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Sam D from PL 10/23/2022 (Sun) 02:03:02 No. 3675
Anyone have pics or any stories of this blonde? Class of 2013
Don’t know who she is but I do wanna see Sophia B’s pierced titties or better photos of her ass
Bump for Sam pics
Bump for some PL girls or this blonde Sam
Anyone know her? Guy_r69 on the ghost app for S@m’s pics
(790.48 KB 1536x2048 vsco_090922.jpg)
(268.72 KB 955x2048 vsco_112822.jpg)
(233.09 KB 1170x1881 vsco_120322.jpg)
(393.79 KB 1125x2048 vsco_120322 2.jpg)
Sam D’s ass
Anyone have her tit pics or stories about her?
>>4119 My friend Jose stole some of her panties and they had little blood AND shit stains. He keeps them in his freezer and occasionally takes a sniff.
Sounds like Jose needs his own Netflix docuseries…
>>5435 He's definitely a strange character, I told them that was possibly could've been a Felony if he got caught LOL
What an ass on her. Any from her IG? I have a couple bare ass pics
Those are from her IG her account is private now and I’m not following her otherwise I’d post more. Let’s see the bare ass pics
Okay. Do you know her at all?
Damn! That’s nice. I used to work with her. Never knew her that well but she was nice to look at. How did you score the pics?
She sent them to a buddy of mine on SC. She used to send a lot of them out
Dang I never would’ve guessed she used to send them out a lot. She always seemed pretty shy and innocent. Does you have more?
Yeah I have a few more. She was a undercover slut forsure
Share the wealth, my guy! Post away
I can share more ass pics. You have any other bikini pics of her or anything?
This is the best I could find. Not sure if her ig has better stuff.
More of Sam
These are random photos from the internet. Don’t fall for it. Do a reverse image search and see.
Maybe but a reverse image search isn’t going to come up with a verified website dedicated to her nudes with her name and information
Who’s got Paig3 G3tman?
Sam D
Bump for Sam
Bump. Let’s see her
More of Sam. Used to suck cock at every party in college