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Elisabeth K3nn3d7y Anonymous 10/11/2022 (Tue) 00:38:52 No. 13833
From Alcoa/Maryville/Blount Co. Lived in Murfreesboro went to MTSU. I know there's more but I have never been able to find it. I think there's videos too
(5.86 KB 300x168 1526125739722.jpg)
(4.40 KB 240x203 7t9gouy.jpg)
The first pic was posted on 4chan along with the thread pics. Pimeyes came up with the last pic and looks like same necklace and dumbo ears.
>>13838 Which thread?
Bump for moar
Yup. I’ve got videos to. Full on porn to just stripping. I’ll post them up in a day or so lemme drag them out. Anybody know anything about that Bethany girl she used to run with? I heard things.
holy fuck, didnt know these existed, known her for a while, would love to see more
would love to see some more
>>14099 >I’ll post them up in a day or so lemme drag them out. >in a day or so >or so
>>17062 Lol it's been a little more than a day or so
>>15654 Did you know Bethany (H)opkins? I heard she got gangbanged by a few guys from Maryville and they’d took pics
As promised sorry I’m late (B)ethany is the one in the group pic on the left Any info on the other girl would be awesome. Names Kayla (S)
Dammit sorry selected wrong pics
Here’s one of the striptease videos she did a while back
>>18880 How’d you load that? I have a few of those plus a hardcore one but I can’t load them. Hardcore one is ok. It’s like the girl has never been FUCKED yanno?
Post the hardcore Liz videos
>>19269 I keep trying. It won’t let me. Trying to figure out how the other guy did it.>>19269
Bump bump bump, I know this girl!
Where can i find the other vids of Liz?
(445.52 KB 1280x1707 1tumblr_p7vmxpajYu1wpbrspo4_1280.jpg)
(116.57 KB 1024x768 Hazel Burns.jpg)
more that i could find
(21.82 MB 8931998.mp4)
she went by hazel burns on at least xvideos and streamate
(11.24 MB 11076517_hq.mp4)
(8.83 KB 180x135 2.jpg)
(8.82 KB 180x135 4.jpg)
(8.05 KB 180x135 5.jpg)
(514.80 KB 1080x1648 20211019_202208.jpg)
(7.61 KB 180x135 document_28659_t.jpg)
(16.74 MB liz-fucked.mp4)
>>23769 I've been looking for that bbc vid forever. Only ever found one screenshot. Where'd you get this and where can i find the vid? I'll contribute this vid of her fucking some random dude.
Bump bring this back
Bumpity bump bump... give us more of this hoe!!!