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Anon 05/21/2023 (Sun) 20:38:38 No. 26031
Best milfs in Claiborne county
Rayven lo????
A$hley H0lt??
Any Samantha Mayes
Katie Arnwine wins
Any pics from these gas station whores
I would love to see pics of the one from the Exxon in harrogate evening shift
Big titty Jamie from Exxon is fire I know there’s some of her
Katie arnwine has a OF someone has to have some of her
>>26504 How would you know do you have pics if so show us
>>26625 She’s a slut cheated on her husband every chance she could I’m sure she sent photos just getting them is the goal
What is Jamie's last name?
>>26753 Minton I think
>>26754 Yes it is if theirs any way this is true I’d like to hit
>>26703 For real?
Nobody is going to post if their is going to be backlash
>>26818 Backlash?
From her husband or her
>>26820 Who’s gonna know it’s all anonymous
It’s obvious her husband started this thread
>>26825 How would her husband even know about it
Read the other thread
>>26834 She’s on there too obviously someone knows something
Kristin Powell
Share some pics or get tf out
So what’s the deal with Jamie is this shit true or not I checked her FB and sent a friend request
It’s true
It’s all true believe me she is not worth the effort
>>27217 Give us some details is it too much work or just not good
She claims to be tight she’s not Her pussy has a year round tan almost black if she’s talking to you she talking to at least two others
>>27223 Black?
Dark brown with a bush
>>27244 Damn I would love to try it now does she have any tats
>>27244 Any pics?
I don’t have any but they do exist
>>27262 Wonder who has them
If you’re so interested go find out for yourself
Damn who alls fucked her
So there’s pics but no one will post them 🤔
37 post 0 pics this thread sux
Wtf is this shit and who is this bitch that’s on here
>>27338 Just a cheating whore
>>27244 Damn I wanna see it
Hanna rose
(259.50 KB 960x960 IMG_0381.jpeg)
Post her nudes
You should try bell county to there is no telling how many she has been with
>>27564 If any even exist no one will post them
Nobody has her nudes just a bunch of bullshitters
I would love to see Jamie’s big titties and her pussy
I have her but for some reason it won’t post
>>27812 It’s not her google images don’t count bro
>>27813 Why call me a liar
>>27819 Dude she has tattoos
She also has2 surgical scars one from heart surgery and c section and last i checked her tattoos are not on the front of her body
>>27821 Where were they in that picture
>>27822 In her rolls
>like I said you’re full of shit
>>27824 You’re full of shit
Show us what you have then
>>27859 More
>>27862 More what
That’s what I thought so the pic was in fact her
>>27865 What pic?
I don’t see a pic
It kept getting deleted yesterday it get posted then reported
>>27870 I didn’t see it
It’s because that pic was bs
>>27870 How did you get it then
>>27882 Proof she sent it
I took it when she wasn’t looking
>>27888 Post it again I wanna see it
Why so she can delete it again
>>27893 So what if she does I’ll screenshot
Find another way
So it’s not real I kinda figured
If it wasn’t real why has she tried so hard to keep off here look at the past comments it’s her trying to play dumb
>>27900 Post it again then
>>27902 The picture apparently posted is bullshit Google a bbw and the picture he posted comes up just a asshole trying to slander someone
I don’t think anyone saw it show us the pic he posted because the only thing coming up on google is women that are dressed
>>27931 He can post it but won’t
Need something to verify it’s not you
>>27946 What you mean
If it’s fake we need something to compare it to
>>27963 Message on Facebook she’ll send it
Just post on different website we will find it obviously it’s the real deal
(60.20 KB 1280x720 IMG_0399.jpeg)
This is the picture the prick has now post what you have let’s compare them by the way google search cum on bbw pussy it’s there
That’s not it
>>27996 Post yours then
If that’s fake and his is fake show us the real thing
She just wants attention let this die and she will go away
She is not the best in the tristate area
What does she look like bent over I would love you to see
>>28136 Yes let’s see her bent over
>>28150 Yes I wanna see too
So Jamie has banged a lot of people and the only picture on here is fake wtf
>>27705 Me too
>>28237 She’s got some big titties
No one cares about that ogre looking whore
>>28440 You must’ve got turned down😂😂😂
No I did not one day may find out how she is
>>28495 It’s wet and hairy
>>28488 🤦‍♂️😂😂
>>28417 I wanna see ‘em
>>28499 I wanna see it and eat it
>>28526 It smells like 💩
>>27705 Yes too much talk on here and no pictures I want to see that bush and those titties
Jamie is not a fucking whore idk who these people are that’s posting this shit but it’s all bullshit
Tenile c… dying to her nudes, who’s got ‘em
>>29246 Apparently not
Somebody post pictures of the fat whore
>>27900 Post it in a different thread we’ll find it
Anon post her pNot allowedn a thread that’s not Tennessee or Kentucky I’ll find it
>>29396 Wtf happened lol just put her in a different thread
Who got posted?
Post J@m!£ in another website I know she’s sent out nudes I’m trying to find them
Jamie just post a picture of yourself so he’ll shut up
>>29555 Fuck you buddy I’m just trying to see those tits
>>29555 Yes post her pics
Bump for tenile!
>>28996 Yes she is every time a pic of her is posted it’s taken down
Bump for Jamie
Bump for anyone
I wanna see real photos of Jamie s- bad
>>29897 Nobody has any
>>29897 Not gonna happen bro even in the abonib 2 the only picture is fake looks real but fake
>>29998 I think she’s either posting trying to get attention or someone that knows her and her husband trying to start shit
If it’s her husband trying to catch her you would think the comments would be enough she does like attention pics real or not it’s pretty damn close
>>30011 It all sounds like bullshit either way
>>30011 How do you know so much anyways
Read all comments it’s obvious
>>30021 Just what I thought it’s you Jamie putting all this on here about yourself
>>30022 Crickets
I’m not her just another guy that was lied too
>>30028 I think you’re a bitch
>>29897 Need to see those titties
Show us Jamie’s titties
This is entertaining lol
>>30291 Still want those tits
>>30187 I wanna see it all
Post Jamie’s tits and that pussy
Post Jamie’s tits and that big fat ass
I bet TJ has some
>>30509 Ask him
>>30515 Tj send us some tits
>>30538 Bump
How easy is Jamie I’m gonna try it out and get some pics
Details when find out
>>30631 Fr fr
Tell us how it goes and post those pictures when you get them
Damn who is this bitch seems like she’s got around a quite a bit
>>30654 Get them and post them
Show us her tits and ass
Anything new on Jamie
>>30971 Post her on the plump board
Post some milfs