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Codi Anonymous 08/20/2022 (Sat) 01:54:54 No. 12457
Caraco from Woodland Hills Thread
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Goodie the same set of pics that's been posted for the last 5 years or longer.
>>12478 literally from 2021/22...
(78.29 KB 720x1280 IMG_20220820_133723.jpg)
>>12479 Are there finally new nudes or are you just wasting everyone's time again?
>>12482 you could post nudes of her instead of wasting everyone's time bitching
(138.83 KB 1080x1350 IMG_133322.jpg)
>>12482 she's making an onlyfans so yeah
>>12485 >>12524 Had to let you realize you’re the only one bumping this thread because you’re the only one interested since you’ve posted her so much. Go join her onlyfans if you want her nudes. She would be a waste of time to rip for free and a waste of money because idgaf about her nor does anyone else so I don’t think I will be posting anything else. Enjoy your waste of a life tho faggot
>>12534 so much anger for someone who doesn't give a fuck
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>>12534 looks like this anon is right lmao sorry anon you’re the only one who wants this mid bitch. just sub to her like the good lil simp you are
>>13159 if she's mid to you why are you here?
>>13161 bc you're a sensitive little guy and it's funny af to mess with you. getting all hurt over a girl who doesn't acknowledge you lmfa-oo down bad
>>13177 not sensitive or hurt but nice to assume
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