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Lawrence County Ron Burgundy 09/21/2022 (Wed) 10:59:46 No. 28626
Guessing the fag that claimed he had what he had didn’t have shit so the thread got canned. Share it and the bounty will be fruitful
Post the pictures you have of Alexis, I’ll do my part
Lol coming from the guy that didn’t post anything and bitches about people not posting. Lol
>>28751 I didn’t start the last thread. He came out and said he had them if it’s you show what you got and it’ll be reciprocated
It’s not me but you did call him out for not posting and agin you are not posting maybe you should post and see what happens
>>28754 who cares, both of you fags post. At least someone requested a specific. Other guy can throw a request and see what he gets
Who care just post nudes and see what comes out we all want to see girls from the area let’s spread the wealth
Alexis better be a smokeshow for how bad he wants it
Neither one of them has shit, can’t put their money where their mouth is. Dead thread
Cmon guys! Don’t let it die! Post your wins
Just get rid of this nobody is going to post anything
>>28916 Because they don’t actually have shit
Hoarding fags
Post what you both have and everyone wins, plus you’ll be heroes
Come on guys post new or old wins of anyone from the area so we can get this filled up
>>29153 They won’t, because they don’t actually have shit. It’s easy to talk shit about what you have, when you don’t actually have it
When he posts Alexis I’ll post everything I have. Mainly because I call bullshit, he has nothing of hers
All these other places sharing what they got, not being hoarding faggots
I would love to see what everyone has so me and I am sure others will share what they have. Thanks in advanced.
The guy that says he has Alexis… post them. Give me who if you’re looking for someone in particular. If I have it I’ll return the favor
This is what calling someone’s bluff is. He didn’t have shit, because he’s probably a loser that’s never seen a real naked woman.
Just post shit and quit bitching like little babys
Bump this should be a good one
>>29872 They won’t because fag 1 has nothing and fag 2 doesn’t have the girl that fag 1 so desires
May as well delete this shitty thread. Neither of them faggots have a single picture.
Yeah I know I have a lot from the area but not going to share till we get some posted like post one and we can get this thread to rock
Lemme see some for mega??
Any Kara Romano Mohawk wanna see her nudes she was such a slut
Need some new or old Mia Moyer wanna see that pussy and those tits
Any disspam servers?
>>31963 Damn! Who is that?
Who has mackenzie shay from New castle!
>>31806 You the one that says he’s got Alexis wins?
Bumping for wins, just share what you got guys. If everyone waits on everyone else to post we got nothing!
I posted one and nobody else shared. So??? Where is your win at to contribute?
Who was that?
>>32374 One, wow. Look at all these other boards. Just just share what they got. You guys are all dickbags about it
We are being like this because someone in this group is telling everyone to post, but that person won’t post them selves. You want more post.
It’s one more then what everyone else has posted, so I really don’t want to hear it. Start posting or go find somewhere else to go
When the guy that claims he has Lexie posts here I’ll dump my HD of the girls I have, Shenango, Laurel, union and NC
I know those tits.. thats Mara, ill share more of her. Lets get more NC girls!
Yes! That’s how this board should be! Thank you!
>>32527 Ok why haven’t you posted then. Your telling us how it’s “supposed” to be but haven’t posted? Shut up and post or get out of here. There’s a reason this thread sucks. You probably have nothing that’s why you didn’t post.
>>32586 Your argument is trash. Because if you have stuff but aren’t posting it at all you’re no better than him. Actually it makes you worse
>>28626 I did post in the thread. I’m pretty sure that dudes been begging for stuff for years and never posted
>>32633 No doubt, but if you’re sitting on stuff and don’t share it all… you’re not a whole lot better. If they had shit they’d probably share.
Any bre critcherr?
Come on guys let’s get this board fired up!
Keep bumping. When brotherman puts out the Alexis wins I’ll dump mine.
Shes fat now but still
>>33348 Fantastic! Keep them coming guys. This could be the best thread because you know we got some hoes in Lawrence County!
So… guy who said he had the Alexis wins, you just bullshitting?
I don’t see anyone that said they have Alexis my man so get over yourself and post what you have
>>33452 He said it on the old thread… he knows he said it… so put it up
Sad life to wait around for pics of some dicktease. Even sadder to claim you have them when you don’t. Kindly fuck off, you guys are trash
Bump, come on guys. There’s more wins from Lawrence County than this!
Im the only one posting hoes, common guys share what u got! :) Anyone know her??
>>35130 mhmmm, she’s a fun one! Got quite a bit of her. Went out a few times. Let me see the Alexis on this board and it’ll flow
For real? Lol im calling bs. But then again never know with Ellen.
>>35307 Very for real. She’s Definitely up for a good time but attaches easily
I posted mara, vivian, an ellen. Im done sharing until yall contribute something.. anything Zzzzzz
>>35481 You’ve definitely added. Get the guy that said he has Alexis to post those wins and I’ll dump what I got
Somebody has got to at least have some of her?