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256 09/27/2023 (Wed) 01:39:37 No. 20981
Anyone got wins from north Alabama
Who you got for trade?
Man did they delete the last thread?
Just post what you got
Tiff $ander$on?
Savannah is gorgeous!
(113.53 KB 204x362 Screenshot 2023-08-16 163807.png)
did any ever show up of her in the last room?
Farrah B(rooks)??
anyone got tr1n1ty’s big ass titties from vina / red bay? butterface with huge tits
she cheats
>>21597 Who?
I have no idea why my post keeps getting deleted when it follows every single site rule... Does anyone have her? JD initials
>>21578 Come on man, there has to be more pics of her
>>21604 any girl that dresses like that loves showing it off. who's got the win?
>>21578 Whats her name, i've seen her somewhere
Amy stewart is below on another thread she is from Gadsden Amybrooke81 on FB
(38.50 KB 720x418 AMYSLUT.jpg)
(167.09 KB 818x1084 IMG_8199.jpeg)
(343.88 KB 1536x2048 IMG_8198.jpeg)
(410.65 KB 1536x2048 IMG_8197.jpeg)
>>21778 Thats a hot fatty
(679.96 KB 828x1521 IMG_8363.jpeg)
heres her facebook if yall get nudes post em
(103.35 KB 720x728 915F41E.jpg)
(163.88 KB 960x1182 1784DEB.jpg)
>>21777 >>21774 You talking about this slut mom
I got Ashlyn Steman Rylee Burkette Madison green aprilka Starnes shit a ton of wins
>>21835 Fuck yes anything is better than old wore out mom whores
(316.70 KB 720x1465 Abse.jpg)
She was too lazy to shave
>>21578 bump
M0llie W@lker
Anyone bought from loren?
>>21916 Too fake, bet she is pretty if you washed all that shit off her face though
>>21788 Amy is the biggest slut in Gadsden yall know she works at Kerry Wilson
>>21788 Wonder is she would like my 20 yr old cock fucking her brains out lol
Any Cherokee Finney still around?
I would love to see new pictures of Amy She has hundreds online but I want to see some new stuff from her
(114.11 KB 714x1287 Img432109.jpg)
This one is pretty new I think someone posted on another site about fucking her
please, please please, someone drop some Jamie Brazier
(215.71 KB 1012x960 Amyhoe.jpg)
Forever and always a hoe
>>21578 Who knows her OF name?
What's the story with this Amy slut. I have never seen anyone with this many naked pics online but the OF sluts lol
(2.90 MB 1536x2048 tf1698891939677.jpg)
Any wins? Kyr@
(115.53 KB 1080x1920 FB_IMG_1698908158017.jpg)
Anyone have Abby? Florence area
I don't recognize any of these people
(84.96 KB 720x699 01.jpg)
This your slut?
(1.12 MB 300x226 Suckit.gif)
Big slut whore bitch
>>22060 Suck it you slut Amy
>>22074 Why does every goddamn thread turn back into an amy thread
>>22082 Because no one else contributes
>>21578 bump for more
>>21578 Her little cholo boyfriend loves showing her off and bragging about the things she does to him. I know he's put some out there
hope he shares
>>21973 She fucked my friend years ago. He sent me every Pic she sent him lol. That slut was married and fucking around..
bump for any of these chicks but that fat one
(240.64 KB 990x1500 hamyxz9ml.jpeg)
>>21578 She's at twin Peaks now
>>20982 I got some to exchange
Hannah P(atterson) ??
Anybody got krysta Drummond?
>>22254 why does anybody want to see this id rather fuck a man
>>22323 No one wants to see this. I think it's a joke to make us look at some fat chick.
(120.36 KB 592x976 Suckit.jpg)
>>22328 Fat chicks make good cum dump and she loves to make every dick around cum
>>22328 >>22328 >>22328 >>22323 Go fuck her man while I fuck her Every one knows her name Amy
Who wanna buy my Dropbox of muscle shoals hoes message me on yellow app wrousey6
>>22363 How much? Who's in it?
>>22363 Who all do you have in it?
Renee L(ombardi) ?
>>21578 Never met anyone more in love with themselves than her. Couldn't stand working with her.
(183.73 KB 1080x1920 1581706136932.jpg)
April and Sammy
(74.97 KB 421x647 1a5m7y_1000.jpg)
Cum dump loads of fun she's A real good fuck
>>21916 Her thread got deleted. Anyone have wins?
Anyone have S@bl3 M@lekni@
Who has Aiyannas nudes
(119.83 KB 959x960 IMG_3403.jpeg)
(115.40 KB 1170x1170 IMG_3404.jpeg)
(839.07 KB 1170x1179 IMG_3402.jpeg)
Any one have any of these ?
>>21578 her BJ vid?
>>22508 Been looking for Kristy for a long time
(130.94 KB 720x1132 Amycumload.jpg)
Dumped my load in and on her
>>22510 Bump
>>21588 i’ve seen these absolute udders before. she was super easy back in the day
>>21559 Love her video where she deep throats the hot dog
>>22610 Best blow job I ever had
(88.90 KB 670x1192 mGmw3nDTFXmMnbJe.jpg)
Anyone have her yet? lorentatum7
This C tease?
>>22715 i've always wanted to see her
>>22727 Bump
(115.71 KB 523x750 IMG_8598.jpeg)
(345.98 KB 907x1535 IMG_7712.jpeg)
>>22812 Any of Tayler Williams0n?
Anyone know of any shoals/Florence groups?
>>22727 bump
Wish I did, there’s several kinky milfs around
Bump for Florence slut milfs
>>22489 Bump for Sable
(185.27 KB 720x1325 Leslie .jpg)
Who has the slut teacher from Asbury
T gram
>>22849 👍 which channel
>>22849 t gram? What site
>>22849 bump for the channel >gram
>>22847 Come on I want to see what she been sending students
(27.63 KB 800x450 A77QCJIWRRCYHALO4O56BR7YAM.jpg)
>>22868 No thanks
>>22869 Ain't no mugshot gonna look good lmao
>>21578 Twin peaks girl
Drop pics of the asbury teacher
>>21578 What's her name?
le$lie r@ins
>>22892 Mugshot doesn't do her justice, she's hot
there has to be wins of this one
Lou Frend!
>>22963 is this the one in the black dress with the martini?
>>22963 Awesome! Anything frontal?
For more Lou vids, I can drop some JoJo
>>22966 Will drop JoJo also for girls from the Union Grove/Morgan City area
We’ll drop what you have don’t tease
Bump for Jo Jo
Here's a JoJo to show I'm serious about delivering
Upload isn't working so here: GF ucfynJ
Bump for jojo
I'll drop the whole folder of Jojo for either more Lou vids or Morgan City/Union Grove wins
>>22931 Bump
Just drop the folder for jojo anyways. Why hold back.
(60.83 KB 336x600 xy.jpg)
I just wanna see wins of Leslie sexy body mmmmmm
Why don’t we just start a t e l e
>>22998 Is that for people to afraid to post here or is that for the jack off t r a d e r s
Let's drop that L E S L I E Telle
Hannah P(atterson) from Moulton??
Hannah has this one pair of ripped cutoff jean shorts that are so f-ing sexy!
Yeah she does. Let’s see some of her!
Any Haleyville wins
Ashley $avage or Alex’s King?
Alexis King?
(116.16 KB 1152x2048 received_10210396382018613.jpg)
(14.47 KB 251x201 received_10206611848295070.jpg)
(13.50 KB 252x200 received_10206611846855034.jpg)
(82.01 KB 720x1280 received_10210327898986580.jpg)
(164.34 KB 1152x2048 received_10210404288816278.jpg)
More Lou
How do you access this?
>>23112 I have tons of content! Post her username
Need all the Lou!
Who's got some Dounia Marz$&k? Or at least a story about that tongue piercing?
>>23140 that would be amazing!
Bumb for Ashley savage!
Ashley Savage? Did you make that up?
>>22727 more of this?
Dying to see some @manda wilson if any is out there
>>22727 There's a rumor about her doing some Mexican dude in a bathroom at a bar, wonder if this is the before pic? Maybe the after?
>>21559 would like to know this one
Anyone got A1y44n4
Who’s got Aiyanna
How about any Farrah B(rooks)
Bumping for the Lou stuff
(37.72 KB 720x524 received_10213251639272750.jpeg)
Sarah H in Hartselle? She used to be an escort.
I wish she still was
>>23267 She gave mind blowing head and was beyond tight. Swallowed loads like a champ.
T@ylor Reli? She's a stripper and used to have an OF
so many requests but no pics. and most of the names are unsearchable. post a nn pic of them at least
I drop all this new Lou and no one else drops? I can see why all the 256 threads die. o7
Anyone got C4th C0x? Bartender in hsv
Bartender where?
(745.06 KB 720x1049 Screenshot_20240103-202433.png)
Anyone know her ?
Would love the jojo stuff
@mb3r mill3r?
>>23503 Ashkey Whitt
Anyone interested in ash whtt by nakey
>>23502 Das Stahl
>>23543 Well yea lol
>>23501 Bumping, gotta see this tatted bitches titties
>>22345 First time I've seen Amy with a white dick lol
Alex B(eason) used to be D(avis)
(342.48 KB 581x552 Screenshot 2023-11-27 052909.png)
Jamie Bra**er ?
>>23691 Wanna see Jamie wins , dez rubino , Michelle Munoz
Any Sarah Br33den? HSV stylist that def gets around
love the pics of Sarah in that black dress with the slit up her thigh
(48.98 KB 463x550 Me550.jpg)
>>21788 Hey sexy Amy we need to hook up Ima in Attalla
Jord@n P@rker used to give it out to anything with a pulse, anyone heard from her?
>>23802 Jordan had such a talented mouth
>>21578 she still be at twin peaks?
no one ever replies to anything in here
(82.89 KB 884x450 received_352130703427398.jpeg)
>>23149 This Ashley $ ?
All that Alabama inbreeding has made for some fat ass women
and they don't like white guys no more
>>23921 Who? Wat u talking about
>>23975 Talking about Alabama white women
>>23978 That fat slut Amy fucks everyone. White Black Mexican They was videos of her fucking some Mexican and fucking niggers and gangbangs
Yall some sick freaks
>>22419 Got anymore Sammy?
Anyone have Al1y@h H@rbis0n's OF? @u343762728
nobody has anything dude7nWd3 except for the fat chick no one wants to see
Anyone have Tori Collier?
why does every Huntsville thread get deleted?
>>24199 Yea but they sure a line going to fuck her
Taylor gave me the best blowjob i have ever had!
>>24284 You should try Amy. She can suck a golf ball through a straw LMAO
(236.58 KB 960x1280 IMG_0959.jpeg)
I’m still looking for wins of this one
Excellent question why does every thread that includes Huntsville get deleted.
Chasidy (L)indsey ??
>>24313 Another typical Alabama white girl
>>24320 lol, so true
(143.56 KB 2000x920 whales_2000px_banner-2.jpg)
Bump for her
>>24337 Bump
(418.97 KB 1080x1920 IMG_5402.jpeg)
(440.35 KB 1920x1080 IMG_5401.jpeg)
DJ bump it up
Who is that bbw?
>>24353 Gilbert Grape’s mom
>>21578 bump
>>24350 I'd fuck her and Amy side by side all night long
(502.10 KB 1536x2048 Amy3.jpg)
Go for it she’s an easy fuck
Go for it she’s easy
(1.05 MB 2592x1944 IMG_20221102_024140.jpg)
(3.15 MB 4160x3120 IMG_20221102_024059.jpg)
(3.89 MB 4160x3120 20230630_141313.jpg)
(65.34 KB 720x920 1965656.jpg)
(99.39 KB 1280x960 Photo at sector 590081.jpg)
North Alabama slut queen
Damn man shes hot
(65.51 KB 1280x960 Photo at sector 966401.jpg)
>>24421 Fat ass pussy
Anyone have Aiyanna last name rhymes with middle
(168.48 KB 1600x1200 image000000.jpeg)
@mandi anyone??
Bump it up
>>24421 😂 that bald spot on top of her head
>>24500 That is where many hands have rubbed her bald lmao
(97.57 KB 884x450 IMG_1884.jpeg)
Anymore Ashley?
Bumb for Ashley as well.
Bump F4rr4h Br00ks
>>22727 this girl takes at least 10 pictures of herself at the gym every time, she's got to be posting them somewhere
bump for something
Any wins shes from dekalb
Anyone got $ummer Mich@el? Tuscumbia
(2.82 MB 654x368 20160726 19442_1.gif)
Guess who I fucked
Jillian wright have more
Anyone have any Br1ttny P3r3z from Decatur?
(238.25 KB 1290x1944 IMG_4320.jpeg)
(234.22 KB 1152x2048 IMG_4321.jpeg)
(3.88 MB 1284x2778 IMG_4322.png)
Anybody got Stephanie lusk
>>22727 haven't seen her at twin peaks for awhile, did she quit?
>>25449 Please tell me you have more Lusk and uncensored
(311.11 KB 788x1596 IMG_3852.jpeg)
(522.04 KB 1170x1549 IMG_3851.jpeg)
>>25451 >>21930 What is Amy lastname
What’s any lastname
Any boaz or albertville class of 2010-2012?
>>21777 >>25455 It's all over this thread
Anyone got Thali@ Gr@y? Used to send vids
Katie Heinkel, Victoria Postlewait, Albrey Dye, or Abby Sharp?
(346.67 KB 2048x2048 IMG_2483.jpeg)
Anyone got any of Robin (W)hitt? She got married and had kid but used to be huge whore few years ago. From Athens.
Jamie Brazier? Posts on Facebook how she fucks good, i would think someone has good pics of her
(2.66 MB 1290x2796 IMG_8897.png)
I know some one has something from sydn3y
>>25791 I've seen this girl before, please show more!
>>25776 Just buy them from her
>>25810 are you saying she has an OnlyFans?
>>25816 Just message her on FB and ask how much what you want costs lol.
I’ve got tons of Arab / Union grove area
Drop the ones from arab and union grove.
>>25563 bump for any of these
(88.07 KB 1080x1080 FB_IMG_1714233446063.jpg)
J3$$!¢@ P@rk3r
>>25869 >>25853 Post em!!
Any Hannah P(atterson) or Farrah B(rooks) ??
I got Mattie (P)utman and (k)ourtney (c)ooper. A lot of other Arab wins as well
(409.23 KB 1179x1674 IMG_2581.jpeg)
Any Z0e B?
(658.68 KB 1656x2208 IMG_2552.jpeg)
(592.21 KB 1656x2208 IMG_2551.jpeg)
(386.39 KB 2208x1656 IMG_2550.jpeg)
(215.26 KB 1021x2208 IMG_2549.jpeg)
>>20981 M0rg@n Praitan0. She went to sparkman high
Bump for Mattie Putman and others for Arab
What was Lou cam name?
>>26044 Post more sparkman
>>20981 Bump for Payton ory Ryleigh Thompson and any other meek girls
>>20981 Any Arab late 90s to early/mid 2000s graduates? I know there were a ton floating around and I used to have a good bit before my phone shit the bed. Like M@l G’terrez (heard there were several and a video)
Please someone post Mattie Putman and others for Arab
Mack Ch@r13s used to have a bunch on here. Anyone have?
Anyone has Sparkman high class 2014-16 I will pay
Here's Mack. Anyone got more?
Anyone have n1c0le br00ks from Arab? Heard a few were out there. Works at a few gas stations around town
How bout Fox at the space and rocket center. Works security I know she's hiding something hot under it all.
Kory, little bartender at TP?
>>20981 Bump
>>26191 Kori is truly amazing!