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(203.64 KB 2048x2048 IMG_5347.jpg)
(422.24 KB 1480x2625 IMG_5245.jpg)
(192.51 KB 1800x2700 IMG_4444.jpg)
(1.51 MB 3410x3339 IMG_6245.jpg)
Slutty Teachers Anonymous 01/18/2023 (Wed) 15:07:50 No. 18988
Lets see those teachers who are fucking students!!!
Was that a Student she with right there
(4.33 MB IMG_42367546.mp4)
>>18993 Pretty sure that cock was another teacher, not a student. Here she is partying with some students.
Got any more an where she from
Tf? 😂 that’s not her in the vid, and I guarantee that’s not her in the pics you can’t even see her face. Stop posting this imaginary bullshit
Bump for more but show her face if it really her
(478.75 KB 1440x1440 IMG_4319.jpg)
Is this her? Not a nude, but she's holding signed porn. Kind of hot, especially if it was taken outside her school.
Any more of her fucking or sucking an what school she work at
Got any more of her fucking or sucking an where she work
>>19102 She not really holding it, zoom in near fingers you can see it.
More pics an video of her getting fucked
>>19047 Love a slutty teacher, who is she?
Bump for more of her
More please
(937.47 KB 1800x2400 IMG_5183_345712386534936.jpg)
Would love to fuck her again.
Was u a Student
>>19300 fuckin larp
More of her
>>19300 Exif puts that picture on Daybreak Dr in davidson...
Bump for my favorite gym teacher and girls bowling coach!!!
Bump for more videos of her
>>18988 Is that porn on the monitor in that first picture?
>>19432 Looks like doggystyle to me. I'd say yep sure 'nuf
(37.20 KB 543x538 Porn on pc.JPG)
>>19435 Looks like a white girl with her proportions fingerciffing two clack FORBIDDENs. Might be her and a couple of her students on that monitor. We need more!
Maybe she want her 2 big black ones in her
(422.24 KB 1480x2625 IMG_5245.jpg)
Happy Valentine's Day, Mrs Carlson! Thanks for meeting me at the hotel that one time. Love you.
(1.55 MB 1080x2400 Screenshot_20230213-102236.png)
That's not "Mrs. Carlson" dumbass. In fact all 4 of the first pictures are random women from the net, you can find those pics on dozens of sites. Stop pretending you're hot shit and go suck a dick : D
>>19055 >>19327 >>20542 only three realized this larp is full of shit?
(160.14 KB 847x1193 Mrs Carslon at party.jpg)
I finally saw this little cunt in person. Cute little bitch. I can see why her students are fucking her. I hope those gang bangers are able to get a vid of her getting plowed in the locker room.
Post that pic of her riding the dick without it blacked out you moron
(141.00 KB 1800x2400 IMG_3465.jpg)
Pretty sure this is her. She needs to be in BDSM
>>22715 Another random internet porn pic. When will you RP's figure out that most of us know how to do a reverse image search?
>>22715 I’m hoping they can determine who is defaming her. she was just notified.
>>23047 I'm guessing a student that failed her. Or a coworker that she turned down.
(518.00 KB 1500x1632 Cherry night.jpg)
I'm thinking she shouldn't have partied with her students after a bowling match.
I don't feel sorry for this cunt. Whether the pictures are real or not, she got caught fucking students. I hope the videos get out. I want to see her getting plowed.
(498.56 KB 2400x2400 Sharon CHeryl and Christina.jpg)
Anyone got info on her sisters? Do they all fuck around?
Anyone else want to gangbang this bitch? I bet she is into it.
I've wanted to fuck her since I had her at Whitehouse Middle School 10 years ago. Her tits were awesome, and she didn't wear a bra half the time. Dude, post more!
This cunt was the girls bowling coach, and is now the head softball coach. Do you think she likes the bowling pins or the softball bat more as a dildo? Either way, I hope she is still fucking her students.
(122.26 KB 637x1262 Christina bat in pussy.jpg)
I wanna see a vid of her playing with the softball bats...
Whoever fucks her this year make sure to get a video, or at least some good pics.
Anyone got this cunt for a teacher at John OVerton High School this year? If so post up some pictures, and let us know if she still fucks her students.
>OP posts has to be chubby