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(77.55 KB 740x925 740full-dafne-keen.jpg)
D1fn3 k33n 06/15/2022 (Wed) 13:25:05 No. 2790
>>2790 Hey moron, stop making a new thread, there is already one for dafne
>>2792 Where? The one that used to be on this board got deleted.
(606.66 KB 1440x1329 dafnekeen-14062022-0002-3522.jpg)
(713.91 KB 1440x1440 dafnekeen-14062022-0001-3523.jpg)
>>2794 Say what you want about her face being ugly (its pretty average ill admit) but her body is insane. No idea she'd turn out this way
>>2796 she's fugly. she looks sick. like i didn't know who she was, saw her on some show, and was like oh shit-does she have cancer or something??
>>2804 Fugly? Could say the same about your mom! Bitch nigger
Coyote Ugly. Not just a movie. Would brown bag it for that off the chain body though.
>>2804 She was the little girl Laura (X23) in the movie Logan
>>2804 Sick? Bruh you blind?? Those hips, ass, and tits do not belong to someone sick. Again yea her face is pretty meh. But that body alone is fantastic
>>2830 I think he meant a few years ago before the body explosion. She does have that sunken eye leukemia FORBIDDEN look.
(604.72 KB 828x1472 2022-06-19-06-05-37-3598.jpg)
(585.05 KB 828x1472 2022-06-19-06-05-27-3597.jpg)
(1.57 MB 1440x1795 DK (3)-3601.jpg)
(1.60 MB 1440x1800 DK (1)-3603.jpg)
(1.58 MB 1440x1800 DK (4)-3604.jpg)
(1.58 MB 1440x1795 DK (2)-3602.jpg)
(1.67 MB 1440x1731 D.K (2).jpg)
(1.23 MB 1440x1482 D.K (3).jpg)
(1.77 MB 1440x1482 D.K (1).jpg)
(1.01 MB 1440x1475 D.K (4).jpg)
>>2979 YEEHAWWW 🤠🤠🤠
(538.20 KB 779x962 Dafne (4).jpg)
(631.38 KB 1472x828 Dafne (1).jpg)
(675.19 KB 815x996 Dafne (3).jpg)
(312.82 KB 750x776 Dafne (6).jpg)
(371.17 KB 828x900 Dafne (2).jpg)
(521.03 KB 727x992 Dafne (5).jpg)
>>3104 Ugh. Can't believe she took a nude selfie at the beach and no paparazzi was there to catch it. Such a shame
>>3120 Ugh. Can't believe you think every C-list teen actress is followed by paparazzi! Thank god for social media, otherwise you won't hear from her anymore.
>>3121 U mad bro?
(281.14 KB 828x1472 dafne~01-4005.jpg)
(132.27 KB 1000x835 dafne.jpg)
(198.90 KB 1024x1280 IMG_20220808_160900_688.jpg)
(217.41 KB 1036x1280 IMG_20220808_160856_405.jpg)
(166.80 KB 1036x1280 IMG_20220808_160858_704.jpg)
(159.78 KB 1036x1280 IMG_20220808_160854_160.jpg)
(284.71 KB 1040x1280 IMG_20220808_160848_296.jpg)
(56.19 KB 420x688 IMG_20220807_232906_690.jpg)
Gotcha fam
(34.07 KB 480x854 IMG_20220714_153039_023.jpg)
(32.38 KB 480x854 IMG_20220714_153041_556.jpg)
(51.72 KB 698x720 IMG_20220717_214451_924.jpg)
(77.52 KB 717x603 IMG_20220717_134954_931.jpg)
(54.97 KB 720x1280 IMG_20220721_133607_610.jpg)
(41.93 KB 231x600 IMG_20220610_180501_721.jpg)
(54.79 KB 236x771 IMG_20220610_180506_454.jpg)
(44.55 KB 217x896 IMG_20220610_180518_517.jpg)
(26.93 KB 173x555 IMG_20220521_093411_821.jpg)
(108.26 KB 773x1188 IMG_20220511_193406_292.jpg)
(181.10 KB 960x960 IMG_20220602_075955_373.jpg)
(135.37 KB 684x832 IMG_20220522_104750_785.jpg)
(33.83 KB 480x854 IMG_20220511_193550_316.jpg)
(68.90 KB 306x1054 IMG_20220510_064221_642.jpg)
(19.38 KB 320x320 IMG_20220501_053400_083.jpg)
(161.80 KB 1280x1279 IMG_20220501_060533_682.jpg)
(94.59 KB 1008x1068 IMG_20220501_052628_532.jpg)
(123.78 KB 1041x1280 IMG_20220501_053250_030.jpg)
(72.90 KB 558x1047 IMG_20220501_055634_371.jpg)
(105.46 KB 684x1280 IMG_20220427_081411_170.jpg)
there is sex in the book "his dark materials" so that is something to look forward to :)
(30.46 KB 640x800 IMG_20220811_131621_861.jpg)
(32.13 KB 640x800 IMG_20220811_131619_116.jpg)
(178.28 KB 1024x1280 IMG_20220811_131602_786.jpg)
(192.87 KB 1024x1280 IMG_20220811_131606_431.jpg)
>>3523 >>3552 >>3553 she is such a little whore and she knows it
(58.99 KB 710x1280 IMG_20220813_135949_066.jpg)
(57.82 KB 708x1280 IMG_20220813_135951_157.jpg)
(94.99 KB 712x1280 IMG_20220813_135952_834.jpg)
(88.24 KB 713x1280 IMG_20220813_135955_432.jpg)
(73.39 KB 715x1280 IMG_20220813_135945_713.jpg)
(74.56 KB 715x1280 IMG_20220813_135943_573.jpg)
>>3603 Those photos must be photoshopped. She almost looks attractive
(65.79 KB 239x908 2022-08-28-21-26-43-203.jpg)
>>3644 >>3704 >>3720 she's matured nicely, only matter of time before she's gets naked
(412.82 KB 565x917 dk.jpg)
brown bagger
>>3753 she has a fucking great body
(607.32 KB 1440x1439 dafne (1).jpg)
(611.81 KB 1440x1440 dafne (2).jpg)
(596.64 KB 1440x1440 dafne (3).jpg)
(363.65 KB 750x1334 ty.jpg)
(913.01 KB 1440x1627 Dafne0 (2).jpg)
(722.32 KB 1440x1627 Dafne0 (1).jpg)
her body is an 11 out of 10 but her face, sadly, has become a four out of ten
>>4181 She has a face?
(1.20 MB 950x1440 dafneKeen (3).jpg)
(1.46 MB 1440x1799 dafneKeen (2).jpg)
(1.12 MB 1440x1799 dafneKeen (1).jpg)
>>4317 that nude almost had me. knew it was off. the pNot alloweds missing her forehead scar.
>>4319 How about tana mongeau
>>4320 Are you fucking dumb
(40.30 KB 274x540 Photo-02-12-2021-15-22-50-6.jpg)
>>4373 who dis?
>>4373 very clearly not her
>>4376 Once she turns 18 in Jan 2023, she'll probably leak/put out pics herself. she clearly loves the attention of being naked.
(168.83 KB 587x1239 IMG_20221029_084523_841.jpg)
(62.57 KB 459x600 DafneKeen_insert_2.jpg)
(48.00 KB 461x600 DafneKeen_insert_3.jpg)
(1.06 MB 2000x3000 DK2_B_compressed.jpg)
(755.18 KB 2000x3000 DK1_compressed.jpg)
(6.83 MB 1498x2997 Daf C.png)
>>4405 Her body is top tier but her face looks like it belongs to a 50yr old mom of 5
(1.08 MB 1440x1595 PSX_616.jpg)
(1.16 MB 1440x1600 PSX_618.jpg)
(1.00 MB 1125x2000 PSX_619.jpg)
(981.58 KB 1440x1597 PSX_617.jpg)
(1.38 MB 1440x1800 PSX_620.jpg)
>>4410 Fuck, she's sexy
(23.70 MB 800x1422 NNH.gif)
something tells me that she's going to be the first celeb ever to have real HC content to be leaked before she's 18
>>4436 Well it better happen soon, cuz she turns 18 in Jan 2023.
>>4436 I heard she's already shot no less than 9 scenes for bangbros. See? Anybody can make up stupid bullshit.
>>4442 but you see what I said isn't made up bullshit, it's making a prediction which is entirely different, if you weren't an inbred retarded stupid faggot you would have already known that, but hey, here we are having to point that out to you.
>>4444 But it is made up bullshit, because you have no proof, no evidence, you have nothing to back up your claim, other than "something tells me that she's going to be the first celeb ever to have real HC content to be leaked before she's 18" And just because I happen to be an inbred faggot, doesn't mean that I'm retarded and stupid. Anyway, leak her homemade porn if it actually exists.
>>4442 That tracks actually. She's perfect material for BangBros: bangin' bod and fugly face.
(1.04 MB 2000x3000 dafk01_compressed.jpg)
(1.10 MB 2000x3000 dafk02_compressed.jpg)
Not real, chill
(576.46 KB 1280x1175 dk (2).jpg)
(2.52 MB 2432x3504 dk (1).jpg)
(282.66 KB 1440x1440 4 (2).jpg)
(5.13 MB 288x511 24605250.gif)
is this real?
>>4493 More?
>>4493 nice fucking tits
>>4493 No fuckin way...
>>4500 not her. just do a reverse search and youll see it was posted 3 years ago under a diff name
>>4501 she also doesnt have a belly piercing
>>4493 there's a pandemic of serious face blindness in this site
>>4505 its one of the easiest ways to diagnose autism
>>4505 Same for that black and white pic that gets passed around
Can't wait for a nip slip
(122.41 KB 1000x1500 DK (1).jpg)
(206.39 KB 1000x1500 DK (2).jpg)
(203.66 KB 1000x1500 DK (3).jpg)
i bet her pussy is fat. those who thinks she's ugly are blind. id def nut inside lmao
(396.50 KB 1080x1825 PSX_1010.jpg)
(151.35 KB 525x915 IMG_20221122_163459_662.jpg)
>>4501 Did the reverse image search too. Tried multiple engines. Nothing. Source? Also I posted this earlier, but now it’s deleted & not by me. Not sure what happened. Just askin a question :/
(719.61 KB 1170x2080 DK (1).jpg)
(909.03 KB 1440x1800 DK (2).jpg)
(942.44 KB 1365x2048 DK (5).jpg)
(456.69 KB 828x1472 DK (1).jpg)
(791.49 KB 1440x1800 DK (5).jpg)
(935.18 KB 1440x1800 DK (6).jpg)
(933.50 KB 1440x1800 DK (3).jpg)
(943.06 KB 1440x1800 DK (4).jpg)
(948.65 KB 1440x1800 DK (2).jpg)