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650 - DC South City Milbrae Burlingame 650 08/14/2022 (Sun) 16:56:58 No. 12305
Let’s get a 650 thread going
Drop some wins you got
S@m Cl@rk went to S SF 07
Drop your wins
whos got j0rd@nzirb3s from rwc
>>12311 any more please
L1s@ bl@nk
R0chelle r1vera from DC
>>12580 i just remembered i got her OF pics saved
>>12581 Got more to post king??
Anyone have Abigail last name rhymes with roller? From Los Altos
>>12580 hehehe found them lmao
>>12686 How did you find em? OF inactive? I’ve been trying to get my hands on
>>12686 You got more nudes/rip of her OF?
>>12718 yeah i pretty much got all her content before she nuked her page lmao
>>12752 How good was it? Did she show 🐱?
Bump for amand@ tom
>>12771 no 😾 but she was posting titties and lingerie pics
>>12892 Damn I got the one soapy bathtub pic of her titties but that’s all I got. How many more titty pics she got?
Bump for elco/ssf hoes
Who got what years for elco/south city
>>12893 how about you post that soapy vid and i’ll post what i got
Who got any of these abg esp Jen
Anyone recognize?
>>12988 Who’s the one to the far right?
>>12980 These the ones I got of her
>>13001 Her name is S0nia tr@n, used to work at a car start up in south city. I think the second to the left used to work with her too
>>13054 She’s hot, any wins for s0nia?
whos got jordan
>>12980 Where’s what you got??
who got z?
>>13119 Her shit leaked in high school, I need em again
>>12626 Anyone have more of her? Goes to Stan state now
>>13136 I think I know girl in orange. First name starts with R
>>13137 She dummy thick, kayla needa catch this pipe
>>13119 bump for z@i
>>13150 She’s gotta have wins
>>13119 any more for the one in the left?
bump for jordan
(319.88 KB 640x640 jordanwwcvd.jpg)
(275.24 KB 640x640 jordansxcvt.jpg)
>>13136 Bump for a r and s
>>13427 does she have an OF?
>>13599 i wish
650 Twothreefive 5iftyeight7ty4 Bump for more info if interested
>>13447 RL had a video going around of her flashing on 0megle. It’s been wiped but pops up every now and then
>>13953 No way… how long ago did u see it
>>13956 Id say a month ago
>>13981 Got a link?
Bumping for more millbr@3
(47.49 KB 210x826 2.jpg)
Do we know who this is?
>>13873 Who can get her pics/vids?
>>14703 >>14703 Bumping for EV
>>13799 Last name? More?
got some prime footage and pics of m1n@ mur@t@, paly class 2020 and on seeking, will post soon
>>13799 Full name?
(3.96 MB 828x1792 IMG_8471.png)
(3.24 MB 828x1792 IMG_8541.png)
(5.00 MB 828x1792 IMG_8550t.png)
(151.01 KB 828x1792 IMG_8473d.jpeg)
viri from hmb
ra3l33nvalencia?? Ig: babyyf@ceraee Any wins on this baddie
(1.45 MB 1440x1233 1555508075456.png)
(772.40 KB 538x959 2015-03-16 17.28.02.png)
(2.50 MB 1080x1731 import_1544525827687_22356.png)
bumping for any of these girls or anyone from MHS (650) for that matter.
anyone have f!on? she was a massive slut in hs
im suprised remy@h ng never got posted, huge fucking tits; was a virgin christian but then she broke up with her bf and went wild on tinder l-ol
>>16238 Bro you know remayah? Do you know if she has leaks?
>>16238 Bump for her
she broke it off with her main dude when she was at ucsc, tried to hit her up and no dice, but i know she went wild on tinder and got with some guys in their 30's and 40's....i heard from homies that hit it she would send out nudes but nothing on my end