Any Kayla j0n3s?
Any Whiteny
Any S@vanah s@anders? Would pay to see that sexy thiccc body.

Breathitt County Wins? Booboo457 05/12/2022 (Thu) 16:03:29 No. 13596 [Reply]
Anybody got breathitt county?
257 posts and 73 images omitted.
How is there nothing out there of Kimberly Hamilton? She’s fine as hell
How about Cheyenne Watts(Ramsey) or Chelsey Strong?
Any one got chy slayers it shouldn’t be to hard to find her
Lol she a slut

Paintsville magoffin floyd Share 06/26/2022 (Sun) 14:29:25 No. 16297 [Reply]
This is my last try to get a big tri county group together share what you got
183 posts and 63 images omitted.
Let's see some wins for my birthday
Keep it going
(C)arleigh Ousley used to be scott
Only fans
Have to be some Amy P3ters floating around

J3ssic@ Ro@ch Anonymous 10/04/2022 (Tue) 17:23:12 No. 21091 [Reply]
Anyone have anything of J3ssic@ Ro@ch from Lexington?
Yes but what do you have?
>>>>21176 Imma be honest I dont really have anything
>>21176 Bro if you’ve got something just share it, not everyone has stuff to -

Perry County Jeffery 10/05/2022 (Wed) 05:27:53 No. 21182 [Reply]
Ready. Set. Go.

Louisville Bridgette Boser 10/05/2022 (Wed) 05:00:46 No. 21179 [Reply]
Any wins

Lexington 10/02/2022 (Sun) 21:15:22 No. 20943 [Reply]
Gotta be some Julia

Anonymous 10/05/2022 (Wed) 00:37:12 No. 21141 [Reply]

Nudes Estill county 10/04/2022 (Tue) 23:05:43 No. 21134 [Reply]
Any from Irvine?

Wku/Bowling green 10/02/2022 (Sun) 20:18:29 No. 20935 [Reply]
Anyone have any WKU slots or girls from Bowling green?
Any Jessie vermillion
Kayla Murr@y?
Caroline cox Hannah Durham Katelyn shell?
Shyann Glass?

Cynthiana nudes? Anonymous 09/19/2022 (Mon) 20:39:27 No. 20090 [Reply]
There has to be some of the sluts from here
18 posts and 6 images omitted.
I’ve posted the only two actual Cynthiana girls. Come on dudes
Lindsey Gayle has to have wins out there. Heard she’s a freak, likes to suck dick like they do in porn haha
Please tell me sum1 has Abigail d ouglas or Brittany g aunce
If only I could have saved the photo of Abby I saw… phat ol’ ass. Heard she has the herp..
There's a TON of Cynthiana wins out there. All the old threads kept getting taken down. Give it time, I'm sure some of the old wins may return. Hopefully some new ones too. I remember quite a few of H3@v3n (B)urkh@r+. I wish I saved them all so I could win dump them.

Bowling green Anonymous 09/30/2022 (Fri) 23:40:37 No. 20833 [Reply]
What happened to the bg thread
People only want to swap in private so the ones that have things hoard. They either deny someone is local, deny who they are, or just say it's not good enough to warrant your ask. The first 2 can be mistakes on anyone's part admittedly. Regardless there are few who truly share.
C0urtn3y B0wm@n? I know they're out there.
Let’s see some real wins!

(421.02 KB 1186x2162 1617253589807.jpeg)
(287.00 KB 900x1200 1617278608019-0.jpeg)
(22.62 KB 640x480 1617278608019-1.jpeg)
(3.06 MB 1440x3040 Shot_06-11-2021_00-22-57.png)
Knott county Badbitches 09/23/2022 (Fri) 20:02:28 No. 20355 [Reply]
Here we go again
20 posts and 15 images omitted.
>>20563 What's her last name? Tits seem familiar.
Any mikayalavlikebs
I meant makayla likens
>>20563 If it's who I think it is I thought she was from Missouri
Any Breana Harrington?

Anonymous 10/04/2022 (Tue) 05:31:19 No. 21052 [Reply]
Any j@d@ johns0n wins she from Padukah I know she get around

Hart co Anon 10/04/2022 (Tue) 02:31:14 No. 21044 [Reply]
Any hart?

Clay County 09/27/2022 (Tue) 12:12:17 No. 20592 [Reply]
Who’s got the best ass in cc?
7 posts and 1 image omitted.
Any1 got summer jones
who in clay co has an Only fans.. already subbed to brook grubb

(118.63 KB 882x882 tits1.jpg)
Powell County/Estill County Wins Anonymous 09/18/2022 (Sun) 13:36:48 No. 20014 [Reply]
Dani Goosey has a nice onlyfans at xogoodgirldani
5 posts omitted.
Anybody have anything to drop? Even from old threads?
(44.68 KB 540x960 1631700571596-0.jpg)
O made content with her ex. His {}nly was mountain♡man♡xx with no hearts. They broke up, but still has all of it.
^Whos in the pic above?
>>20912 I’m pretty damn sure that’s Nikki (t) rusty

Greenup county 10/02/2022 (Sun) 10:52:03 No. 20910 [Reply]
Looking for wins on (J)ordan (C)onley
heard she went to prison
went to school with her. lousy in bed, just lay there, but her head game was amazing. Killer body

Danny 09/28/2022 (Wed) 22:54:34 No. 20698 [Reply]
whitney hagerman?
I got some of her but I'll post but someone else post some
Dike me mocoho1
Just post her. I’ve literally posted everything I’ve had in sucky Menifee and moco threads and nobody else will do anything but ask for nudes or brag about how they’ve got some up for ransom

Bell county Billy 10/03/2022 (Mon) 14:54:54 No. 20995 [Reply]
How do I get to the bell count Ky site

Winchester 10/02/2022 (Sun) 21:08:31 No. 20942 [Reply]
Any Jordan Wilson I have a couple of her sister
I have 4 or her sister

Any garrard county girls? Anonymous 10/02/2022 (Sun) 22:27:50 No. 20946 [Reply]
I have some to post but only if others post

Bullitt county/shep/hillview 10/02/2022 (Sun) 19:08:45 No. 20933 [Reply]
Last one got deleted idk why it was a good one unless the administration and becoming big brother

MelancholyCock 10/02/2022 (Sun) 13:19:29 No. 20921 [Reply]
Anybody got any of Melancholy H. From Breathitt county, lives in Fayette

Russell county Ann 10/02/2022 (Sun) 07:12:08 No. 20907 [Reply]
Class 2010-2012

Tosha Graham Anonymous 10/02/2022 (Sun) 05:12:09 No. 20903 [Reply]
Anyone have any of her sexy ass??

Boyd county girls Boyd 10/02/2022 (Sun) 04:59:21 No. 20902 [Reply]
Willing to pay for a certain Boyd girl, can't say the name here tho or it gets taken down but her last name is Boyd also lol

best sex vid OF Anonymous 10/02/2022 (Sun) 01:11:45 No. 20895 [Reply]
ONLY-F - the_bigdickbandit clappin cheeks all over Kentucky

funcamkw Anonymous 10/02/2022 (Sun) 00:39:05 No. 20894 [Reply]
Any wins or links to videos of this hot KY cam girl?

Anonymous 10/01/2022 (Sat) 23:40:45 No. 20892 [Reply]
Time to start a new Madison county thread

Anonymous 10/01/2022 (Sat) 21:45:22 No. 20882 [Reply]
Hailee R@dford??

H@rlan H@rlan 10/01/2022 (Sat) 21:41:42 No. 20881 [Reply]
Any one got harlan ky

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