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Augusta, Evans, Martinez Anonymous 06/03/2022 (Fri) 12:09:32 No. 9785
I guess the last one disappeared. Let's start again.
(65.77 KB 2048x1143 received_841540262952224.jpeg)
(93.22 KB 1152x2048 received_757753141396052.jpeg)
W h o is this ? >>9785 >>9785
Hey post up any local onlyfans sluts and I will sub and post
>>9790 What the hell is that last name supposed to be? 😂
>>9826 https://onlyfans.com/olivia.lussst https://onlyfans.com/syddement https://onlyfans.com/itsall_abouttee https://onlyfans.com/xosarahxox https://onlyfans.com/sarabeth01
Who knows how to find this LaMorg video?
Any girls from AU?
Any wins of @ngel@ r!ddle?
Why does anyone care about la morge smh she is literally the worst most boring fuck of my life. Can we move on please
>>9874 >>9882 >>9882 I second everything he just said
Any hephzibah/south Augusta?
Who has emily nimmins
Any of Bre Test?
Anyone know her ?
>>9962 She looks so familiar
Any wins of @m@nd@ gr##n?
Any wins of Emily F L A K E S ? (Posey) ?
There’s a shitload of Emily out there. I used to have a bunch of them, she’s the biggest whore on planet earth
If Rachel p gets posted, I’ll throw up my la morg vids
Keep ‘em she was the absolute worst fuck of my entire life a dead fish can we move on
Anyone got any Chlo3 mull!n$ M@ddie Rog3rs
Brittany Coody Beth Coody Kaila hunt Tiffany Blackburn Tiffany Adams Katie Zachary Alicia Charette Deborah Kent
Please tell me theres wins out there of Chri$tin@ b@rnes
Come on find and post some Emily F L A K E S (posey)
Go see Holly (danika) won't be disappointed
Bumping for some greenbrier and lakeside girls: 2008-2012 Softball, soccer, swimming- any of the lesbian chicks we always wanted
Anybody got Kri5tina di11ard???
Bump for @manda gr#en
Anyone know of this chick? Trying to find some wins of her
any emilee h
Any from her?
Alleged Ama Cass forgotten pic. What's the jury think?
any Call! De@ngel or Mackenz!e M@therson?
>>10413 nah, tattoos are different. hers are lower on her left, and nothing on the right.
Samantha p@rker
>>9785 Clair3 Siml3ss or her sister Tr3n33
>>10501 She’s a babe
Will pay cash for the la morg videos
(583.90 KB 720x1600 1655310643557-0.jpg)
Hypothetically, how would a person purchase media from another through an anonymous image board safely and securely while also maintaining anonymity?
>>10054 Which Rachel p? Asian single or white married?
Any wins?
Jenna Scott or Jess Daniels?
What a desperate cuck
total milfy
We need Lexi S pepperoni nips
Lerin Davidson???? Wins?
I agree
Any more l@ura br!dges wins?
(49.00 KB 660x1280 1630117066149.jpg)
Amanda ⭐️?
Amanda ⭐️
What’s her name? I’d fuck her all night! >>10319
(13.74 KB 240x320 bpKwdsem.jpg)
Name and any more?
yall asking/talkin and posting about some busted chiks
>>10972 Then post something fool
Anyone got that cute little Asian that works at metro
Do no1col3 mc got a of
>>10341 bump
Any cici
Anyone know her or have any wins. Heard she had an onlyfans
>>11108 Who is that
Any old Tori m?
I'd love to see H0lly McM@h0n or her sister Nin@ from Evans.
Any more wins of Laura Bridges?
(81.30 KB 539x960 Untitled24.jpg)
(71.04 KB 539x960 Untitled21 - Copy - Copy.jpg)
(105.15 KB 539x960 Untitled20.jpg)
Br1tt@nyN!c0l3, anyone got wins?
Bump for Lamorg video just cuz I know her
Post Emily Flakes
Yes pleas >>11287
>>11276 I second this
(17.92 KB 288x512 1526680597846.jpg)
(1.35 MB 2592x1944 Snapchat-297238883.jpg)
(1.37 MB 2592x1944 Snapchat-901606193.jpg)
(1.52 MB 2592x1944 Snapchat-778796879.jpg)
(1.55 MB 2592x1944 Snapchat-611474448.jpg)
(1.41 MB 2592x1944 Snapchat-173027956.jpg)
(1.41 MB 2592x1944 Snapchat-285428247.jpg)
(1.57 MB 2592x1944 Snapchat-1714340107.jpg)
If all the people that request this, jumped in her dms and let her know she could make monies... She would OF real quick
(1.57 MB 2592x1944 Snapchat-602014735.jpg)
>>11288 What is her OF link?
(L)Erin ???
Any Angel@ Br00me Jessi3 Willi@ms Becc@ Gulin0 P@ige Abell Sidney F0wler R@chel Ch0 J3ssica Le?
>>11414 Nice! Where the p at
>>11414 Josh is packing a caterpillar so not hard to get
>>11415 That’s a damn good list right there. Wish there is some of them.
>>11420 Ive heard there are Angel@ and Jessi3 out there
Hell yeah. That’s a good one. Old Joshy might get upset cause you can tell that’s a pretty recent pic lol. She does have big booty hoe on the back of her Tahoe lol >>11414
More Fenner
>>11414 only Josh would post this old photo. Butt hurt pos. No self esteem, manipulative, tiny dick, all talk, short ass legged mf.
Got rikki preddy, Alex Rainey, Taylor jones, Alexis haywood , few of deanna cruzan
>>11512 How does Alexis look?
>>11507 Sooo do we get to see more or no?
Alexi$ Holl@ands?
Definitely need more C Gould
Would love to see more south side wins!
J kitchens cam name?
>>11701 Thickthighs18
>>11701 She started doing cam?
Ok, who's that?
No lerin?
Emma from aug
someone get the wins and post em up. from augusta
>>11796 I can get some soon
L(I)11y C1ay or M@ddy Mc@d@ms?
Looking for s@r@h b had OF Will post 3 dif new from downtown
>>9785 Who has J Kitchens?
>>11806 thanks bro your a king if you post em up. I heard it was very worth it
>>11821 Link is expired.
i am looking for any augusta area onlyfans drop them and i will sub and post
Downtown chick Keep the wins going
OF tinaleigh
No Tele any other platforn
What do I type in
>>11909 Link isn’t working again.
>>11921 link is working just fine
Post some new unseen Darian
A Hood?
Still wanna see a video…..bump
(5.25 KB 189x250 165808607241605s.jpg)
Keep alive plz
>>11927 Not working for me either.
Not working for me
More for more
Does Liz still have an OF?
>>11938 Bump for A hood
I know there once upon a time was a disspam floating around. Is that still a thing?
More lizzie jo
Bwc 699669
Sage Oquinn?
Any wins of Whitney Merritt?
Anything on C@ndice M@rques?
Rachel P cmon
Alot of asking and no posting
yup that's why this shit is dead!
Any videos of J3ssie St@bile Mitch3ll?
(67.51 KB 1152x2048 received_2872601506149076.jpeg)
(68.26 KB 1152x2048 received_1107789479552686.jpeg)
>>12078 Folks won't know what to post if nobody asks...
Didn't someone say they had more bfurr a while back? Might have been in an old thread that got deleted
>>12118 That’d be me sir, and after you tried to scam me, I’m sure as fuck not posting it for your sorry ass
Any Lindsey O?
Well post for the rest of us
>>12124 Name?
You must have me confused with someone else. I've never tried to get those pics before.
(388.07 KB 1538x2048 IMG_4537.JPG)
honestly, some of us want to share and some are rats that don't have shit to share and hoard everything.Anon is dead. Ill leave my NO PRIVATE - HERE on here and and will posting a new di-sspam.You can join if you fucking have content to share! im done posting links on here, getting me banned.
>>12132 std central
(46.49 KB 720x896 FB_IMG_1658947379376.jpg)
Someone please post her wins they gotta be out there!!! Crystal wh33l3r
Do y’all know this michelle
Y’all know Michelle from Augusta
Cade D Mak P ???
>>12149 Don't think she do OF. Maybe she sell her pics.
>>12225 Their stuff is fire. 🔥
Post some new DJ
No but shiiittt I’d like to lol. What’s her last name?
Any wins of Krist3n L0ng from Douglas county/austell?
Jennifer Berge? Christine Rhodes? Michelle Brown? Kristin Tannehill? Julia Pendergast? Christa Hayes? Victoria/Amber Vaughan? Stormi FORBIDDENs? April Freeman? Blaize Strength? Jennifer Rutland?
Anyone have Tiffany Richey?
Anyone have any Jacky Cain? (works at one of those bootcamp gyms in Gtown) also wondering if anyone has anymore BMurr Also we should have a milf/cougar thread too. I know there has to be lots of them around here.
Any L@ura Br!dges or Christ!na b@rnes?
Any $a$ha 0rel?
12410. Make a group and post the link in the comments here. What’s her last name? Michelle’s
Anyone grab Paige’s new OF drop? @therealnattyp
>>11899 https://onlyfans.com/shelli_22
Any wins?
Post Rachel p
Post new Darian j
Any wins of Jessie stabile Mitchell?
>>11512 Deanna pics?
Any from hephzibah?
L Saxton?
>>12793 She’s cute. I bet she’s some fun!
Kayla Moreland ? Big tits !
Any Eve (L) ong? Does she have an onlyfans?
Nina Petrezzulio or however the fuck
@nsley brittingh@m Real slut in highschool Wondering if there are wins?
Any of the following: D Pharris S Widener B Phillips L Phillips S Black
A kur0wsk1 ?
(99.13 KB 443x809 wafes.jpg)
Anyone know her? Need a name and I can get the drop of wins.
>>13156 Socials ?
>>13161 Kat G I think
@manda Green or @ngela riddle?
Supposed cori (b)ranam has a win?
>>13250 Yeah gimme a few to dig it up. It’s her flashing on a trampoline I think
>>9785 Any of linds3y j0hns0n or @m@nda j0hns0n
Tall brunette chick that bartended at mellow in Evans. Everyone failed to produce all other requests. Someone please have her wins so I can drop the videos everyone wants.
He@ther Just!ce
L i n d s i Sullivan
Can't remember the chicks names.. But Will MC dated a big headed chick with some heavies. And Shawn dated that chick with a fat ass. Any off you boys got wins from them?? I got them videos you want.. What's good? Speaking of heavies.. Any shaunte or Christy from the scene wins out there? If somebody got em let it be known. Then I'll drop a video. Then if someone comes through.. I'll drop more videos.
As requested, Cori B
Anything on this girl? Goes by jem.
Brittany or Meagan Weathers? spamn Heather James? Samantha May? Jessie Stouder? Christa Hayes? Lauren Smith? April Freeman?
Bumping! That’s Jenny M with the purple hair.
>>13405 and Augusta wins. If you have legit wins join and see what we have
I have a bunch of these sluts plus more on my onlyfans, free to sub, come check it out https://onlyfans.com/chunt18
I have a bunch of these sluts plus more on my onlyfans, bunch of gfs and wives cheatin, free to sub. Come check it out https://onlyfans.com/chunt18
https://onlyfans.com/chunt18 Plenty or cheatin sluts on my onlyfans, free to sub
>>13406 Post the link again
@nusib post had Kristin@ D, C@de D, and M@k P. Did no one save these for repost ?
Downtown B plz come through for us if you get them still
https://onlyfans.com/mollyp0ppins Summer p
(636.47 KB 2316x3088 38h1liey1th71 (1).jpg)
(10.41 KB 300x400 gonewild-covered-t6EHCi.jpg)
(83.83 KB 572x1080 abbyatnight_0001.jpg)
(129.51 KB 810x1080 abbyatnight_0003 (1).jpg)
I wouldn't feed that to my dog>>13457
Please brothers have mercy on a weary soul and send some Eve (L)ong into the feed.
Post Julia and I’ll post Lauren Mo.
this dude posting fetlife shit of abbynight lol clearly no one has any wins and all these are on here are leachers 💁🏻
>>13476 Your pussy is trash. We've all had it. Just cool it before I post screen shots of you wanting this dick while your husband's at work
>>13485 Put up or shut up
What's her OF?
That Kitty been through some Not alloweds
Hoo got jessica (H)ill
>>13499 I’d like to see that too
(210.74 KB 1080x1940 Screenshot_20220828-093720_MEGA.jpg)
>>13534 Fuck off with the beastiality. Kill yourself.
Who’s got this slut
(377.96 KB 1091x1640 IMG_1114.jpeg)
(256.43 KB 1091x1640 IMG_1113.jpeg)
(204.04 KB 1200x1600 IMG_1386.jpeg)
(119.20 KB 720x960 IMG_4152.jpeg)
(135.56 KB 1500x1125 IMG_4197.jpeg)
(147.69 KB 758x1641 IMG_1313.jpeg)
aye lets get this going
(73.55 KB 792x960 IMG_1377.jpeg)
(1.21 MB 1242x1571 image copy 3.jpeg)
(65.47 KB 720x960 IMG_0298.jpeg)
(46.92 KB 720x960 IMG_0301.jpeg)
(1.31 MB 668x1446 IMG_0374.png)
(717.89 KB 640x1136 jenna aug.png)
(557.82 KB 640x1136 1538970035467.png)
(106.76 KB 1334x750 IMG_0348.jpeg)
(147.02 KB 813x1446 foxwithaclock_1502727664275.jpeg)
(148.95 KB 813x1446 foxwithaclock_1502703504165.jpeg)
(89.04 KB 550x1038 IMG_7476.jpeg)
(531.79 KB 479x1038 IMG_7961.png)
(88.25 KB 778x1038 image3.jpeg)
(43.29 KB 639x1038 IMG_7428.jpeg)
(118.14 KB 778x1038 IMG_7296.jpeg)
(127.24 KB 725x1038 IMG_2142.jpeg)
(82.65 KB 550x1038 IMG_1977.jpeg)
(127.12 KB 780x1038 IMG_2062.jpeg)
(164.96 KB 778x1038 IMG_6100.jpeg)
(150.31 KB 778x1038 IMG_6099.jpeg)
vids and more
(704.71 KB 725x1038 IMG_1908.png)
come eat at hildebrand and cream pie her
(68.81 KB 584x1038 IMG_1858.jpeg)
(128.11 KB 779x1038 IMG_1820.jpeg)
(205.42 KB 779x1038 IMG_1822.jpeg)
got pics shit load of vid 😁 come join 🥴 enjoy the free video
>>13606 would be ashamed to post nudes of myself if my dick was that small bro😂
>>13613 And my bitch was that ugly
people might actually believe you if you posted someone recognizable from aug
Hoping somebody will put up wins of M@kinsey P1er$on She's incredibly sexy with massive titties. Any heroes out there who will put up wins of her?
Will pay for the La Morg videos
How is someone supposed to join the Disspam?
Charles where is shastity
>>13625 You don’t have any money to give dude. I want nudes not money
>>13638 Bump for Amanda! I'd pay for that!
>>13561 More of her
fuck y'all dont have shit to share and always asking for more. go fucking watch some porn hub and get the fuck off this page
dude shut the fuck up. be glad im sharing something then complaining. if you don't know these females just enjoy the content smh fucking fagt
(20.15 MB beefcurtains.mp4)
c@r0lyn 8err0ng
>>13680 More ab
Any one got any wins?
>>13697 She’s a fucking babe!
any more jenna or other gtown sluts
https://onlyfans.com/chunt18 Local csra sluts
>>13709 Stfu you pathetic faggot. No one is going to pay $10 per pic when you have zero name attached of any proof that your pics are legit. Get the fuck out of here. Fucking loser.
Any wins of Britt@ny New$ome? Used to play softball in college and highschool.
I keep hearing about the Emi1y F1@kes nudes but have never seen one posted
Looking for Bfurr, Mfurr, BMurr, or jacky cain.. will pay or - for those
Last name rhymes with fogg. I got the bmurr mak p pics and the Lamorg files.. Please.. Somebody come through at least once for me so I can hand out these goodie bags. 🤞
What you looking for for the bmurr?
Whoever posted the Sarah bj pics.. I'd love to see that video.. Frfr
Its a fake you fucking moron.
(230.01 KB 635x1040 1603809974946-3.jpg)
(85.86 KB 170x255 1603809974946-2.png)
(58.68 KB 144x255 1603809974946-1.png)
(65.31 KB 144x255 1603809974946-0.png)
My response. Bmurr
(243.81 KB 1242x1661 zp905zwkhfy41.jpg)
(175.12 KB 960x1200 ENznPruWoAA4bYD.jpg)
(277.89 KB 1242x1669 1pcyjwtihfy41.jpg)
(72.48 KB 640x977 duxml091itl41.jpg)
(140.95 KB 960x1179 kc6zxadbh5g41.jpg)
(525.53 KB 1440x2765 1589530281181.jpeg)
Britt britt
Cade.. Ash.. And 2 others you may recognize
(79.12 KB 768x585 1590055002438.jpg)
(628.19 KB 1079x1466 1583244418937.jpg)
(1.75 MB 4032x3024 1590054947038-0.jpg)
Liz and liz
I'll even throw in a partial nudie of the druggie Alexis that was requested.
And there is more.. And motion pictures.. I stay coming through.. And I make requests.. But I never have my prayers answered.
how is that fake of Sarah? 😂 you're a fucking idiot or a troll. not posting shit just talking shit 👏🏻
(876.14 KB sarahv2.mp4)
plz tell me how this is fake? post or leave stop complaining
(3.82 MB sachi hoe.mp4)
stop saying "more" first upload something then ask!
>>13757 Is this B B@rtling (now ROdich)?
>>13758 Expired
did you get any of Lindsi Sullivan>>13263
Anyone know her Not allowed? Sarah M
Anyone know Sarah’s Not allowed?
anyone know Sarah’s Not allowed?
Anyone got Sarah’s Not allowed?
What’s S@r@ah’s 👻
Anything on Whitney Merritt?
Abbi br00m3
Will someone PLEASE post Mak P wins?
Spoofing? Really? Fucking coward
(75.92 KB 720x538 FB_IMG_1662144534516.jpg)
(70.28 KB 720x540 FB_IMG_1662144531127.jpg)
K@t How@rd anymore wins out there?
https: //anonvideos. com/videos/4511/aug-hoe/
Anyone got amber (k)elly?
Y'all be careful with your GG addresses. Use proper VPN protection.. And find an app or program or the way to manually strip the image files you post of all geo and device notations. To the person with the Sarah bj vid.. I don't know how to link up. But I will gladly share a few home movies with you.. Or if you have any place outside of disspam to post that video.. Lmk. I'll either post before or after or both. I am intrigued. Be safe you lowlife garbage ass pervs! 😁
For everyone else.. I continue to drop fresh content as well as being a librarian to the old threads. I make requests.. Wait.. See that they are not fulfilled.. And demonstrate constant flexibility, moving to new requests. But until one of these names on my Santa list find their way to a thread by way of wins.. I am going to continue to ask. Seems kinda shitty.. But also I be dropping the 🔥. Js.
There was a bar wench named Becca that opened bottles at the Irish pub on 7th and also at the wing place with short orange shorts and an owl mascot. That is like my 12th request over 6 threads. Also.. Allison M*** Last name opposite of womann. Anything? Or the scene club mixer of drinks Christie with the heavies..
Lauren Morgan video up for grabs still… waiting for my Christmas list
Any of the women that work there. They have some good looking ones.
(1.28 MB 1080x1918 2022-04-05 10-25-04~2.png)
>>13994 She used to work at twin peaks. Anything on her? Hell I'd pay
Any of Brianna BOOSk_a
Long shot but anybody have wins of Becca Ferrar_? Last letter is an o
>>14019 I have most of her OF sets.
I have most of her OF sets.
>>13755 Let's link up
>>13970 You're a fake and a phony. That is my first thought. But also you might have videos I haven't seen.. So what's good?
>>14051 Better videos than you ever made with her, Matthew
>>14052 I wish. Lol. That dude ran through most of these chicks. Probably fucked one of your girlfriends. So put some respect on his name! Also the big homie is hospitalized and on his death bed. But when I talked to him, he said the only image he ever posted was a dick pic selfie on an old thread. Idk who you are, I know Lamorg has other content.. Do you have some? Or are you just another simp?
>>14052 What's your girls name? Maybe she has content out there.. I double dog dare you to post her name to see what comes back.
>>14054 Tayler Kitlan
>>14053 Your narcissism knows no bounds smh. If you are on your deathbed, let me know which hospital so I can show my “respect” Not a tear will be shed, you sad pencil-dick diva
>>14066 Is that the same tayler that lives on deercrest circle.. 7066508990 Does she know you are on here - nudes? Wonder what she did with her flute at band camp. If I was who you think I am.. Then don't you think by now everything would be posted. You are an idiot.
>>14067 Congratulations, the modern day Neanderthal has learned how to use google Talk all you want, unless you post and back up your bragging, you’re just announcing you’re full of shit.
Someone has to have some Sophia T from downtown
You tried to be slick. That's not your gf that's the woman that left you. You are the reason all of her social media is now private.. Because you are a psycho ex. Also the reason why you spend your evenings in bars.. Trying to be the white knight for a bartender that won't fuck you. But you realized has fucked everyone else. Mr. Norwood.. Please stop being a pathetic ass simp.
That would make you Brock Norwood.. Correct. You look like you have at least half of your 21st chromosome You got that down syndrome look. And you threw the woman that left you under the bus. You are a garbage human being.. And lamorg doesn't fuck retarded looking fuckers.. But everyone else is game. Stop while you are ahead. I am not who you think I am.. And I can make your life difficult.
Silence is golden. You thought you wouldn't be discovered.. But you are fucking around on a platform for nerds. For everyone else involved.. This is how we shut the peasants down. He thinks I'm the anonib Aug thread Philo. He is an absolute idiot.. And has no idea that in this realm I earned my guy Harvey mask. Fuck that guy. And I send to him an entire bag of gummy dicks for him to munch on. Now let us continue.
>>14085 So you're gonna drop something then...
>>14085 It’s Guy Fawkes you wannabe tough guy. Smdh. And he’s calling me the loser. I called you Matthew… not philo. You know that point in movies where the bad realizes he fucked up? Yeah pal, that’s you. You really don’t have anything worthwhile to post lol
Looking for Celia G a r y
(647.22 KB 1152x966 Img_2022_09_12_16_01_55.jpeg)
(515.22 KB 1152x737 Img_2022_09_12_16_01_47.jpeg)
(825.32 KB 1152x1491 Img_2022_09_12_16_02_09.jpeg)
(421.92 KB 1152x1322 Img_2022_09_12_16_01_32.jpeg)
(236.88 KB 1152x576 Img_2022_09_12_16_01_17.jpeg)
Anyone have any wins of Cand@ce T? Trashy tatted up ex-stripper that lives in Hephzibah now?
Yeah.. I will post.. When at least one request is fulfilled. I have posted plenty before. Possibly more than most. I'm doing the most.. And I'm not gonna even lie.. I get pretty kissed off when everyone tries to give my accomplishments to this other guy. He isn't the one out here doing the work. He deserves no fucking flowers, and when I reached out to him.. He was disrespectful as fuck and wouldn't share. So fuck that guy too! I need reciprocation to my request, and respect given to what I'm out here doing for us. Otherwise, seriously fuck it.. I won't contribute further.
just hoard your shit and die with it no body gives a shit about your gay ass content
>>14182 What ya looking for?
(530.28 KB 1080x2400 Screenshot_20220914-060903_Drive.jpg)
(167.19 KB 1000x1225 20200815_161548-1.jpg)
Got a full video of sid cant ever get it to post or the d i s links to work. Looking for that kaily video.
If you make it a gif it will post easy
Any names for the last few post?
Someone be a hero and post the Sarah f vid
You can google “tattooed hot wife” Her video is the 2nd link
Anyone know if Kelsey has an OF?
>>14331 Post the link please
To the guy who said google, I think we’re talking about different Sarah’s
I have more with different babes. I’m a manwhore but this one’s for the boys!
anybody have any wins of Nicole? Pussy or tits and ass? Or Savannah bartender on 7th st
>>14347 Who else do you have? Drop some names
(106.22 KB 1119x2048 received_534528708293555.jpeg)
(80.30 KB 1119x2048 received_1063135380904603.jpeg)
(2.40 MB 3024x3024 IMG_20220823_072631_537.jpg)
Of . Com / pea c hes crea mm
Does kat have of? What's her Not allowed?
Tell Will Mac Crane eeee. Drop some Sabrina the adult witch wins.. And all the Lamorg wins will be made available. Will already shared the Liz pics after his boy Phil departed. If he could do that he could drop those other wins.
Nice ass jay
Bump...but not for Jays ass
Bump more Marilyn
>>14438 idk about the of but her and Heather did premium Not allowed. Heathers was worth every penny but she suddenly stopped sharing Kat did premium Not allowed too, worthless. Seen her tits maybe once other posts weren't nudes Save your money bro
What's up with this Heather girl I want to see why she's all the talk
What's up with this Heather girl I wanna see what all the talks about
anyone have L0r1 M(2Cs)orm1ck?
Abbi br00me
I second Abbi br00me
Anyone have anything on Angelina Rebaza.. or a social or OF. News story about her today. Was a firefighter and so was her boyfriend then she made an OF and had half the department subbed before she got caught lol. I did some digging and she might work at Starbucks now? Looking for anything of her though.
(72.58 KB 640x480 IMG_20130121_023759_2.jpg)
(67.17 KB 223x478 IMG_20130124_194447.jpg)
More abbi
Come on matty mcgee! You talked up your tiny ducked game so big back haven’t produced shit
Anyone got anything from Ashlyn (s)essions OF?
>>14347 Damn. Who that?
>>14602 You misspelled Brock
>>14602 Also.. Your typing seems like you might've been drunk.. I know you have been staying at bars a little too long since your separation. Might be time to go to a meeting, and talk about things. I don't even mean that as a cheap shot nor shit talking. Seriously.. You can't just bottle everything up and take it out on strangers. You don't need help anymore than any of us do. I think AA can give you an outlet to talk about shit. And unlike bartenders.. You don't have to pay for their ear. I love you. I hope you may find serenity.
Whoever has this video.. Post a still of the video that hasn't been posted.. And post where I should upload. I'll upload 1 lamorg vid there.. And if the sarawr vid is posted after.. I will post a few more. That's the only thing I've seen that interest me.. And everyone fails to fulfill any of the simple requests I've posted. So.. What's good?
(10.74 MB 480x853 lamorg2.gif)
(10.95 MB 480x853 lamorg1.gif)
(10.10 MB 850x480 cade1.gif)
(17.70 MB 850x480 cade2.gif)
Jenny fool-er floating about?
Any wins of @mand@ Gr33n from Evans?
no your content sucks dick
LaMorg video sucks! dose not intreats me 👎🏻
Post Tayler if you wanna keep saying you have it
Yes.. All of Lamorgs videos are trash. Yet all sorts of people keep asking. And Brock.. Nobody has anything of your ex. You keep giving yourself away because she spells tayler uniquely.. And she seems like a nice lady that unfortunately met you, I think she has been put through enough. We aren't going to drag her through anymore mud. Also DT Broad isn't just one person. That would be dumb. Lamorg and her ex did camwork years back.. And they uploaded them for sale. 2 videos were recovered via torrents.. But they aren't great.. It's 2 bj vids and each one it took her like 45 minutes to cause a bust. It's not top tier content.. But she whines to all these lonely drunk people and tries to blame one person. I know he isn't involved.. And those vids were literally posted to the internet willingly by both parties and for sale.. So revenge porn isn't even in play. The lamorg vids are chaturbate dls. There are much more enticing beauties in the 706.. Let's get that going.
Been searching for this shit forever, and I finally find it just for it to be deleted, and un-downloadable. fuck me.
>>14985 Bruh, you think you’re smart trying to pretend it isn’t just you. Matthew you’re a pathetic little narcissistic coward too scared to do anything. You named a file “Mphilisgod” dude that’s just sad. It’s you posting, we all know it, man the fuck up. Also, you just openly admitted you don’t have shit. Go fuck off with a dildo up your gaping ass.
>>14990 thats literally the name of the file. I just saved it off the internet. that was his chaturbate username dipshit
>>14990 google it. "mphilisgod chaturbate"
(1.28 MB 1080x1918 2022-04-05_10-25-042.png)
Any wins of this chick? Used to work at twin peaks
>>14430 Who got more of her
>>13579 Anymore of this one?
Any wins of chistin@ b@rnes from Evans?
(303.25 KB 720x623 Screenshot_20221003_170903.jpg)
Been looking for @nsley B. Wins for awhile. Help me out?
I can't prove that I am the real Philo.. But I am and for too long have people brought my name up on this site. My first experience here was because I was being Scamed. When Lauren and I were together and were doing cam work. The first time years back that I posted here.. I was drunk and angry and was shitting on everyone for posting this shit.. I then fell victim to people posting as me as punishment.. And I quickly learned my lesson. Since then my name has continued to be a subject of conversation. I would never post media of women that have allowed me to have said media. I've only ever posted one single picture and that was a dick selfie.. Which infuriated a few people that responded with photoshopped pics and tried to say what I posted was also photoshopped.. But it wasn't.. I just got the BDE. Also I don't keep pics.. I do videos.. But any videos I had of Lauren were stolen when either her sister or her brother in law stole my IPad when we were moving years back. I see that now her nipples are pierced.. They were not when we were together.. But I guess I'm responsible for posting them, right? I'm not judging anyone, but this platform is below my ethical standards personally. Anyone that any of you have ever heard call me pencil dick, is either an angry sexually deprived man, or a chick that I let try to suck me off when I was going through heavy alcohol and cocaine addiction issues. Lauren chose to make me the culprit for everything.. It isn't right.. But I still wish her the best, and wish everyone would just leave her alone. She doesn't need nor deserve to be fucked with.. She is sad/depressed enough without all of this. Anyone that thinks that Philo is some share all nude dropping guru.. I'm not. The harassment and constant Scaming caused me to delete all social media years back. I wish none of you any harm, but also before anyone posts or requests personal images of the sort posted here, ask yourselves what or how you would feel if you saw your mother/wife/sister/daughter/girlfriend etc.. Being posted or requested. And then if you still feel morally stable with your requests/posts.. I hope you find someone in life that changes your outlook towards people. Lauren, if you see this, I'm so sorry I ever asked you to cam with me! If I would've known this was gonna be the outcome, I promise I wouldn't have ever asked or broadcasted. Our cam time was limited by our jobs.. So I thought it would be smart to respam vids for sale purposes. I don't have many regrets, but that is most certainly one. To everyone else.. Go find something that actually brings joy to your life.. Because you may feel a spark or two on this site seeing pics you weren't or couldn't attain. But nobody is going to see anything here that is going to bring real joy, or sense of completion. And it's not going to stop either. As the real Philo.. Can everyone just leave Lauren alone? And leave me out of all of this? Please??
>>15127 Lol aka she went to the cops and this is a reallllllllly sad attempt to cover it up and look innocent. Bruh we ain’t that stupid.
>>15132 She is more than welcome to. She also has my number to give to the police. But I haven't done a single thing that I should worry about. You must be Brock.. Her newest fuckboi that she spins tales too. I read this whole thread. I will make sure that your ex knows that you are requesting her nudes. And I suggest you walk away from what you don't really know. Enough is enough.. Im beyond tired of little fuckbois threatening me on this page. All of you or one of you.. That call me out.. Go ahead and tell me where I can find you. Send me your location. I bet you won't.. And I bet you won't meet me in the street. Enough is enough.. Man up or shut the fuck up. I haven't done what you think I have.. But also im a 6'4" 235lb man currently.. So tell me where the party is you shitty cuck bitches.
>>15134 Metro. Downtown. 8:00. 10/4/22. Let’s goScam, you’re 6’ 1” at best and shit, you really DID stop snorting snow if you gained 45 pounds.
>>15146 Meet me at the Edge Nightclub tonight, fuckboi
>>15149 Look, I get you used to hang out there, but gay clubs aren’t my cup of tea. Talk big tough guy, your cowardly beta ass won’t show
(1.72 MB 1080x2094 2022-10-05 12-56-17~2.png)
(1.90 MB 1080x1922 2022-10-05 12-56-05~2.png)
Any wins of her? Don't know her name, but she has massive tits.
Ms. Estrada