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(28.45 KB 250x332 Im.jpg)
Military wives 09/21/2022 (Wed) 01:09:16 No. 6481
I'm surprised there isn't a thread of military wives, guess I'll start it off
I’ve seen them before but they always die. I miss Okinawa:( the slutty wives there
So many whore wives stayed here
Will pay for Erika A at Shaw AFB
>>6512 >>6519 Shit I’d pay for certain marine wives in foster.
Will pay for (C)laudia (r)uble at Buckley!
Speaking of wives at foster. Would pay big money for any wins on (c)assandra (pow)ell
>>6531 Who else you know from Foster? Anyone with bk initials? Pics for bump
Need to see some Army wives represented too lol
>>6539 Bump
dang everyone’s afraid to post I think
(2.44 MB 1454x1829 12.png)
(112.36 KB 1170x1563 IMG_6448.jpg)
Who has more (L)indsey (H)ellams heard she cheated a bunch on her dude and sent nudes
Any wives get preggo from cheating?
(112.95 KB 1080x2093 Snapchat-1314679394.jpg)
She is a freak asian wife
(148.72 KB 900x671 13c.jpg)
>>6481 Matched on Tinder at Bragg while her husband was deployed.
Keep them coming
(259.69 KB 1536x2048 received_5259897276.jpeg)
Is there more of the last?
(84.56 KB 1022x1365 IMG_20220803_163548_798.jpg)
>>7045 What's her o.f name
(498.05 KB 2160x3249 IMG.jpg)
Anyone got morg@n (hur(h at Sc0tt @fb
>>7288 i want this to b a certain marine wife i kno so badly. cucked her husband in japan bk
Looking for A(gnes) W(inningham) Okinawa???? Anyone know her??
>>7328 Do you have anything more of her?
>>7358 The wife im talking about, bk? Id kill for some stories
>>7358 >>7358 But yeh i have more hoping someone else does too
>>7367 Post them.
(116.30 KB 1080x1440 IMG_20190805_165548_657.jpg)
Names of 6855 7288? 7092?
(30.10 KB 720x743 Snapchat-347787810.jpg)
>>7092 is the name. I heard someone got a sex tape. Would love to see that!
>>6519 Any pics of what she looks like?
(460.62 KB 1080x1085 Rina.jpg)
(860.35 KB 1080x1082 Rina1.jpg)
Well Ex now but know she's on sugar sites.
Would love to see more of j3ssi ch@rles
>>7488 Bump for more
(128.86 KB 824x1096 00008466.jpg)
(497.36 KB 2560x1663 00032307.jpg)
(449.12 KB 2560x1920 00010700.jpg)
(576.42 KB 2560x1920 00009452.jpg)
(625.40 KB 2560x1920 00009591.jpg)
(544.93 KB 2560x1920 00010701.jpg)
(507.33 KB 2560x1920 00015820.jpg)
(486.46 KB 2560x1920 00015338.jpg)
(553.92 KB 2560x1920 00015495.jpg)
(449.12 KB 2560x1920 00010700.jpg)
(675.24 KB 2560x1920 00015159.jpg)
(538.75 KB 2560x1920 00032806.jpg)
(52.86 KB 640x480 00015364(0).jpg)
(394.90 KB 2560x1920 00032796.jpg)
(487.75 KB 2560x1920 00032502.jpg)
(353.40 KB 2560x1474 00015473.jpg)
(35.74 KB 640x480 00015758.jpg)
(518.84 KB 2560x1920 00032284.jpg)
I'm just gonna keep dumping what I have of (S)heena (L)ingefelt or (C)hattam if shes still married. She was ran through constantly while her husband was deployed.
(458.10 KB 2560x1920 00010038.jpg)
(469.85 KB 1920x2560 00009536.jpg)
(423.11 KB 1352x1920 00032644.jpg)
(521.19 KB 2560x1920 00009533.jpg)
(792.12 KB 2592x1944 00015048.jpg)
(734.46 KB 2592x1944 00032425.jpg)
A few more, let me know if anyone wants more
(421.73 KB 640x480 1665656531240-0.png)
(61.57 KB 640x480 1665656531240-1.jpg)
some old pics I found on another forum. Hoping for some wins!
Where is sheena from
Anyone have this Army wife?
>>7637 Gonna need some socials for the army wife 👀🔥
>>7637 Is she married to a black guy? She has a vid on Mless
Definitely want to see that. But she’s married to a white dude
>>7753 Shidd that dude with her on mless was def black
Where is she from
(84.88 KB 1080x1350 tonyafoster__20200916_6.png)
(35.89 KB 720x609 FB_IMG_1640827380637.jpg)
(88.63 KB 1080x1350 tonyafoster__20200916_2.png)
(83.30 KB 1080x1350 tonyafoster__20200916_1.png)
(52.31 KB 997x1035 tonyafoster__20210201_14.png)
Navy wife
>>7833 Oki
Any Sara from Mcgu1r3 @fb? She got around a ton.
(205.82 KB 750x1334 1505783809.jpg)
(111.95 KB 750x1334 1504181670.jpg)
(125.26 KB 750x1334 1520878536.jpg)
(125.26 KB 750x1334 1520878536.jpg)
(136.46 KB 750x816 1504452324.jpg)
Br1ttn3y S31tz. Ft C@mpb3ll. Anything?
>>7971 Maybe? Blonde? Thick?
Any nudes of most recent? @Anonymous 11/25/2022 (Fri) 02:36:46
>>8176 Been searching for such a long ass time
>>8176 You have anything on Lauren H?
Bump for Lauren H
>>8297 h3nry?
Anything of this sexy slut?
>>8330 H@lligan