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(143.49 KB 1280x685 wisconsin_volleyball.jpg)
Anonymous 08/11/2022 (Thu) 16:12:58 No. 9649
Anyone have the full set of the Wisconsin Volleyball team? And any IDs? Particularly girl in front and to her left.
Holy shit, nice find
How is this even a picture? Why are they all topless and who is this picture for lol. I'm not complaining but this is bizarre.
>>9651 Girls do this all the time. It's the culture at D1 high-level sports. Most likely sent to their boyfriends. At least one of them is dating a football player.
>>9649 WTF is with the home made hats? (Ho made, I presume)
Should do the team photos like this every year
Incredible, please tell Me there is more
Girl in the very front on the left is L1z Gr3g0rsk1. Used to date Graham mertz
>>9661 Next to her on our left is 1zzy @shburn, correct?
>>9649 just go look at the 2021 roster dude
>>9663 Settle down Badger, I figured it out five minutes after posting
>>9649 More???
>>9649 nice find, holy fuck i hope there is more
>>9649 You are a legend
Holy fuck no way. Where'd you get this?
Damn, what did I miss? Re-up?
frodo cast the ring of power into mount doom, not much tbh
Repost that shit pleasseee
>>9727 >>9752 The pNot alloweds still up. You didn't miss anything. >>9753 Not even remotely sure how to decipher this. Terrible.
>>9761 >>9727 >>9752 The p i c i s still up. You didn't miss anything.
>>9762 >>9762 Nah it comes up blank and with a 404 error. Repost if you snagged it g
Can someone reupload photo?
I wonder the story behind this
This is amazing. It’s a damn shame the super tall freshman isn’t in the pic.
>>9862 What's her name? She might be in the 38 other pics/vids.
There are 38 pictures? can you send them??
>>9873 Fucking post them! I watched this match at a local bar. Lol, captcha had 414 in it
>>9878 Right?? Lol I’d definitely like to see more
There’s more and we need it
>>9873 probably anna s.
>>9928 Yep. That’s her. Would destroy.
>>9933 Right. The only thing you would "destroy" is your hand.
Can someone repost please
I like the Italian one in this photo, dark hair and huge tits in the pink cap. Let’s see the other 38!
>>10112 Well, this made my day.
Anyone have any idea of what’s in the rest of the set?
>>10183 Yes, 37 other fakes.
Pretty hot watching them play knowing what’s underneath
>>10112 Back row, 2nd from left. Perfection!
back row, 2nd from left?
>>10183 It's more of the same (but mostly solo stuff), they're celebrating a win or something. Couple more group shots but most is random vids of, unfortunately, the least-attractive girls.
>>10505 Where is everything else?
>>10505 Man, I'd love to see it!
Share it! Would love to see any of them naked
>>10505 Lets see them!
Bump (set & spike)
Bump, post those wins!
Can you post the whole set?
Or where you can find it?
Need more here! Wow
>>10629 Pretty sure this one has the tall freshman. Would love to see more of her
Whos the big tits girls names?
More of the blonde in the front; can barely see her in the second photo
>>10629 This is fantastic!
>>10629 Boring?! Seeing a college volleyball team with their tits out is a dream come true… Post it all if you got it!
Who is going to step up and be the hero? Post more if you have them!
>>10629 bruh, how much porn do you watch to find this boring? please share more!
>>10629 If you have the rest, PLEASE share. Trust me, we won’t find them boring; they’d be very much appreciated.
Most excellent
>>10713 Where did you find the previews?
>>10728 Lol why not just post the album?
See I could, but if an idiot like me can find it, so can any of youScam most links get pulled by the mods after like 5 minutes
>>10730 Lol 5 minutes is all I need. Point me in the right direction?
>>10731 Merry Chrysler, just remove the spaces https://me ga. nz/fol der /e6gU 0YQZ #gf8 9Kz v34rN- oTfPa wGcgQ
>>10732 Hero. Where was this posted? Anything else good there?
>>10733 Nah, I mean there could be more, but that’s obviously all that I have
It's down already
Can you reup the link please
R>>10737 Can’t believe I missed it, someone please reup and be a hero
>>10722 this one looks fake
Down already but thank you for the attempt hah
reps0st the sydney pic pleaseee
>>10732 Damn it I missed it!
Post a zip folder upload?!
>>10749 It's not fake. Those previews are legit. As you can see, it's mostly small clips that don't show anything. Like I said, boring.
How do you find the real version?
Someone reup mega please!
Just post them in a file upload so it doesn’t get taken down
>>10505 >>10766 I have the file but I’m not connected to Wi-Fi. Will upload tomorrow night if no one else does.
>>10771 I also have it, but I have an ingrown toenail. If no one else has uploaded it, I will upload it after lunch on Wednesday.
Damn nice, Izzy got them perky dime nips
If someone can reup now, I’ll be willing to share an OC set that’s been requested out of gratitude
>>10787 Lol of what?
Share the reup or at least just point us in the right direction where to find on our own
I was very surprised to see that these existed, I think you’ll be equally surprised at this set. It’s along the same sport…. Please repost if you can
>>10790 I’m hoping it’s swimmers!
I know someone said they can run tomorrow and weds but I won’t be around tomorrow and will most likely miss it. So if someone can repost now, I’ll share the set. And willing to repost it again if it goes down quick. Accidentally posted in the he wrong place
Someone be a hero
>>10793 Lol smells like bs. Give a preview and I'll post it
If you followed Wisco sports, the person had knee surgery last year. That’s all I’ll say, if someone is kind enough to repost, I’ll spread the love
>>10797 Bakhtiari?
>>10800 Thank you sweet baby Jesus!
Thank you very much!
>>10787 Time to post that shit!
Where were these originally posted?
>>10797 Oh man, I got really excited, but then remembered that the person I had in mind had an Achilles issue, not a knee. Still excited to see what comes from this.
>>10797 We’re waiting lmao
nothing from dana r?
just wish there was more riley, think she's the blonde in the bathroom video
Please share where this came from, would love to see more Wisco girls or athletes. People rarely share here
Bump for the supposed OC
>>10800 Not working
>>10797 So where is this at? What you asked for has been shared.
>>10800 thanks fam
>>10912 6’9” freshman
Anyone have a working link?
>>10998 This (>>10800) still works. See >>10801 for word replacement.
>>10797 Still waiting for this…
>>11012 You got played
1107 that link is nothing but spam ads
>>11019 No it's not. Just checked it, still works.
>>11114 Bump
>>10843 Bump for more Riley B
wish there was more 1zzy, @nna, d@na and syd
>>10797 Still waiting on this mysterious "Bakhtiari" content.
How do we find these pics?
anyone got another link?
Someone repost please
Please reupload!
>>11883 Someone clutch up pls
>>11893 Whoops, here: https:// www.er ome.com/a /NoZ yxnHP
Need these pics
Link doesn’t work
let’s go
Holy shit
Just wow
wisconsin vid?
anyone have a working link?
Any active links? Everything seems to be down but the video.
Nice video
Need to see the pics. Any links out there?
they just launched an investigation on this, check uw twit get out while u can
>>11991 Nah, there are all legal, keep posting, its all good.
cool stuff
where the pics
Damn again
i want to see nudes
i want to see nudes
>>12039 Fucking retard can't google the team website? You get a roster with a picture of each of them.. 2021 team.
Wow that’s insane
how did you get this?
Holy fuck
Hell yea
>>12053 how do you access that?
>>10797 ME Dodge?
I am searching high and low
I’m searching high and low
why can’t i see it?
>>12076 Absolute boss. Will try to re-up if goes down
What is this?
What's the mirror site?
>>12076 which link is this for
How can I find these??
This story is on Fox News site right now... LOL Police investigating after 'private photos' of Wisconsin women's volleyball team leaked online.. The athletics department says the UW-Madison Police Department is investigating 'multiple crimes' IDK if it is a Scam, or they were shared with the wrong person.. Maybe a boyfriend of one of them got ahold of them. BUT THEY DID POSE FOR THE PICTURES!
Everything is down. Can someone re-up please?
Please re-up the mega link. Thank You.
Just heard about this, are there still places with the pics
https://motherless.com/2654CB2 One pic
https://motherless.com/965B58F Third pic. All others are down.
This is why you don't - with tards lol. Feel bad for original ripper.
Show me pics
https://www.dropboNot allowedm/sh/wmp05kpbjk1rrg4/AACzrtC4F9yeFB7XSNOvzfwVa?d-0
(176.88 KB 685x1223 photo oct 19 2022, 4 32 35 pm.jpg)
(137.10 KB 570x1234 photo oct 19 2022, 4 35 20 pm.jpg)
(238.18 KB 721x1397 photo oct 19 2022, 4 30 30 pm.jpg)
(147.96 KB 638x1232 photo oct 19 2022, 4 32 51 pm.jpg)
(158.52 KB 564x1228 photo oct 19 2022, 4 33 42 pm.jpg)
(220.91 KB 625x1220 photo oct 19 2022, 4 33 25 pm.jpg)
>>12129 The girl in the second picture, second from the right, is 6'9...
(526.76 KB 1284x2778 IMG_4705.JPG)
this ones one of my favorites coz its got Sydney H unaware she's captured full nude in the back.
>>12141 i would let her crush my head like a walnut what is her name
(150.84 KB 926x634 file (1).jfif)
(170.51 KB 1080x1350 file.jfif)
(185.83 KB 862x927 snpnrj45wap71.jpg)
>>12143 Her thighs are amazing! Name in picture.. Her dad was a 7 foot center in the NBA. She dwarfs her brother! Included a picture of her with her 5'6 teammate..
leak of the year truly incredible
>>12121 Can anyone reup pls?
(1.14 MB 1116x656 team.jpg)
She just turned 19 this month..
Do they sel content or have Instagram ?
>>12168 you can find most of their instagrams pretty easily from badgersvb on instagram. none of them sell anything though afaik
>>9649 Lol women are literally cannot do a goddamn thing without being whores at the same time. Its funny ecause all the news report say the cops are looking for "the man" responsbile and that none of the team are being investigated even though they were the ones they filmed it and therefore are responsible for it being released online. Once again women avoid responsibility for their actions and once again anon.ib says fuck that. I would really love to be a fly on the wall of their college's adminstrators right now.
>>9649 Early reports on 4chan stated there is a video of one of them eating another girls ass. Or more likely pretending too as in, it started as spanking then one of them buried their face between the others cheeks while they twerked. Anyone got that vid? Its not the zipfile.
(89.27 KB 1024x473 1666314376954893 names.jpg)
>>9649 Heres their dox.
>>12106 >>12109 >>12110 Uno things are bad when motherless caves. What a joke.
>>12099 >>12104 >>12155 spam /u/Cn3tcB8k
(470.53 KB 1284x2778 IMG_4022.JPG)
>>12174 PIX el drain
>>12097 Alright, who blabbed?
>>12175 >u/Cn3tcB8k reup? its down
Mir still up 1EUJRMMQ
Literally the best advertisement for "Got Milk?" that ever was. I would drink from them. They obviously want them sucked as most are holding their racks in their hands in anticpation. I predict they will end up in adult film soon. Maybe they could do a team thing? The one I would want to do most is Smrek. I always wanted to find out if my 9-inch member could hit the cervix of an ovulating woman that tall. I would definitely release inside if she let me.
I want to impregnate the entire team. You can tell they fuck regularly. Jade and Liz are already in the doggy position in one photo, I would keep it that way every time we did it. Julia and Devyn have their mouths open and ready to suck cock, I hope they like to swallow. Grace, Giorgia, And Anna could do daily titfucks. The rest would be Missionary or Cowgirl. I'd fuck 6 one day, then 6 the next.
>>12193 >>12194 If only you knew how stupid you sound.
if you want to check them out on the tweeters someone uploaded at /itsfunnydude11
ks land s
>>12142 Hahaha she’s lucky she shaved, had no idea her pussy was going to be shown to the whole world like that
>>12213 petite is more my thing but I'm not gonna lie...for a 6'7" girl, Julia in the foreground there is looking pretty tight and perky.
The only pic I see that even could be involuntary is the shower one, #21 looks like she doesn't know what it going on in it. The rest are obviously them posing for someone that they know is taking a picture. In the mirror pics everyone around knows a picture is being taken as well. Either no one will be charged or all of the players will be charged.
https://www-pn.com/college-sports/story/_/id/34839138/sensitive-photo-leak-badgers-female-athletes-investigated?platform=amp We’ll look like someone’s fucked l lmao
>>12219 Yeah Julia’s looking real nice. I like em more plump so Giorgia’s my fav. Love how big her tits are and how her big areola point slightly downward. Bet she’s real embarrassed all her guy friends know she’s not perky now heh
(377.59 KB 1779x1170 IMG_0265.jpg)
>>12193 I agree. Smrek is the hottest. Her rack is surprisingly large and perky, sucking her tits while she stood full height would be incredible.
(366.88 KB 920x936 AnnaSmrek OnOff.jpg)
Anna's nice big jugs
(99.01 KB 1080x810 1666556775755119.jpg)
Good job making it on the news everyone!
>>10732 >>11007 >>11894 anyone clutch up and post the original links that went down? seems to be a lot of new stuff online too
(129.71 KB 1080x810 1666556775755118.jpg)
>>12374 i m gur /a/ dgy ut9U
>>12294 Jesus fuck she is a dream. 6 foot 9, huge tits, beautiful face…my god…
the brunette who's flashing is molly haggerty (#23) who graduated before the other pics/vids were taken
>>12391 and the blonde sticking her ass out in this vid is riley bell (#5) who left before last year too
>>12393 Need some more of her - Naperville girl. Hottest of the bunch by far.
>>9649 Anybody got the link to that t w ! Tt 3 r download site that shows recently downloaded vids
I’ll drop a link or share some of the pics if anybody can contribute to the St. croix thread
Ufjehcjvjdj I am not sure if you have any questions or concerns please visit the plug-in settings to determine how attachments are handled the situation and I will be in the morning and I will be in the morning and I will be in the morning and I will be in the morning and I
>>12395 tk2dl dot com
(66.37 KB 446x601 anna TikToksnapshot (2).jpg)
>>12294 yep great rack
Nor sure why anyone is asking, It's all over the internet. Y'all are absolutely brain dead.
>>12403 is that for a files?
This is what i could find online, but yall need to stap calling people idots for asking, theres still a lot more left not here, i saw a video of a dropbox with folders named after each girls and the related content, much more than what we have here, thats what we need to find and share. https://drive google com/drive/mobile/folders/1ZDKXH2u-DfshBoAj32LX3uk-_5GNbrqO?usp=sharing https://drive google com/drive/mobile/folders/1rnXCSNmFzW6EubCX-XK2AxNQ7B7Oj_iQ https:// - com/a/dgyut9U
>>12475 Last one is I'm gurrrr
>>12475 Can’t access the google files.
I have the whole set. Hit me up on NO PRIVATE - HERE baconluv33
(89.27 KB 1024x473 1666314376954893 names.jpg)
>>9649 S-o 72 hours have one by and no one seems to give a shit. Does anyone else feel like this was a publicity stunt? The girls played a game the following day and won. There didnt seem to be any distraction in them in the highlights, all smiles and high morale. Its also odd none of the major MSM outlets picked it u and spun it as a 'toxic male gaze', 'consent' or 'virtual Not allowed'. Theres no updates from the university or police either.
(283.19 KB 619x725 UW- Athletics Statement.jpg)
What I wonder is why they were that stupid to do something like this like what purpose does it serve something fishy is going on
>>12533 No way an entire team leaked their tits on the internet as some form of publicity stunt. What would they gain by giving horny guys faps?
>>12550 as someone versed in Scaming Not allowedchats before they stepped up their sus login game, I'd say these came from a Scamed Not allowed. I came across similar stuff (on a smaller scale, no championship) on a former northwestern players Not allowed a few years ago and across all sports players i'd got into, there was always at least one girl in the team chats very okay with showing off their body. These are hot(well some) young in shape women, this stuff happens in the locker room all the time.
>>12555 I cant say sna p ch at ?
>>12533 A publicity stunt? What benefit does this serve them? It blows my mind people like you even exist.
>>12550 >>12559 Umm, more viewers? Attention? No one gives a shit about female sport but I guarantee their team was googled and viewed more times in the last week than any time in their existence.
Let me in
>>9649 Investigation so far: those files originated from one of the player's phones.
whats the name of the girl with the calvin klien bra?
who is this girl?
>>13038 I believe Julia Wohlert. (90 percent sure) The other possibility would be MJ hammill.
who is this?
Anna has the best tits on the whole team
>>13045 I think its mj. thanks
>>13066 Hannah Pukis
>>13066 >>13072 not wisconsin
Here u go
>>13137 it was alredy here
Well they just won the B1G championship again. Think they were dumb enough to slut it up again to celebrate?
Lets hope so
>>13838 Probably, but nothings coming out