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Kelsey D@vidson 11/25/2022 (Fri) 08:06:38 No. 16039
Anyone got wins??
Damn she got big tits
Fucked her a few times loved getting her ass fingered and was a cum slut always wanted facials
So do you have some stuff for us when you are so good with her? 😅
I doubt anyone has anything so long ago since she was fun git some stories but no wins from that long ago but I will say she drank cum like a champ
What stories you got?
Wish I still had some had some of her in lingerie and playing with herself she was a whore would literally suck anyones dick
Used to suck me off after school all the time literally just wanted cum from anyone
So everyone can tell a story with her but no one has some stuff? Come on
I know that some exist but I haven't seen the slut in probably 5+ at this point she would suck anyone for some attention but loved when dudes would just take control sucked off me and 2 buddies the same night ..... I know a couple in some thongs topless at least 2 in some outfits but I know for 100% a video of her swallowing a load with a big smile was made at least once I got nothing for ya but some stories from years back don't have the Not alloweds,videos,or pics anymore
Bump for more stories
Fucked her a few times back forever ago loved getting her ass fingered too wish I still had wins
Yesss bump for more stories
She blew me after a football game and literally begged for cum she was such a slut wonder what she’s doing now?
She was so hot in school I saw a few nudes of her forever ago would have loved to have been lucky enough to fuck around with her
I remember she had this little cheer outfit she’d wear that had her tits out, wish I had some wins but she was a good time she’d literally swallow as many loads as you could give her and loved getting her ass played with
I remember that little outfit good times lol
Do wins even exist
Yeah there’s wins out there of her in the cheer outfit and some videos of her sucking dick and some masturbating vids she was a whore back in the day she’d do anything you wanted to do
There should be wins she sucked a group of guys off at a party I know. Also was done with her tits out and a few of her playing with herself
I’d forgot about her she was a slut in school. She’d suck pretty much anyone off you just had to whip it out and she’d do the rest. I do remember she loved getting her ass played with
Bump please
Bump bump
Bump…need these
I wish there was still some I think they’ve just been lost over the years. I know there was a bunch of her in outfits and her getting a facial but I don’t know if anyone still has them or not
I wish there still was wins she was a fun time you literally just told her to do something and she’d do it. She’d suck your cock anywhere anytime
Fuck I’d like to see those big tits
Pretty sure there used to be a bunch of her with cum on her face
Bump this whore
Bump please
Bump this whore! She loved sucking her pussy juice off your dick let’s see some fucking wins
(529.35 KB 840x2048 IMG_4513.jpeg)
I’d love to cum on that face she’s hot asf bump!
Fuck her tits look huge let’s see them
Fuck I miss this whore! She swallowed more loads than you could count and loved getting that ass fingered! I know there used to be a few vids of her sucking dick and getting a facial.
What's her socials somebody try something
I think she’s married now I think ig is like kelseyray or something
Anyone got any stories?