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Shafter Thots 10/17/2022 (Mon) 07:18:02 No. 14465
Let’s see those wins!!
Beth H.
April D.
Lauren S.
Kristen E.
Looking for Jennie R. From shafter. Has huge tits. Also Cory T.
Angela M,
Hell yeah. Any Shafter wins are dope BUMP
Bump any more Angela?
More Beth H.
Sarah S.
Might be a stretch but does anyone have Kenzie R in shafter? BUMP
Keep it going and I’ll post jennie. R.
Ashley M.
anyone have her she exposed her self early years. Huge rack nice ass. Loves lingerie selfies
Wins on priscill@ r@ygoz@?
Keep this alive anyone have more Angela M.
Bump! Any Rebecca H. ?
Jennie R. From her onlyfans
Fuck yah Anyone have Julie G. Goes by Cidnee to some people Seen some of her on her years ago but never saved them
Damn this shit died huh
Bump for more big tit bitches!
Even more Sarah S.
Any more of Cory or Jennie?
>>16134 I have a boob pic of jen who do u have tho
Amy S. Drop the Jen pic
Shit ran dry
Idk a lot of people are holding out I hear the A miller and M miller are major sluts and will send guys any nudes but you have to know how to talk to them lol me I’m just a leech girls don’t talk with me lol
Jennie R.
Fuck yess
Does anyone have any nudes of hope denny, or goes by hope shyanne
I got hope if anyone got Mercedes or Angela M.
>>18179 I was able to some from her
Does anyone have K@r1n@ S@nch3s I have more of J3nny r if someone has k san
>>18179 Let's see what. You got.
(1.51 MB 1080x1920 2.png)
(2.33 MB 1080x1920 1.png)
Still have more if anyone puts up more A. Miller or M. Miller
Ch31s3y ch1ldress and J3nny r. Have some of their nudes any more of hope or taylor sanders
>>18271 Drop chels and I’ll drop hope >>18271
(105.77 KB 1152x1920 20220324_115117_14.jpg)
(23.46 KB 480x800 20220324_115116_945.jpg)
(139.36 KB 1920x1152 20220324_115116_999.jpg)
(105.36 KB 1152x1920 20220324_115116_964.jpg)
(37.36 KB 996x2048 20220324_115116_915.jpg)
(117.99 KB 1920x1152 20220324_115116_979.jpg)
>>18273 Drop has been made >>18278
Taylor S. Would be dope AF.
Hell yeah more a.miller I have M@RI@ G0m3z
(116.30 KB 1080x1920 Snapchat-894221927.jpg)
Since people are actually sharing I can share. Keep them coming don't let it stop.
I know Mariela D. has some floating around somewhere, anyone? she has a chest tattoo that says Desiderio
>>18273 Waiting for your uploads
Keep sharing
Some of those pics screen caps from vids? If so where are those? But thanks. She's so hott!
Any more of hope
Any wins on taylor diane this is what she looks like
(60.87 KB 576x1024 IMG_20150211_231049.jpg)
(47.51 KB 576x1024 1423724947403.jpg)
(74.46 KB 1280x720 IMG_20150211_225647.jpg)
(79.02 KB 1280x720 IMG_20150131_024932.jpg)
J3n r
>>18247 I don’t think mercedes has any her sister is the one that sends stuff
Seeing if anyone has anything else
Would anyone have Sydney O.
(333.00 KB 1124x2160 IMG6581854574771842610.jpg)
(325.49 KB 1124x2160 IMG4439633260932363266.jpg)
(344.27 KB 1124x2160 IMG1412292246221073331.jpg)
(410.23 KB 1124x2160 IMG8893898777040192091.jpg)
(265.70 KB 1124x2160 IMG651777604262013094.jpg)
H0pe Nipslip and C0ry
Love the nipslip. You know she knew what she was doing.
There has got to be more wins of C0ry floating around. I have only seen the ones posted hear and maybe a couple others that were already on her insta bsck in the day
Don't let the thread die out. Bump
Dead thread? Might have to save it
Anyone have more Beth?
Is this dead?
Anybody have L@ura O. Wins ?
Let’s see th0se wins!
Have a few not on here Who has something else?
Any ja$min3 card3nas?
Seen somewhere that there are wins of Makaela J0nes. I think she is from wasco but i met her in shafter. Super slut with great tits
Dead thread?
Anyone have Jacquelyn D? major slut