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Phenix City/Smiths Station/Columbus Anonymous 01/12/2023 (Thu) 22:22:55 No. 11913
Need Phenix City, Smiths Station, or Columbus girls!!!
I keep telling these folks if a certain person gets talked about or posted the thread gets nuked every time
>>12382 they can keep trying lol, I won’t give up till the tapes are in hand
>>12383 somebody start a plane app group and I’ll drop some stuff
>>12384 not worth it
Post up the stuff we had from the old threads. Idk who it is that we can’t mention w/o getting nuked but just post what you have
Who is it that we can’t talk about/post?
>>12607 the Andria girl but it only happens cause somebody bitches about her vids
Anyone got the pics/vids of Tiffany r Wilson seen them here before
Can’t remember this sluts name but she’s old and had an onlyfans I guess got this in the last thread.
Anyone have H@ley Villiard ?
>>12720 Dee L@ne?
>>12769 name?
Anybody got Emi1y Gunt3r/1ngram?
(194.47 KB 936x1322 IMG_7629.JPG)
(1.23 MB 3594x5074 IMG_7630.JPG)
(763.46 KB 2212x3219 IMG_7631.JPG)
(3.20 MB 1440x2560 IMG_7632.PNG)
IDK her name but I think she's from columbus or PC
(901.45 KB 1440x2625 20220730_163846.jpg)
(959.46 KB 1440x2640 20220730_163901.jpg)
(246.79 KB 796x2048 FbcYeXkX0AYhFt3.jpeg)
(315.70 KB 1440x2632 20220730_164307.jpg)
(123.29 KB 655x1200 FfXLf4eWIAEysYz.jpeg)
(305.36 KB 1440x2620 20220730_164207.jpg)
>>12828 more of this one please
I've only ever seen one posted in probably a year
Anybody got S0phe D0negan?
Anyone have anything new from lyss@ kegles?
>>12817 Staci @llen aka “stacijade”
>>12894 Bump. Fine ass blonde slut. Used to be fat
Anyone have B3thany Rabi0n?
Any L3anne Summ3rall? Ik she used to sell content
>>13101 Hell yeah I'm not the one that originally asked but shit you got any more wins? And any your looking for
>>11913 Anyone got Caitlin Morgan?
>>13167 I wish I've even tried pimeyes to no avail
Ang3l burnh@m???
(2.36 MB 3072x4096 pixelup_1673043846285.jpg)
(2.19 MB 3072x4096 pixelup_1673043761271.jpg)
(2.88 MB 3072x4096 pixelup_1673043717825.jpg)
(291.94 KB 720x1072 pixelup_1673043518411.jpg)
(1.67 MB 3276x4096 pixelup_1673043201979.jpg)
(2.17 MB 3072x4096 pixelup_1673042311200.jpg)
Anyone got any more of this girl she went by hungrybats, hungry_bats, and quietbats97 on reddit and of
>>13203 Anyone got Skyl@ R@y?
>>13197 Nice creamy pussy
>>13212 I do 🙋‍♂️
>>13212 I do too post any wins and ill post wins
>>13258 Nah bruh I'm good. I've posted a couple of her before on one of the old threads that I am absolutely sure is all you have. 😂 I wont be posting anymore because im pretty sure im the only one with actual wins of her.
>>13257 Help me out
Bump anyone know local oF names
Bump for wins ill post wins for every posted win new or old
>>13481 S@r@h 3liz@b3th
>>13484 Y- you have more?
(176.22 KB 695x1153 Untitled1.jpg)
>>13490 Name?
Jelly O @ tentendou 0F Post up
(563.03 KB 1333x2475 20220718_105019.jpg)
(676.93 KB 1439x1918 20220718_105038.jpg)
(594.09 KB 1329x2494 20220718_105103.jpg)
(598.97 KB 1415x2643 20220718_105119.jpg)
(581.30 KB 2504x1335 20220718_105154.jpg)
(342.73 KB 810x1440 pixelup_1673035077524.jpg)
(357.05 KB 810x1440 pixelup_1673035097328.jpg)
(296.18 KB 810x1440 pixelup_1673035115243.jpg)
(1.33 MB 2152x3836 pixelup_1673035159418.jpg)
(640.50 KB 1440x1767 20230118_171044.jpg)
Who had more gina
Anyone have Log@n (LoLo) Clark?
>>13517 Bump
>>13551 I have a couple more do you have any
>>13556 I got a bunch more bruh. But I doubt you actually have more. Oh she actually will let me post this one. So here's one for now.
(26.45 KB 1137x640 IMG_20230214_185208_411.jpg)
>>13587 Forgot to add the pic lmao
Alright but instead of arguing just post pics lmao Skyl@r Tatum
(1.94 MB 2152x4006 pixelup_1673035259656.jpg)
(1.10 MB 2152x2878 pixelup_1673035223980.jpg)
(1.03 MB 2152x2880 pixelup_1673035191802.jpg)
>>13587 I mean id love to see more you must be her bf or something
who else you got? I got more
>>13605 Who's this 👀
>>13610 Gabby, she currently works at a bar in Columbus
@udrey A Gibbs
>>13618 More?
(65.97 KB 828x1792 Snapchat-828487964.jpg)
(66.83 KB 828x1792 Snapchat-310710548.jpg)
(190.17 KB 1080x1920 preview.jpg)
(161.48 KB 760x1013 avatar.jpg)
Anyone got any wins? Has an OF
Probably a long shot. Anyone got any new or old of C@sey E11iot?
>>13624 hell yeah you got any more?
(1.60 MB 2412x4096 pixelup_1673032484503.jpg)
(1.60 MB 2420x4096 pixelup_1673032524426.jpg)
(1.30 MB 2408x4096 pixelup_1673032574182.jpg)
(1.09 MB 2386x4096 pixelup_1673032682551.jpg)
(1.29 MB 2398x4096 pixelup_1673033123993.jpg)
(2.19 MB 2386x4096 pixelup_1673033313494.jpg)
>>13635 Need more of whoever this is
Bump Lexie from an old thread
(64.02 KB 828x1101 IMG_20230214_185924_561.jpg)
Gina again.
(61.86 KB 952x1692 Snapchat-1143889919.jpg)
(58.31 KB 828x1472 Snapchat-1880707473.jpg)
J@ n@
Anyone have C@itlin Ch@dwick?
>>13703 Any more? She is perfect
Bump thread is getting lost in the sauce
Morg@n $wint
(706.94 KB 1440x1914 20220706_152118.jpg)
(684.98 KB 1440x1920 20220706_152133.jpg)
(452.24 KB 1440x2590 20220706_152151.jpg)
(277.84 KB 1349x2590 20220706_152216.jpg)
(620.00 KB 1440x2619 20220706_152233.jpg)
(461.77 KB 1440x2433 20220706_152251.jpg)
Ivy j. Anyone got jessi Thompson?
(119.20 KB video.mp4)
(560.13 KB 1440x1955 20230314_235643.jpg)
>>11913 Bump for Russell County thots
Morgan Swnt sucks dick better than any other whore down here.
Anyone have @bbie F1ncher?
>>14070 She's hot, hope someone has her
Bump. Since the other thread got above this somehow
(192.45 KB 1440x820 20220730_163946.jpg)
(427.92 KB 1440x2535 20220730_164017.jpg)
(383.10 KB 1440x2513 20220730_164031.jpg)
(422.53 KB 1440x2532 20220730_164004.jpg)
(169.19 KB 1440x810 20220730_163923.jpg)
Devin Artis ?
Maddi h
Someone post S0phe D0negan.
Jessi Thompson anyone? Anything?
Fake titty milf
Anyone have Tori Hart?
Who has them I know they out there. Bitch cheated on her bf with me once she gave ok head but sadly I never got wins
anybody got any of L@ur3n L?ng?? please please.
Any @ngelic@ houck
Anyone have anything ?
Anyone have the Thweatt sisters
(37.79 KB 522x960 FB_IMG_1680547141436.jpg)
Bump 🙄
Allison or Quincy Holt?
Savannah broadhurst?
Jonita b & Courtney w
I know somebody got C@ss3y Fr@nks Or any Northside of ‘14 girls
Anyone have R3gan C0bern?
who can Not allowed a SN@p?
Who can “get into” a Not allowed? $$ if you can
Anyone Have Ashley C00k?
Amanda k1tr3ll?
>>11913 Bump
(104.44 KB 640x800 E9zxSP7XIAkCvHp.jpeg)
(82.98 KB 660x900 E8ZMmvgWQAMxE0g.jpeg)
(115.49 KB 640x1348 E8X0qetWQAQDfvD.jpeg)
Hannah martin
Post your @pplebees nudes. Past and present.
(59.22 KB 750x750 IMG_0166.jpeg)
Anyone have Cier@ M@rtin?
Anna Culbertson
(588.28 KB 1170x619 IMG_0285.jpeg)
Montann@ W
>>12770 Cameron Toole
Anyone have local of names? Also does anyone have Jessica Tut0r’s of name
(980.69 KB 1170x1594 IMG_0316.jpeg)
Anyone have Reb3cca Littlej0hn?
Any Natalie ger/mille
(80.98 KB 1080x1080 FB_IMG_1686297741383.jpg)
Ashley Casianeau, also went by Ashley Lambert. Anyone know if she's real or a catfish?
(62.69 KB 1056x1056 FB_IMG_1686298104965.jpg)
>>17336 Another picture of Ashley Casianeau
>>17337 Ashley lambert is a real person idk about the other name used to live on 165 in cottonton across from the truck stop by the mill
>>17341 So you've met her in person? I gotcha, just kinda seemed sus.
>>17360 The real question is you get any wins or nah
>>17447 Unfortunately not.
>>17336 She sent me a friend request on FB and messaged me a few years ago. Seemed sus so I stopped responding. I didn’t think she was real.
Or her sister Jenn@.
>>17115 You got anymore wins of Cam T? Ever hooked up with her or anything??
>>17920 We used to fuck, she could suck a mean dick. Sadly, I have no more wins of her.
>>13898 Is that lyssa kegles? Twin peaks girl??
Why tf does my post keep getting taken down within minutes of me posting?!?!
>>17943 She sucked me dry before. She sure can suck one. I wonder if she’s still got it
(6.89 MB 1170x2532 IMG_2658.png)
(7.23 MB 1170x2532 IMG_2655.png)
(8.22 MB 1125x2436 IMG_1782.png)
(9.64 MB 1125x2436 IMG_1868.png)
(10.07 MB 1125x2436 IMG_1869.png)
(10.54 MB 1170x2532 IMG_2659.png)
>>17964 Yeah
>>18000 Mods are local im pretty sure but certain people the posts get deleted and sometimes they'll nuke the whole thread
>>18000 Can u place them somewhere else?
>>18006 What do you mean somewhere else??
Any wins on Li11y T1dwe11?
>>11913 Bump
Anyone have C@ssidy H@re?
get my kique for ColGa hoes richpetty23
Any Meredith Bruce, Alyssa Jones, Sarah wynn, or other class of 16 chicks
Any Brianna helms or Alexis Haywood?
Bunk for Lilly Tidwell
(178.39 KB 1039x2048 IMG_0800.jpeg)
Anyone have Eliz@beth Mck3nzie?
>>18844 Bump id love to see those
Bump any of R3ese P@rkers0n. She is wild AF
Bump any pic of S0phe D0nog@n, Si3rra T@ylor, St3ph Eil@nd, or 334 thots.
>>12817 she used to have a website stac-j@de-c-m but it’s no longer active. Who can’t find her old stuff???!
(1.83 MB 2048x1536 IMG_1699.png)
(5.84 MB 1536x2048 IMG_1129.png)
Sar@h C any one got her nude
Any wins for Ch@r1@ Y0N?
>>19237 Need moar of her. God tier tits
(90.82 KB 914x1706 IMG_0480.jpeg)
(6.20 MB 1170x2532 IMG_0228.png)
@nn@ gr@ce b@rrett
(241.93 KB 1537x1600 IMG0000986.jpeg)
>>19429 Who is she those are some nice tits
>>19460 Not from bama, some ger man er0m3dotc0m/a/RNnHL2WI
>>19236 Dildo vid
>>19422 Bump for more
Any more of Anna Grace? Heard she got around
>>13588 Who’s the girl in the bathtub pic?? Damnit man
Still looking for wins for Ch@r1@ Y0N????
>>19797 That would be G1na M@rie my dude.
Looking for t@yl0r J0nez she used to have an of and I know she sold content.
Looking for K@cie
(2.01 MB 1284x2690 IMG_9899.jpeg)
Anyone have her?
Anyone have K@itlyn C00per? Pic has been deleted like 3 times now idk why
(204.57 KB 902x1792 2020-06-26_02.33.11.jpg)
>>19834 This one?
I don't understand what you think is attractive about them. Ugly people over a learning experience. You act like you actually enjoyed your ex.
>>20146 Yessir
Who has Khelsi stone or logan McMahill or Kyndall Langley
Who has Kaylen lee
Alexis Haywood Chara yon
(821.95 KB 1170x2049 IMG_1167.jpeg)
Neeeed Rec3cca Littej0hn
(1.34 MB 1170x1554 IMG_1191.jpeg)
>>11913 >>13209 Bump (This is the same person as the post I’m replying to)
>>20689 Every time I reply its deleted
>>20779 I had that same issue but I just kept posting until it didn’t get deleted anymore
Mad Harr1$?
>>11913 Bump
Lane as hell everybody quit posting
>>20689 She's back on of again you have any more of her old content?
What's her of?
>>21273 Ayo what is her new of
C@ssey fr@nks or @b@gail h0lt?
>>21294 Bump
>>11913 >>21294 Same as it always was
>>21326 If you mean /hungrybats it’s not that. Idk of any other name she had
What is Mad Har's of? What is it?
>>21330 Its most definitely hungrybats
>>21348 Idk man I’ve tried typing it in and it has been removed
>>21348 Do you have a screenshot of it still being up?
(257.35 KB 1170x1407 IMG_1582.jpeg)
Anyone have Río
Need some more wins
Bump >>21448
>>21448 What is she a stripper now
Who has kels Parker
(40.38 KB 395x395 IMG_7728.jpeg)
Any on hailey? Or have any stories? She’s got to cheat on her man
I have 2 drop boxes of K@yl@ Br@dl€y for sale
>>21330 She took the page down yesterday
Kayl3igh tucker??
Kayl3igh Tucker?
Somebody post S0phe D0negan
I have some Hannah brooks
>>22298 Then post them?
Please post Hannah brooks
I’ll post Hannah if someone has anything to trade from the same graduating class as her
>>22449 Idk who she is im just here for titties what school and year
Got anymore of sarah Elizabeth?
Post em
(171.42 KB 745x1228 photo jul 04, 2 28 56 am.jpeg)
(181.05 KB 649x1492 photo oct 15, 10 48 12 pm.jpeg)
here’s a trade, same year as Hannah// A. bR@NT
(241.21 KB 1283x1424 IMG_0137.jpeg)
;) another 2014 grad class
Preferable class of 13
(171.62 KB 750x1334 IMG_6538.jpeg)
Have a ton of wins from her. Need some class of 14.
I dont mind posting more wins but you gotta post a win of Hannah cause that bra pic ain’t a win 😅
Who do you have? I’d prefer class of 13. I keep brain farting and saying 14. I’ve got everything you could want from hannah
I’ve got a few from 13 but once you show some more Hannah we’ll talk 😎
I’m the only one with these so it’ll take a little more convincing that that.
(171.66 KB 750x1334 IMG_6541.jpeg)
A tease
Hell yeah so who are you looking for?
(350.21 KB 1020x1812 IMG_0004.jpeg)
Who do you have? J3ssic@ w33d and @mb3r c@mpb3ll have OFs so I don’t want those.
What's C@mpbells OF name
(5.97 MB 1284x2778 IMG_6549.png)
(6.22 MB 1284x2778 IMG_6548.png)
I think she deleted her account but here’s some. I’ll show more of her and HB if y’all got some hotties I know.
I have J@NI3 W33D if you wanna trade some more of HB
I got some from her years ago. I’m good. HBs are of a higher caliber lol
(134.91 KB 750x1334 IMG_6537.jpeg)
Last one I’ll post for free. I’ve got so many from her. Y’all better start delivering.
I have RAYV3N H@MBY class of 14 for some HB
>>22571 Who’s that
Anyone got Josie Kittre11?
Anyone have Allison Holt? Class of 14
Ashley c0ok
Show some r@yv3n
>>22667 Got anything to trade?
(146.43 KB 655x819 photo oct 05, 5 19 03 pm.jpeg)
L0GAN CL@RK tease
(410.17 KB 1284x1397 IMG_0385.jpeg)
Anyone got Anjeli Green? Worked at Hooters
I’ve posted three of HB. No one has anything else unless it’s from onlyfans. That’s where you got RHs
Anyone have Bri@nn@ st@rling/k1ttr3ll?
I’ll post H@leigh K!te for HB
B.Yates any one?
>>22722 Ayo does she have any real wins ?
I’ll post more Logan if more Hannah gets posted
I’m the only one with HB and I don’t care about that chick.
^^^ on 👻👻
(297.80 KB 955x1671 IMG_0447.jpeg)
>>22810 Who dat?
Add to the 👻👻 ^^
Does anyone have khelsi stone?
Y’all check this out. Definitely worth it 🤤
(885.25 KB 1109x1705 IMG_8086.jpeg)
Forgot to add the picture…
>>22646 Ever get any Allison?
(273.97 KB 1284x1640 IMG_6849.jpeg)
>>23037 Who is she damn
(1.36 MB 1080x1476 Screenshot_20231215-110503~2.png)
(1.21 MB 1080x1604 Screenshot_20231215-110559~2.png)
(1.04 MB 1080x1560 Screenshot_20231215-110751~2.png)
Anyone got heather
>>23039 Bartender at broadway saloon
>>23049 Bumpppp
Any glənwøød class of '13-'17 wins out there?
Nope still looking for Allison
Anyone have K@sady S@ge?
Anyone have J@ycie K1te? From Phenix City, lives in Columbus
K33ly m@rt1n or @l3x huds0n
Kayl3igh tucker??
>>23578 Who’s the dark hair one? First one
(295.95 KB 828x498 IMG_4924.jpeg)
>>23581 Taya Shirley
>>11913 >>23320 Bump for Alex
>>23593 Who is this?
Bump for Allison. Willing to $$$
>>13677 Who is thus
>>23619 Han rumsey
>>23578 Ayyye bump for more Deanna
Have l0gan Cl4rk wins I’ll share
(4.18 MB 828x1792 IMG_4966.png)
L0gan Cl4rk
>>23699 hero. More pls
>>23699 Please for yhe love of god have more
>>22469 Whose this
>>13801 Anymore morg?
(303.33 KB 1080x1920 IMG_2646.jpeg)
(286.47 KB 1080x1920 IMG_2645.jpeg)
(566.07 KB 2048x2048 IMG_2644.jpeg)
>>23805 More morg Also bump
Does nobody have any wins of Ch@r1@ Y0n??? Come on now
>>23825 Go get them yourself then
(209.89 KB 1192x2048 photo sep 25 2023, 8 03 51 am.jpeg)
Anyone got Tae Fu11man? Also more of Logan Clark please
Any Syd r. Went to smiths
Any of Skyla mctaggart/c00k or her cousin Kristin
>>22469 More please
>>24082 Who is this?
Ch@r1@ Y0N wins anybody???
>>11913 Bumpp
Anyone have F@ught sisters?
Sb post the sisters>>24200
Bump for F@ught sisters!
(1.68 MB 1170x1457 IMG_3059.jpeg)
>>23699 Bump for more Log@n Cl@rk
>>11913 Anyone have wins of @lex Huds0n or Jord@n gr¡ffith
>>24452 BUMP
Bump for SkyePace
>>22469 Socials?
>>24578 I second this.
Me three >>24647
Yall drop nudes after it I’ll drop some bomb ass ones you’ll never regret it, let’s turn this up lol.
(48.83 KB 640x854 received_895301117623178.jpeg)
(67.81 KB 640x1136 received_2350554711915197.jpeg)
(47.00 KB 640x854 received_754671611953623.jpeg)
(56.24 KB 640x852 received_227681554883964.jpeg)
(59.56 KB 640x852 received_687772175287466.jpeg)
>>24578 Here some decently old pics of her lmao took me a bit to find.
>>24452 Bump
Any Vivian c?
(1015.62 KB 750x1334 IMG_1802.PNG)
(1.10 MB 750x1334 IMG_1736.PNG)
(1.02 MB 750x1334 IMG_1803.PNG)
(1.49 MB 750x1334 IMG_1800.PNG)
anyone got any pics or stories of K@r@ bu11ock? Smiths class of 15 or 16
>>24784 If you’re gonna drop some heat like this at least give a name lol
>>24794 Adriann@ H
>>19422 We need more of her! Ik she got around a ton and cheats constantly!
>>24800 Bump for more
Anyone have h@nn@h O$b0rn3 ? Will trade for more h@nn@h br00k$
>>23699 Pls more L0gan
^^^ Who dat??
>>25289 @bexxaluv on bird app or Qu!nn
@bexxaluv on bird app or qu!nn
(86.34 KB 720x1280 20140116_234224.jpeg)
An oldie I just came across >>12769
>>25395 Ayo??
Anyone got any of the bartenders from downtown like the hooch the saloon and the roof?
Any s@r@h cirin3s3?
>>25410 Gabby Gomez
Let’s see the pictures of gabby. Does anyone have Mira?
Bump >>24743
I have a lot of Gracie ward
>>25732 Need to see those gr@cie W@rd
>>22469 Please need more. Willing to pay
Mods why delete T1ffany Sh0rt?
👻 smithsstaion
>>25732 post em pleaseeee
>>25526 Need more of her
>>25802 @dd me on 👻
A$ĦŁ3Ŷ B00Ñ3?
>>25820 what is it
>>25820 >>25826 Look at my name I put starts with a b ends with a g
>>11913 Any jessi Thompson she was selling for a bit
Any Br3 H@nd
>>25732 When you gone post the Gr@cie W@rd
Anyone got any picture of the bartender in downtown Columbus her names Mira
Breanna Hand?
(126.21 KB 1080x1739 FB_IMG_1714490050609.jpg)
(65.69 KB 1080x1923 FB_IMG_1714490071235.jpg)
(96.04 KB 1080x1080 FB_IMG_1714490234182.jpg)
(82.64 KB 1080x1658 FB_IMG_1714490042383.jpg)
(91.61 KB 1080x1717 FB_IMG_1714490047649.jpg)
(87.77 KB 1080x1920 FB_IMG_1714490038348.jpg)
Any wins of her?
C@ssèy Fr@nks @rrièlle Owen$ R@ven Góff
any phenix city????
If y’all want to actually have a place to post, add that 👻 up in the thread. We share and post